60+ Quotes: If You Wish Upon Me (2022)

Updated: September 30, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, If You Wish Upon Me (2022):

On life and humanity

“Wherever you are, if you are with the people you love and don’t feel lonely, that will be your Hogeweyk Village.” – Mr. Kang

  • “Would you be my real family? I’ll be your brother and you’ll be my little sister.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye
  • “Do we have to have a destination? Why can’t we just go for a drive?” – Nurse Seo
  • “Do you know how empty you feel when you have nowhere to go?” – Jun Kyung
  • “Living a perfect life only wears you down.” – Nurse Seo
  • “I was saved just before falling into a swamp.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“Life goes on so just keep on living.” – Nurse Seo

  • “You see, rumours could save or kill you.” – Catholic nun
  • “You were a precious daughter your mother risked her life to protect. So can’t you live your life to the fullest for the sake of your mother?” – Mr. Kang

“He’s lonely. He became a monster because he’s lonely.” – Mr. Kang

“People say all failures are bad. But something was nice about failing. That’s what life is.” – Mr. Kang

  • “If your parents were nice, you would have visitors. If your parents were trash, you have no visitors.” – Orphanage Director
  • “If your parents don’t visit you, it means you were abandoned before you ran away.” – Orphanage Director

“People don’t change easily.” – Dr. Yang

“It would be nice if relationships that harm each other veer away. ” – Mr. Kang

“Pain isn’t something you hide or endure. You must say it when you’re sick. ‘I’m sick. I’m in so much pain. My heart aches. My head hurts!’ Just like that. Don’t endure it and just say it.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“You always say you love me but you never trusted me for once.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“I never trusted it when you said you’ll never leave me. In the end, I was right.” – Jun Kyung

  • “If he was really leaving, he wouldn’t just leave without saying goodbye.” – Mr. Kang
  • “Everyone here looks happy, except for one.” – Jun Kyung

“Don’t make me sound like a patient.” – Jun Kyung

“Why? Are you embarassed that you’re sick?” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

  • “When I see a young man in pain, I want to take that pain for him.” – Ms. Yeom
  • “If I don’t choose her, she’ll die.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“Am I mental to love you? Is love mental illness?” – Jun Kyung

“Yes, your love is.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

  • “Consider me a candidate and I’ll be happy.” – Dr. Yang
  • “Because of his rough, dark past, he’s worried he’d ruin you. I think that’s what he is afraid of.” – Mr. Kang

“I’m not drained.” – Nurse Seo

“That sounds like a patient saying she’s not sick.” – Dr. Yang

  • “I’m all messed up. She’s pure as snow. What if I mess her up?” – Yoon Gyeo Rye
  • “You have no idea what it’s like to live a hard life. Don’t be such a know-it-all when you know nothing!” – Jun Kyung

“Sometimes you get blinded. You don’t realize how precious the small chances are. You don’t realize you’re hurting your fist for an opportunity that doesn’t even exist.” – Mr. Kang

  • “Holding out with all you’ve got will not help you. You can live without a father like that. The world isn’t that unfair.” – Mr. Kang
  • “Doing this for me feels like you’re my son.” – Mr. Kang

“Don’t even think about becoming an actor. That was terrible.” – Mr. Kang

“What’s wrong with my acting? I deserve the grand award.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

  • “Honestly, we may not be rich but we still have pride.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye
  • “Old shoes are softer and more comfortable because they’re worn out.” – Mr. Kang
  • “Humans aren’t the only ones whose lives could be ruined by horrible parents. It’s the same for you, guys. Horrible owners could make your life a pure misery. Did you know that?” – Yoon Gyeo Rye
  • “It really isn’t easy to stay in one job for so long. I have big respect for you.” – Mr. Kang
  • “What you’re wearing doesn’t matter. What matters is your heart.” – Nurse Seo

“I earned a new life as a bonus so I didn’t want to waste it. I decided to become everyone’s Genie.” – Mr. Kang

  • “I remember everything else. But how could I forget about you?” – Choi Dukja
  • “I have no will to live. So isn’t it weirder for me to be scared of things?” – Jun Kyung
  • “Taking care of the patients is great. But at times, you should take care of yourself, too.” – Dr. Yang

“I’m wondering what could make him laugh more. And I got the motivation to become stronger. Because his smile is really beautiful.” – Nurse Seo

“Have you ever been happy in your life?” – Nurse Seo

“That question is a bit… I don’t know. I don’t think I have.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

  • “Sometimes, human relationships feel heavier than looking after patients and lifting weights.” – Nurse Seo
  • “In my life, nothing tasted delicious. I had no friends. Nor was I comforted by anyone.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“You need to let others know and others need to be aware of your pain.” – Nurse Seo

“The joy of eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures.” – Ms. Yeom

“Life’s greatest pleasures? That’s what they say when they have nothing to worry about.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“If you’re in pain, scream. Otherwise, no one will know.” – Nurse Seo

“You must cheer up and stay strong so you can give the patients the strength to hold out.” – Ms. Yeom

“Who cares about celebrities? Don’t be so lame. Celebrities are human, too. Just like us.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“Life is crazy.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

  • “A family is the most unreasonable human relationship and upsets you the most. You didn’t even get to choose it, but there’s so much responsibility.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye
  • “Think twice before you speak.” – Mr. Kang
  • “I bet there’s no place like home.” – Nurse Seo

“I guess you have to put the blame on us to free yourselves from the guilt of being terrible children.” – Mr. Kang

“Why should I pay a fine when the government has done nothing for me?” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“What’s a silent family?” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“A family lives under the same roof. But they don’t talk to each other at all.” – Mr. Kang

On death, loss, and last wishes

“Everyone realizes it after it’s passed.” – Ms. Yeom

“Why didn’t I know that it was good enough? Why do I always realize after losing it?” – Mr. Kang

“We’re not okay either. We’re simply accepting it.’ – Nurse Seo

“If we meet again in the far distant future, I’ll sing you a better song.” – Se Hee

“When you’re in so much pain, death could be better than a life full of pain.” – Jin Gu

“When humans are born, their mothers, fathers, and sometimes their siblings bless them. But we all pass away alone. Isn’t that too lonely? It’s the last moment when people need each other.” – Mr. Kang

“Dying. That’s not all bad, right?” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“Life is trite. When people see a movie or drama about someone who’s terminally ill, they say it’s unoriginal and too predictable. But it’s actually something that happens everyday here at the hospital. Besides, no one in this world can avoid death.” – Se Hee

“Aren’t you scared? Of death. To be honest, I was afraid. But you see, life scares me even more.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“Shall we go see the ocean for the last time before you die?” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“Your father said this to me, ‘You can’t choose when you’re born. So be it. But I want to choose when I die.'” – Mr. Kang

  • “It looks like he has been through a lot. I suggest you just let him go.” – Jin Gu
  • “It’s a sin to keep him alive knowing how much pain he is in just to fulfill your greed.” – Jin Gu

“He might want to live a bit longer even if he’s in a lot of pain. And who knows? There could be things he wants to do before he dies.” – Yoon Gyeo Rye

“Now that I’m back home, all my pain is gone.” – Grandpa

“Thank you so much for driving me home.” – Grandpa

Genre: Slice of life
Synopsis: The story of patients and caregivers about life and death in a hospice hospital.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Sung Dong-il, Choi Soo-young
Writer: Jo Ryeong-soo
Director: Kim Yong-wan
Network: KBS2, Viu
Date: August 10 – September 29, 2022 

Substitle translation: Viu