Alden Richards As Filipino Version Of Good Boy Talks About Start-Up PH

The Filipino version of South Korea’s popular TV series, Start-Up (2020) is soon to premiere on Philippine television via GMA Network and fans are excited to see actor Alden Richards portray the charms of Kim Seonho’s “Gordon Ramsay of Investments” and “Good Boy”.

Although Kim Seonho played this on a secondary role, he rose to Hallyu stardom and became the most powerful and popular character in the series. Who wouldn’t fall for a successful, career-driven, physically fit, self-made investor who makes intelligent decisions based on logic and expertise? He has this aura of a high quality professional who speaks with clarity and authority and walks around with his head high. Ooh la-la, add the “good boy” and dimple charms, Han Ji-pyeong is such a great catch, guys. Too bad, he’s a fictional character. Nevertheless, he remains etched as one of the most influential iconic figures in the history of Korean dramas.

Kim Seonho as Han Ji-pyeong in Start-Up (2020). Photo: tvN Drama.

The anticipation is high when Filipino actor Alden Richards was cast to play as Tristan Hernandez (Han Ji-pyeong). Known as Asia’s Multimedia Star, Alden shot to fame during the AlDub craze that made history for generating 40.7 million tweets. So far, he has earned 90+ awards and led the highest grossing Filipino film of all time, Hello, Love Goodbye (2019), which is available for streaming on Netflix.

In a video by GMA Network, Alden unveiled five interesting reasons to watch Start-Up PH (2022), one of which is the showcase of Filipino culture done in such a way that is relatable to viewers. He also revealed that this is his first remake project based on a Korean drama and first team-up with actress Bea Alonzo, who will play as Dani Sison (Bae Suzy’s Seo Dal-mi).

The actor also talked about his role as the strict Tristan (Han Ji-pyeong), which is something for his fans to look forward to since most of the roles he has portrayed throughout his acting career are typically the considerate kind, the gentle, the amiable. In an insightful manner, he added that Tristan (Han Ji-pyeong) is certainly not a bad character since his constructive criticisms are quite reasonable set on shaping these young aspiring entrepreneurs to reach the level of high quality leadership and performance.

True enough, Han Ji-pyeong radiates this high standard in the way he thinks, walks, speaks, writes, plans, wears his clothes, drives his car, and deals with people built from years of experience on entrepreneurship and finances that led him to be the best investor in town. It is worth noting that he did not allow his orphaned background nor emotions to deviate from his aspirations but spent his younger years studying the market trends and value of money. Self-reliant, he achieved great success with his sense of vision and resilience, becoming one of the most respectable figures in Sandbox. Isn’t he inspiring?

In another video, Alden talked about the childhood background of Tristan (Han Ji-pyeong) who grew up in an orphanage and managed to survive life without depending on anyone, “He used his childhood story to motivate himself to become a better person and better version of himself. He did not allow difficulties to get in the way in achieving his goals that he became very successful. Because of his past experience, he seems cold and restrained towards relationships with people, except being vulnerable to the one he trusts the most, the unrelated grandmother who took care of him. Eventually, Tristan will encounter situations that will challenge him to see life in a different perspective and become more open.”

Lastly, Alden is delighted to share that this remake project is something Filipinos can be proud of. According to the actor, everyone from the production team to the cast did all their preparations with diligence and hardwork to make the show engaging for the Filipino audience.

Start-Up PH (2022) is about young entrepreneurs aspiring to achieve big dreams, starring Alden Richards, Bea Alonzo, Yasmien Kurdi, and Jeric Gonzales. It is directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and Dominic Zapata and is set to premiere this September via GMA Network.

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