Backstreet Rookie, Oh My Venus Enter Netflix’s Global Top 10

The Korean series, Backstreet Rookie (2020) and Oh My Venus (2015) have entered Netflix’s Global Top 10 in the category, non-English TV show, on the week of July 18 to 24, 2022.

The romantic-comedy, Backstreet Rookie (2020) starring Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yoo-jung, took 6th place worldwide in the non-English TV category. It has been watched for 10.1 million hours and reached Top 10 in TV in 15 countries including Nigeria, Bahrain, Maldives, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Thailand to name a few.

Another romantic-comedy series, Oh My Venus (2015), starring Shin Mina and So Ji-sub, made it to the top list of most watched non-English TV shows. It took 10th place with 7 million views and reached 7 countries including Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Hongkong, and Taiwan on the third week of July.

Meanwhile, Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022) starring Park Eun-bin and Kang Tae-oh remains the no.1 most popular Korean title on Netflix this month. On its third week, it has been watched so far for a total of 124.6 million hours in 35 countries. It landed at no.1 spot in Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Remarriage & Desires (2022) rose to third place worldwide in the non-English TV category and has so far obtained 42.6 million viewing hours. It reached Top 10 in TV in 33 countries from Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, in The Americas, and landed at no.1 spot in Japan.

The fantasy series, Alchemy Of Souls (2022) took 5th place on its fourth week at the global charts. So far, it has been watched for a total of 52.6 million hours, is popular in 20 countries, and landed at no.1 spot in Nigeria.


Photos: Netflix