100+ Quotes: Today’s Webtoon (2022)

Updated: September 18, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, Today’s Webtoon (2022):

On webtoon and career life

“I thought it would be nice to be remembered not as a painful end, but a new beginning.” – Mr. Seok

  • “Being inspiring isn’t enough. A leader must be strong.” – Neon CEO
  • “No one calls you a fool when you plow a barren field, sow seeds, and water the field because everyone knows that a big tree will grow and bear fruit.” – Mr. Jang
  • “Waking up from a dream doesn’t mean you can never have another dream.” – Im Dong Hee

“If you love it enough to want to pour your heart and soul into it, your dream will come true.” – Ms. Goo

  • “We’re all creating our own stories each day. Sometimes, you feel like you took a wrong turn. A few days later, you realize you’ve managed to turn it into your path. And some of us persevere and keep trotting along each day even if we falter from time to time in order to achieve our long-time dreams.” – On Ma Eum
  • “Sometimes we have to make a choice at crossroads. Everyday, we are creating our own stories because life is like a full-length book.” – On Ma Eum

“It doesn’t matter if it’s after 100, 1,000 or 10,000 attempts. A success is success.” – Aeri

  • “If we stay focused and tackle this together, we can produce meaningful results.” – Ms. Gi
  • “If you let yourself fall apart like this, it’ll make things even harder for the people you work with.” – Im Dong Hee

“Everyone is different and considers different things when making a career decision.” – Mr. Seok

  • “I want to stay so I can take responsibility for the new projects I’ve started and the people I’ve met.” – Mr. Seok
  • “Genius artists are not bound by the rules of the world.” – Mr. Kwon
  • “The lives of those whose work has become their everything tend to unfold the same way. Their work is ingenious but their lives are often thrown out of balance.” – Mr. Jang
  • “We must make sure their ingenuity doesn’t get fired up and die off quickly. It is our job to help them shine for a long time.” – Mr. Jang
  • “The pride of an artist? That’s important.” – Mr. Kwon

“These days, if you sit on your ideas, they become useless before you even know it. The world is rapidly changing.” – Na Gang Nam’s friend

  • “The fact that you made it to the finals means that your skills are already top-notch.” – On Ma Eum
  • “You feel like you aren’t improving, right? You’re wrong. You’re just taking some time to put down roots right now. Once your roots are fully grown, your skills will begin improving drastically.” – On Ma Eum’s father
  • “If we do our best to support him, we can help him become great.” – On Ma Eum

“If I add romance to the webtoon, the story will have no direction.” – Woo Jin

“Isn’t that prejudice? Romance isn’t a bad thing. Whatever we do, love is all around us.” – Goo Jun Yeong

“In order to create something, you must look inward and continue to reflect on yourself. No matter how ugly or pathetic it is, you must face the truth about yourself.” – Mr. Baek

  • “Just because you do everything for them from A to Z, it doesn’t mean that they will be webtoon artists. Overprotection can backfire.” – Mr. Seok
  • “I want them to be strong enough to be able to wade the waves all on their own even if their producers or the platforms change.” – Mr. Seok

“If I don’t draw, what does that make me? I’m nothing.” – Artist Ma

“Why are you nothing? You’re still my dad.” – Artist Ma’s daughter

“The cartoon is important but it’s not as important as people. And that includes you, too. Eat well and sleep well.” – On Ma Eum

“What’s my real worth? Being silly?” – Mr. Oh

“You make everyone happy.” – Choi Duhee

“No one can be skilled right off the bat.” – Mr. Baek

“Some people like to face it head-on and gain experience that way just like Ma Eum. And some people like to take on what they can handle one at a time and broaden their scope like Jun Yeong. I don’t think the way you work should be criticized. It’s not like you’re avoiding work because you want to have it easy.” – Neon Staff

“If my mother doesn’t believe that I can do it, who will believe in me?” – Goo SeulA

“A lot of aspiring artists never get discovered even if they are talented.” – Mr. Baek

  • “Whether I achieve it or not, it was a dream that I cherished.” – On Ma Eum
  • “Getting good grades doesn’t always mean you’re smart. Sometimes, I’m plagued by useless thoughts.” – Goo Jun Yeong

“When work becomes you, you’re bound to face difficult moments.” – Goo Jun Yeong

“Working for a company isn’t about realizing one’s dream. And I work for a company.” – Mr. Kwon

