20+ Quotes: Jinxed At First (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, Jinxed At First (2022):

On humanity

“We’re just mirrors of your hearts. Desire, hope, ugliness, and even kindness. We are mirrors that reflect all of your inner world.” – Mi Soo

“Some people in this world think love is insignificant. People like that will only use us to achieve success. So we need to figure out who will take advantage of our ability and who will truly love us.” – Mi Soo

“Don’t treat people as objects.” – Min Joon

“It’s okay. There are times when you’re dragging others down. How can people be perfect without flaws?” – Mrs. Bang

“Sometimes you should do nothing to the little snakes. Because it’ll get bigger and eventually become a monster.” – Mi Soo

“There are thing we can’t stop even if we know the future. And we can’t know all the future.” – Mi Soo

“Even if I can see the future, there are some things I can’t do. Even if I can foresee it, I can’t change it. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop it. I have no choice.” – Seul Bi

On life and relationships

“Meeting the prince may not necessarily mean happiness.” – Mi Soo

“I want to be an ordinary person and live outside the world.” – Seul Bi

  • “I’m not stupid. I’m adapting.” – Seul Bi
  • “Soap bubbles, balloons, paper planes, and dandelions. I envy all of them because they can all fly far away.” – Seul Bi
  • “If one’s completely obsessed with another, even if she’s ugly, she’s still a beauty in his eyes.” – Mr. Park

“Do you want to fly far away?” – Sookwang/Myeongseong

“Well, I wanted to before, but I don’t want to now because I came to you.” – Seul Bi

“If you stay by my side, you’ll become unlucky.” – Sookwang/Myeongseong

“We’ll be happy if we’re together.” – Seul Bi

  • “Such a big thing can become the past in your heart.” – Min Joon
  • “I don’t like you as my father but I respect you as an entrepreneur.” – Min Joon
  • “What’s important to me is you. You’re the most important.” – Sookwang/Myeongseong

“If only this world exists in real life.” – Sookwang/Myeongseong

“It can come true in real life. I’ll be with you.” – Seul Bi

“Don’t you think this place is small?” – Chairman Seon

“It’s much bigger than there because I can walk out whenever I want.” – Seul Bi

“I don’t want to turn memories about you into reminiscence. Now and in the future, I want to be with you.” – Sookwang/Myeongseong

“It’ll be dangerous if you stay here.” – Seul Bi

“I’ll be fine because you’re here.” – Sookwang/Myeongseong

“I’ll put you in danger.” – Seul Bi

“We’ll be fine together.” – Sookwang/Myeongseong

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Synopsis: It tells the story of a poor and unlucky man who meets a woman who is from a chaebol family.
Based on: The Jinx’s Lover by Han Ji-hye and Gu Seul
No of episodes: 16
Starring: Na In-woo, Seohyun
Written by: Jang Yoon-mi
Directed by: Yoon Sang-ho
Network: KBS, iQIYI
Date: June 15, 2022

Subtitle translation: iQIYI