90+ Quotes: Little Women (2022)

Updated: October 10, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Little Women (2022):

On social status and poverty

“People believe that they have free will. But the truth is that we are controlled by money. If we were cut in half, we’d find ourselves infested by a money-hungry centipede.” – Hwa Young

  • “What do you think we must do to live as humanely as possible free from money’s influence?” – Hwa Young
  • “So why did you go after that 70 billion won? Did you only think about 70 billion won’s worth of happiness? You overlooked how much the pain would be worth.” – Director Won

“When you live in an impoverished area, you can witness even the brightest children wither.” – Mr. Jang

  • “As a person who obsesses over supermarket reward points, I couldn’t bring myself to ignore that money.” – In Joo
  • “The moment I saw that money, I felt that I had found it as compensation for the poverty I had experienced all my life. The thrill and greed that I felt as I counted that money.” – In Joo

“I now understand that it was wrong of me to feel those emotions. Because of that money, I almost lost my life, and I lost and almost ended up losing the people I love. I also understand that the money would in no way make up for the poverty I’ve been in.” – In Joo

  • “I value my life much more than I value that 70 billion won.” – In Joo
  • “In our poor family, I was a girl who always received a lot. I was always afraid that I may not be able to pay any of it back. I was afraid I’ll end up unworthy of the love you showed me.” – In Hye

“Everything comes easily when you have money.” – In Kyung

  • “It seems everything is so easy for you. When there’s trouble, you can always go to the States. But this seems to be the only place I can live in.” – In Kyung
  • “She should have given up by now. But she’s so tenacious because she grew up poor.” – Mr. Jo
  • “You were simply lucky to be born into that family. But I had to prove myself.” – Park Jaesang

“What should I become with this money?” – In Joo

“I’ll remember this day. This will be my last birthday while being poor.” – In Joo

  • “I loved counting money since I was a child. I counted money in my head for fun. When it was a lot of money, I’d convert it into amounts of food.” – In Joo
  • “You must understand that two buildings can’t be built in the same place. The old building must be completely demolished. Only then can we build something much more beautiful.” – Park Jaesang

“I want my assistant to reflect her inner dignity.” – Director Won

“I’m flattered by your kind words, but I don’t think the dress you’re wearing reflects your inner dignity at all.” – In Joo

“What was your childhood dream?” – Director Won

“Marrying a rich man.” – In Joo

“Poverty can bring people down but it can also make people stronger.” – In Kyung

  • “I believe that people become rich by choice. Should I get married or become rich? I was at a crossroad. I chose to become rich.” – Great Aunt
  • “You’re more likely to succeed when you live in a good house. Because you can put most things behind once you’re home.” – Great Aunt

“Capitalism is a psychological game. There’s an emotion only the wealthy can overcome while the poor cannot.” – Great Aunt

“What emotion is that?” – In Joo

“A sense of loss.” – Great Aunt

“You must be ready to lose something to make big money. Because only those who risk more can win.” – Great Aunt

“Rich people risk their capital while poor people must risk their lives.” – Won Sang Woo

  • “You die if you don’t have money.” – In Joo
  • “People die when they’re poor.” – In Joo

“I don’t mind being poor. It’s how I’ve always been. But I don’t want to become a thief because I’m poor. That would mean that I lost.” – In Kyung

“What did you want to buy if you had the money?” – Won Sang Woo

“A winter coat. Winter clothes are a status symbol. In summer, your clothes don’t really show how poor you are. But winter clothes are expensive.” – In Joo

“What could change your life for the better?” – Won Sang Woo

“An apartment.” – In Joo

  • “Nothing in this world is free. If you owe someone beyond what you can pay off, God knows what you’ll have to give in return later.” – In Joo
  • “The doctor said it was too late. Because we didn’t have money. Because we were on the run, she died without receiving any treatment.” – In Joo

“The story that I searched the whole world for was the story of my poor family.” – In Kyung

“There are people who give us things because we seem poor. They give us food and their old clothes. If you take it, they’ll treat you like a beggar. They’ll pity you.” – In Joo

  • “When we feel like that money is ours, will we stop wanting those things?” – Hwa Young
  • “I was making money purely on my own. Is that so wrong?” – In Hye
  • “I’m a penniless high school grad. A reject with no hopes of getting married. But I wanted to live with a perfect face at least once.” – Hwa Young

“Do you know what the most important thing for an outcast is? It’s posture. Don’t hunch. Stand tall.” – Hwa Young

“What was it you wanted to study?” – Great Aunt

“Economics. I wanted to know why some are poor while others are rich.” – In Kyung

  • “The rain reminds me of the flow of money. In the end, money also flows through familiar paths.” – In Kyung
  • “What does two billion won amount to?” – In Joo

On social issues and humanity

“Didn’t you know that death was something that the living could experience, too? Not everyone is actually alive.” – Hwa Young

  • “You are only concerned about yourself. You’re unable to make a sacrifice when the crucial moment comes.” – Mr. Jang
  • “Where do souls live? I always wanted a home where my soul could live.” – In Joo
  • “The moment I felt like this house accepted me, all my problems seemed to have washed away.” – In Joo
  • “The times when I was happy, the times when I was annoyed, and the times I was in the wrong. The faces I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It’s those faces I want to paint.” – In Hye
  • “I work slowly but I always hit my mark.” – In Kyung
  • “You can’t do this with the news. Wars are fought using guns.” – Mr. Choi

“I love it when you make that face. You’re like a little child who lost her toy.” – In Joo

  • “If the father is a monster, will the child become one, too?” – Hyorin
  • “Oh In-joo. The most important person in the world.” – In Joo

