40+ Quotes: Remarriage And Desires (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, Remarriage And Desires (2022):

On power, status, and lifestyle

“The more valuable a product is, the more softly we need to tread.” – Ms. Choi

“I believe that the CEO makes up about half of any business and that marriage is a crucial part of solidifying the CEO’s position.” – Ms. Choi

“Do you think being unmarried as a CEO has a negative impact on the business? There are many who never remarry but continue to live alone. A business is a system.” – CEO Lee Hyung Ju

“A business is a system. Marriage is a strategy that provides trust and security for everyone. Most of the super-rich around the world are in stable marriages.” – Ms. Choi

“You can become a person who is feared.” – Ms. Choi

“Where does that fear come from?” – Seo Hye Seung

“Money. You need to become rich.” – Ms. Choi

  • “Release your elegant yet secret self. Freely discover each other’s charm. And love to your heart’s desire. Welcome to the paradise of the gods.” – Ms. Choi
  • “Calm women often give you a sense of stability and trust, some of the most important qualities that a businessman’s wife should have.” – Ms. Choi
  • “I guess we should adapt to the way this society is changing.” – Ms. Hwang
  • “Social class is determined by the father’s status. But after marriage, it is determined by the husband’s ability.” – Ms. Hwang

“I want you to show the world that even without power or money, you can live a truly happy life.” – Seo Hye Seung

On marriage, desires, and humanity

“What do you think is love between a man and a woman?” – CEO Lee Hyung Ju

“I don’t believe in innocent love. Love, too, is a materialistic affair that is realized with profit in mind. People end up indulging in their greed while mistaking it for love.” – Ms. Choi

  • “Nothing in life is free.” – Hye Seung’s mother
  • “You were right. Life is long. Living with someone whose heart is somewhere else, I don’t want that.” – Seo Hye Seung
  • “Why are you crying? You were so happy when you left.” – Seo Hye Seung

“A person who has nothing to lose has no fear.” – Seo Hye Seung

“Is a divorce truly a failure? Or is staying in a marriage full of regrets the true failure?” – Ms. Choi

“Divorce is not a failure. Divorce is an opportunity. An opportunity for victory. And that opportunity can lead you to a successful remarriage.” – Ms. Choi

“Don’t look for the criteria you desire from the person you love. Instead, look for love in a person who already fits that criteria.” – Ms. Choi

“To be honest, I think we all live with a mask on. When we put on another mask on top of that, we think we’ve hidden everything about ourselves and start to reveal who we truly are. So by putting on a mask, you’re actually taking off a mask.” – Ms. Choi

  • “Masks liberate everyone from the lies and desires. Behind a single layer of a mask, one becomes their true self.” – Seo Hye Seung
  • “The more desire a person has, the weaker they are when faced with profit.” – Congressman Spn
  • “I guess I have to be behind a mask for anyone to see something good in me.” – Cha Seokjin
  • “One should have manners when parting, too.” – Seo Hye Seung

“A person who is kinder than others can help make a person feel calm. That calmness will naturally break down any barriers to their heart.” – Ms. Choi

“If you want something, you must first take a step back.” – Ms. Choi

“Become stronger. No matter what it takes. Strong enough to have the entire world under your feet. Isn’t that what revenge is?” – Ms. Choi

“If you want to find the best match in this market, you need to keep on meeting people and then meet some more. The most brilliant gem will never reveal itself from the get-go.” – Ms. Choi

  • “Desire isn’t such a simple emotion, especially when it comes to marriage.” – Ms. Choi
  • “The most important thing is to be genuine but also to not show your true self.” – Ms. Choi
  • “If you become someone that they need, then trust will naturally follow.” – Ms. Choi
  • “Life is always full of unexpected turns. Just whem I hit rock bottom and there was no more hope for me to lose, fate reaches out to me once again.” – Seo Hye Seung

“Do people like you who have everything feel loneliness, too?” – Seo Hye Seung

“So what if I have everything? I don’t have anyone.” – CEO Lee Hyung Ju

  • “You distracted them with your body, not with your true self.” – Seo Hye Seung
  • “Remarrying isn’t a bad thing. What matters is the person.” – Ms. Choi

“Isn’t forgiveness something talked about by people who have never been betrayed by the person they love the most?” – Seo Hye Seung

“The more you have to protect, the weaker you become.” – Ms. Choi

“What I’ve learned from life is that I shouldn’t rely on a man. When my husband asked me to get a divorce, it was like a bolt from the blue. I thought I had achieved a lot in life, but it turned out I had lost myself. Now I want to find myself again on my own.” – Seo Hye Seung

  • “Whenever things got rough for me, I got through it thinking about you.” – CEO Lee Hyungju
  • “I’ve waited for this moment for so long. But it feels like I’ve lost.” – Cha Seokjin
  • “So what if your heart is somewhere else? I’ll just have to get it back. I will just have to love you more.” – Cha Seokjin

“What is the study of the humanities? It’s akin to stopping your rowboat for a moment and raising your head to look at the sky. It may seem like a short break, but you’re actually gazing upon the North Star to help you realize which direction you are standing.” – Seo Hye Seung

Genre: Drama, Satire
Synopsis: A satire on the Korean society that tells the desire in the remarriage market, revolving around upper-class marriage information companies.
No of episodes: 8
Starring: Kim Hee-sun, Lee Hyun-wook, Eugene Jung/Jung Yoo-jin, Park Hoon, Cha Ji-yeon
Written by: Lee Geun-yeong
Directed by: Kim Jeong-min
Network: Netflix
Date: July 15, 2022

Subtitle translation: Netflix