August 2022 | Korean Drama List

Here’s a complete guide to 7 new Korean dramas that will premiere in August 2022:

AUGUST 1 | Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist (tvN)

Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: The stories of psychiatrists in Joseon.
Based on: the novel, Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se-poong by Lee Eun-so that won the Excellence Award in the 2016 Korea Story Contest
No of episodes: 12
Cast: Kim Min-jae, Kim Hyang-gi, Kim Sang-kyung
Writers: Park Seul-gi, Choi Min-ho, Lee Bom
Director: Park Won-guk
Network: tvN, Viu
Date: August 1, 2022 | Mondays and Tuesdays

AUGUST 1 | Hunted (MBC)

Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Synopsis: A missing case occurs on the day of a wild boar hunting in an ordinary village and the secrets of the villagers surrounding the case unfold one by one.
No of episodes: 4
Cast: Park Ho-san, Kim Soo-jin, Ye Soo-jung, Lee Min-jae, Lee Kyoo-hoi
Writer: Jo Beom-gi
Director: Song Yeon-hwa
Network: MBC, WAVVE
Date: August 1, 2022

AUGUST 10 | If You Wish Upon Me (KBS2)

Genre: Drama, Slice of life
Synopsis: The story of patients and caregivers about life and death in a hospice hospital.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Sung Dong-il, Choi Soo-young
Writer: Jo Ryeong-soo
Director: Kim Yong-wan
Network: KBS2, Viu
Date: August 10, 2022 | Wednesdays and Thursdays

AUGUST 12 | Stock Struck (TVING)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Human
Synopsis: A story of friendship and love through stocks.
No of episodes: TBA
Cast: Han Ji-eun, Hong Jong-hyun, Jung Moon-sung, Kim Sun-young, Jang Gwang
Writers: Kim Yeon-ji, Lee Ye-rim, Lim Yeon-soo, Yoon Soo-min
Director: Choi Ji-young
Network: TVING
Date: August 12, 2022

AUGUST 12 | A Model Family (Netflix)

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Synopsis: An ordinary family involved in a bloody drug ring gets on the verge of collapse and becomes a model family against drug gangs upon learning the importance of family.
No of episodes: TBA
Cast: Jung Woo, Park Hee-soon, Yoon Jin-seo and Park Ji-yeon
Writer: Lee Jae-gon
Director: Kim Jin-woo
Network: Netflix
Date: August 12, 2022

AUGUST 24 | Good Job (ENA)

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Romance
Synopsis: A thrilling and romantic detective investigation conducted by chaebol detective Eun Hyeon-gi and a nosy, short-sighted Han Seol-rok.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Jung Il-woo, Kwon Yuri
Writers: Kim Jung-ae, Kwon Hee-kyung
Director: Ryoo Seung-jin, Kang Min-goo
Network: ENA, Seezn
Date: August 24, 2022

AUGUST 26 | Unicorn (Coupang Play)

Genre: Sitcom
Synopsis: A sitcom that depicts the struggles surrounding a startup company
No of episodes: TBA
Cast: Shin Ha-kyun, Won Jin-ah, Lee You-jin, Kim Young-ah, Heo Joon-seok
Writers: In Ji-hye, Yoo Byung-jae
Director: Kim Hye-young, Lee Byung-hun
Network: Coupang Play
Date: August 26, 2022