“I’ve been risking my life, galloping on a horse. And I still believe that my horse can jump over the fence.” – In Joo

“She was intoxicated with the process. She must have felt omnipotent. Money tends to do that to people.” – Director Won

“An ordinary person wouldn’t make a living by laundering money.” – In Joo

“To me, he’s just money. You know how much I love money. I think of him as money.” – In Joo

“Have you ever wished to be born again?” – Choi Do-il

“All the time. Everyday.” – In Joo

“The leader doesn’t call for the masses. It’s the masses who call for a leader.” – Choi Do-il

“What is stealing? Is taking dirty money that belongs to no one stealing as well?” – In Joo

“Money is transient so it makes you anxious. Turn it into things that can’t be taken away.” – Won Sang Woo

“Is that a threat?” – In Joo

“It’s a favor. I’m covering for you with no strings attached.” – Choi Do-il

“You’re a small storm, Ms. Oh. No matter where you go, you change the flow of the air, although you don’t seem to notice it. But you can’t do this alone. To play this game, you’ll need me.” – Choi Do-il

“Do you want that doll?” – Park Jaesang

“Yes.” – In Hye

“Then can you do it, too? Can you betray someone who loves you the most in the world?” – Park Jaesang

“What could be more powerful than death? Money? Who could buy someone’s death with money? How coldhearted could they be?” – In Kyung

  • “Nothing’s more annoying than fellow outcasts being close. You’re the 13th floor outcast and I’m the 14th floor outcast. We’re already outcasts. It’ll be worse if we hang out.” – Hwa Young
  • “People may lie, but money is honest.” – In Kyung
  • “I never treated her like an outcast. We just live in different worlds.” – Ms. Hwang

“Cheap heels like these are made with glue, so the heels break off easily. That’s how you hurt your Achilles tendon. The balance is off, so it must hurt after a short walk, and you feel uneasy since you can’t trust your shoes. Buy a nice pair with the money we give you. If you don’t, you’ll end up dragging your feet around for life.” – Director Shin

“People keep the thing they value most inside their hearts. We valued the same thing.” – Choi Do-il

“Money.” – In Joo

“We have the same ethics.” – Choi Do-il

“What kind of ethics?” – In Joo

“Nothing in this world is more sacred than money.” – Choi Do-il

On life and relationships

  • “It must have been heartbreaking to give up studying because we didn’t have money. You can study all you want now.” – In Hye
  • “Make sure you buy an apartment. Not one for our family but a place to call your own. I hope that one day, you’d be able to eat, sleep, and work, all for no one but yourself.” – In Hye
  • “I should have held onto you better. I’ll never lose you again.” – Ha Jongho
  • “I kept thinking about what you said. How you said you couldn’t see yourself in love with anyone else. I think I feel the same way.” – In Kyung

“When it rains, I’ll get wet. When the wind blows, I’ll feel the breeze. That’s how I intend to live. As an artist.” – Hyorin

“The way you felt about me was what psychologists call ‘attachment’ and biologists call it ‘imprinting’. But that’s different from romance.” – In Kyung

“I won’t ask you for anything else. Peace is all I ask for.” – Ha Jongho

“You have to go alone. As far away as possible. As far as you can.” – Hwa Young

“The only reason you married me was that I was the daughter of a general. You thought even a driver’s son could become the president if they married me.” – Director Won

“That’s not true. I didn’t marry you to become the president. I want to become the president because I love you.” – Park Jaesang

“If you have someone you love, you can’t do anything that reckless.” – Director Won

“What kind of love did you want?” – In Kyung

“The kind you get for being a good painter. The kind of love you get because you’re a good kid, have silky hair, or because you’re useful. Love like that.” – In Hye

“I love you because of your protruding toe, because you always burped after a meal since you were a baby, because the way your breath and hair smell when you wake up, and because of your temper that makes sure you get your revenge although you never apologize for your own mistakes. Those are the reasons why I love you. There are no other reasons.” – In Kyung

“A child is the mirror image of their family.” – Ms. Park

“Don’t try too hard. You’re a young woman with your whole life ahead of you.” – Ms. Park

“When I was in highschool, I hated going home, too. Do you know why I still came home everyday? It was because you were waiting for me!” – In Kyung

“Which do you prefer? Rich but mean parents or incompetent but kind parents?” – In Kyung

  • “Some people should never become mothers. Sadly, our mom is one of them.” – In Joo
  • “Flowers have personalities, too. If you mix too many types together, they’ll get annoyed with each other and wilt.” – Hwa Young

“It’s unimpressive now. But once it blooms, it’ll be like a true princess.” – Hwa Young

  • “It looks better when someone pretty wears it.” – Hwa Young
  • “I don’t care what you carry in your private life. But don’t bring it to work.” – Hwa Young
  • “Because you choose heels depending on how you feel.” – Song Joongki as salesman

“What do you mean by a hardened heart?” – In Kyung

“You’re cold and full of yourself.” – In Joo

  • “I can control my tears. But not my voice.” – In Kyung
  • “I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m crying because I’m pissed off.” – In Joo

“How high can someone from rock bottom go?” – Hwa Young

Genre: Family, Mystery
Synopsis: Three poor sisters bravely face Korea‚Äôs richest family.
Based on: the 1868 novel, Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott
No of episodes: 12
Cast: Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hoo, Wi Ha-joon
Writer: Chung Seo-kyung
Director: Kim Hee-won
Network: tvN, Netflix
Date: September 3, 2022

Netflix subtitle translation by:
Jeong Lee, Eun-sook Yoon, Min-jin Kim