Kim Seonho Gets Loudest Cheers, 10-Minute Standing Ovation On First Performance At Touching The Void Show

Kim Seonho made headlines for his first acting appearance in 2022. According to NewsA Korean media outlet, his first audience at Touching The Void theatrical play on July 9th, gave him the loudest cheers and a standing ovation that lasted 10 minutes.

Kim Seonho has proven that his impact as a warm and passionate actor remains to be strong and influential. On June 2nd, he topped the real-time search rankings on Play DB. All seats on his performance dates were immediately sold out after the online selling of tickets was opened. Local and overseas fans flocked to the theater to see his acting comeback. Great reviews, praises, and positive reactions from the audience filled the news articles as well as social networking services.

Kim Seonho’s first appearance has been evaluated to display solid acting skills and impressive emotions in portraying anguish from pain and frostbite. His deep and loud voice perfectly filled the theater and his eyes beamed with warmth as he looked at the crowd.

He also made the audience emotional with the lines, “Why are you going to the mountain? Because the mountains are there. Why do you have to live? Because life is there.” He conveyed these words while looking directly at every person in the audience. Although the dialogue was a script from the play, it was a tearful yet meaningful moment for fans who walked with him throughout his career. Tears filled the theater in that particular scene, according to reports.

During the curtain call of performers, Kim Seonho received the loudest cheers and applause. A 10-minute standing ovation was also given by the audience after the play. It was a night to remember.

Kim Seonho with co-actors for July 9th performance. He wears a green and black jacket while doing his favorite V pose.

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho played as Joe Simpson, a mountaineer who survived a near-death experience while hiking the 20,853-foot Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. The production is based on a bestselling book written by Joe Simpson himself, which was turned into a documentary film by Kevin MacDonald in 2003 and adapted for stage play by David Greig in 2018. On May 13th, it was announced that it will be officially adapted for theater in South Korea, directed by Kim Dong-yeon with nine (9) stage actors, including long-time theater actor Kim Seonho.

Touching The Void (2022) is held at Art One Theater Hall 2, Daehak-ro in South Korea from July 8 to September 18, 2022.

According to the released schedule for the month of July, Kim Seonho will appear in the following dates:

  • July 9, Saturday at 7:00 PM (KST)
  • July 13, Wednesday at 8:00 PM (KST)
  • July 15, Friday at 8:00 PM (KST)
  • July 17, Sunday at 7:00 PM (KST)
  • July 19, Tuesday at 8:00 PM (KST)
  • July 22, Friday at 8:00 PM (KST)
  • July 24, Sunday at 7:00 PM (KST)

Congratulations, Kim Seonho and Touching The Void team!

Photos: The Best Play, kimseonho_staff.diary