“I wonder how many of us have a job that we like.” – Goo SeulA

“Instead of asking yourself ‘Can I do this?’ You should be asking ‘Do I really want to do this?'” – Oh Yoon

“Those who can’t find strength in other webtoons will never grow. Reading other webtoons is a part of your studies.” – Mr. Bae

“Who will be responsible for your hardwork? If you work hard, your environment is bound to change.” – Mr. Jang

  • “This isn’t a college. You can’t transfer to a different team like you’re dropping a course just because you don’t enjoy the work.” – Mr. Jang
  • “I thought you were smart, but you were only book-smart. Or you’re still a little chick who hasn’t hatched yet.” – Mr. Jang
  • “My life span is shortened every time a new episode is uploaded.” – Na Gang Nam

“Does a diploma from a fancy school make you an ace?” – Staff

“So just because he’s experienced, does it mean he’s always right?” – Mr. Seok

“The pain the creator goes through is equivalent to the pleasure of the readers.” – Mr. Seok

“Experience can be shared and skills can be taught. But not everyone has a passion.” – Mr. Jang

“Is there anything you regret in life?” – Mr. Jang

“Enduring too much.” – On Ma Eum

  • “I think the biggest strength of webtoon is that webtoon artists have an outlet to communicate with the fans.” – On Ma Eum
  • “I kept on drawing without even realizing that I was crumbling away.” – Mr. Baek
  • “I thought I was pouring my heart and soul into my work but it didn’t make the readers feel anything.” – Mr. Baek

“This incident gave me the strength to challenge myself.” – Mr. Baek

  • “When you’re making a webtoon, you as the artist, must create the world by yourself. There’s no guidebook to follow. It’s all on you. You have to create a whole new world by yourself while meeting the deadline every week.” – Mr. Seok
  • “Every week, you have to come up with a story, draw it, and edit it. Over and over again, like a squirrel in a wheel.” – Mr. Seok
  • “Calling a producer at this late hour for your personal problem is the same as going on a power trip.” – Goo Jun Yeong

“I gave it myself and tried my best with everything I got. Now I want to make an effort to do something else. To a place that will be nicer to myself.” – On Ma Eum

  • “Your drawings are not out of balance. Your angle was the problem.” – On Ma Eum
  • “I still don’t know what it is that he saw in you but you did a great job today.” – Mr. Seok

“I still have many stories to tell. I can’t let my age defeat me.” – Mr. Baek

“A college diploma, a score on a foreign language exam, and various kinds of certificates. But I feel like everything I worked hard for is useless on this team, so I feel demotivated.” – Goo Jun Yeong

On life and humanity

“You should treat people around you with your heart.” – Mr. Jang

  • “I guess all that pain and stress made him more mature.” – Ms. Gi
  • “You’re like the N pole. Me, the S pole. Because we’re so different, it was easier for us to meet halfway.” – On Ma Eum

“I think getting stuck is a part of the process.” – On Ma Eum

  • “Why are you trying to run solo as if you’re carrying all the weight of the world on your shoulders?” – Mr. Seok
  • “Some wounds are hard to bring up. But if you cover up a wound just because it hurts, it doesn’t always heal properly. It could get infected.” – On Ma Eum
  • “Whenever I felt like I was falling, I stood upside down so that I didn’t fall.” – Aeri
  • “Mingle with people and try to face them even if it’s hard. It’ll help you realize what it is that you’ve been missing out on.” – Im Dong Hee

“Youth is like a blank canvas. Life changes depending on what is drawn on it.” – Aeri

“Just because everyone wants it, it doesn’t mean I have to want it, too. So I’m really trying to listen to my heart. To figure out what I really want and what I should choose to make sure I won’t regret my decision later on.” – Mr. Seok

  • “I don’t know what the problem is, but try to carefully separate your thoughts into layers. Turn off the overlapping layers one by one and observe each layer carefully. It’ll help you get to the essence of the problem.” – Mr. Baek
  • “At times, you get pricked by a rose thorn, which leaves a scar. And there are times when you have no choice but to trim some overgrown branches.” – On Ma Eum
  • “There’s still so much to learn even at this old age. It’s not easy but I’m grateful.” – Mr. Baek
  • “These days, everything changes so fast, but it’lll be too sad to lose all things of the past. Good things must live on.” – Mr. Jang

