30 Quotes: A Model Family (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, A Model Family (2022):

On humanity and social issues

“War. Disease. Accidents. Lots of people die from those things. But even more people die because of money.” – Park Dongha

“What’s so great about money? It’s no use if you’re dead.” – Park Dongha

“A lot of people get involved because they need money or drugs. They’re all desperate. But they always cause trouble. Running off with cash or dope. Those people were only desperate for their own lives. Do you know what kind of people are more desperate than them? People who need to feed their families. Breadwinners.” – Kwang Chul

  • “I’ve worked with the boss for 15 years. But even though I worked my ass off, I don’t have anything to show for it.” – Kwang Chul
  • “Some owners abandon their dogs they raised for their whole lives. I need to go my own way before I get abandoned.” – Kwang Chul

“You can’t do anything without money in this world.” – Park Yeon Woo

“Money is always the problem. Money can get a man killed and saved.” – Kang Jun

“Everyone has a monster living inside of them. I do and so do all of you.” – Park Dongha

“Good and evil. Out of the two, the one that’s more helpful in survival is evil.” – Kang Jun

“The most helpful trait for survival is not good but evil.” – Kang Jun

“We say we’re a police family. But we’re slways fucking betraying and stabbing each other in the back. We’re not family.” – Detective Kang

On life and relationships

“You may be able to buy the world with money, but you can’t buy family.” – Grandpa Park

“Do you not like it when dad’s not around?” – Eun Ju

“We’re family. We should all be together if we’re family.” – Park Hyun Woo

  • “Maybe you’re timid because you think too much. Or you think too much because you’re so timid.” – Eun Ju
  • “People don’t care about you as much as you think. Don’t worry.” – Kwang Chul

“Life is so rough. I can’t even afford to sit and rest for a second.” – Eun Ju

  • “There wasn’t a single moment in my life that I didn’t work hard. Why is my life like this?” – Eun Ju
  • “Do you know what your children are doing and thinking at all times? Is it possible for any parent to fully understand their child?” – Eun Ju

“Sometimes, enemies know each other better than friends do.” – Eun Ju

“Then what did you do for us? Having an affair? You’re the one trying to break apart our family, not me.” – Park Dongha

“Am I not family to you?” – Park Dongha

“You’re not. Not anymore.” – Eun Ju

“How am I supposed to continue when my family’s about to break apart?” – Park Dongha

‘Family is, really, a million times scarier than money.” – Grandpa Park

“You need to teach about despair before hope. That way, he’ll grow up to be strong.” – Grandpa Park

  • “Men think that if they fall, their familes will fall with them. But it’s the women that are holding up the family.” – Detective Kang
  • “Family’s a really funny thing. They growl at each other like enemies but never turn their backs on them.” – Detective Kang
  • “I turned into a completely invisible nobody after becoming a family with you.” – Eun Ju

“Do you think it’s better for the family if I stay sick or if I get better quickly? Whenever I’m sick, our whole family comes together.” – Park Hyun Woo

“Do you think we can forget everything that happened and go back to that party?” – Park Dongha

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Synopsis: An ordinary family involved in a bloody drug ring gets on the verge of collapse and becomes a model family against drug gangs upon learning the importance of family.
No of episodes: 10
Cast: Jung Woo, Park Hee-soon, Yoon Jin-seo and Park Ji-yeon
Writer: Lee Jae-gon
Director: Kim Jin-woo
Network: Netflix
Date: August 12, 2022

Subtitle translation: Netflix