“Because the main character is weak, he’s more desperate to escape from fear and be free. Just like the main character, we have to face our own fear everyday. It could be a trauma from our childhood. Or it could be a sense of insecurity about work. Or it could be a sense of loss.” – On Ma Eum

  • “Asking him to stay knowing how anxious he feels, I feel like I’m being selfish.” – Mr. Seok
  • “A single piece of happy memory keeps one full for whole life. So I want you to be happy today for your future.” – Artist Ma

“Where to?” – Taxi driver

“To future.” – Artist Ma

“What?” – Taxi driver

“Far future.” – Artist Ma

“The number of people needed to prevent someone from collapsing is just one. One person is all we need.” – On Ma Eum

“If you think like that, that will happen to you. And if you say that out loud, it will happen to you. Words have power.” – Sin Dae Lyug

“We’re supposed to make 101 moves even if we get dumped 100 times.” – Mr. Seok

“Don’t mope around just because you got dumped once.” – Mr. Seok

  • “Every relationship has an appropriate timing. And it just means it’s not time for you to work together yet. Grow as much as you can until that time comes.” – Mr. Seok
  • “Everyone has a beautiful memory they want to remember forever.” – On Ma Eum

“Even if you fall and get hurt a little, it’s fine. As long as you have fun!” – Ma Eum’s father

  • “Would dad know? The fact that such memories helped me grow into a confident, honest person.” – On Ma Eum
  • “She should live her life the way she wants to as she is an adult now.” – Ma Eum’s mother

“You and I are two different people. We feel differently and make different choices. Things that don’t bother you at all could be big problems for me. And I may truly cherish the things that mean nothing to you.” – On Ma Eum

“This is my life. My life that I must experience, learn, and deal with on my own.” – On Ma Eum

“I did well. I am doing well. I did a good job.” – On Ma Eum

“If you say negative things, they come true like you’ve been cursed by your own words.” – Sin Dae Lyug

“You see, the world I see isn’t that colorful. I just drew what I saw and felt.” – Sin Dae Lyug

“I wouldn’t say lousy per se. It would be nice if you could see it as being unique.” – On Ma Eum

“There is no paradise for you to escape to. Have you heard of this line?” – Mr. Jang

“When it should’ve been an easy win for you, you always lost. But when you were surely going to lose, you won.” – Ma Eum’s mom

“I finally found something I wanted to do. But I didn’t get the job, so I feel lost.” – On Ma Eum

“Life is meaningful for the future is always unpredictable.” – On Ma Eum

  • “When someone like that suddenly stops and gives up on everything, what should we say? What would you say?” – Mr. Seok
  • “A good pacemaker wouldn’t force him to get up and start running away. I mean, I wouldn’t rush him.” – On Ma Eum

“It’s pretty high. It has to tilt a bit so we can see it clearly.” – Ma Eum’s friend

“Can’t you please put your trust in me, dad?” – On Ma Eum

“Going home after work while looking at the sunset over the Han River has been my dream. One of my dreams came true today.” – On Ma Eum

“Cheer up. Do your best. The more I hear them, the more demotivated I feel. I’m already doing my best with everything I have.” – Goo Jun Yeong

“I’m supposed to do better than my best? How much more? And how? It makes me feel pessimistic.” – Goo Jun Yeong

“Why don’t we stop trying so hard and doing our best? How could I try harder than now? You should stop trying hard, too.” – Goo Jun Yeong

  • “Maybe it’s because I’m simple. When someone told me to cheer up, I think I wanted to return the kindness to them.” – On Ma Eum
  • “I wanted to win so I could make the people who cheered for me happy. I think that’s what I wanted. That might be why I developed the habit of telling people around me to cheer up.” – On Ma Eum

Genre: Slice of life, Office drama
Synopsis: It tells the story of a former judo athlete who struggles to adapt to her new job as webtoon editor after retiring as an athlete due to an injury.
Based on: Japanese manga series Jūhan Shuttai! by Naoko Matsuda
No of episodes: 16
Starring: Kim Se-jeong, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Daniel
Written by: Cho Ye-rang, Lee Jae-eun
Directed by: Jo Soo-won, Kim Young-hwan
Network: SBS, Viu
Date: July 29 to September 17, 2022

Subtitle translation: Viu