Coming Soon: Kim Seonho Sends Positive Energy To Fans

Actor Kim Seonho continues to surprise fans worldwide with upcoming projects. On September 5th, his staff shared a photograph of the actor smiling sweetly on a cozy day (and oh, those dimples), exuding charms.

The Instagram post shows the actor standing by a large window that openly leads to the outside world. He is wearing a white tee and comfortable shorts with hands in his pockets. The caption reveals that the actor has been filming all day with an English hashtag that says #ComingSoon.

His fans could not contain the excitement and some of them even speculated a new advertisement and for others, a drama: “What have you been filming”, “So exciting”, “Aww that smile”, “Looking forward to your surprise”, “SPILL BESTIE”, “Oh my heart”, “Filming of what? We’re dying to know”, “OMG I can’t wait!”, “Filming? A new project? Drama? CF? Film? Yay! So excited!”, “Drama, movie, take it all”, “Can’t wait to see you back on screen”.

Whatever the new project is, the actor’s captivating smile and “coming soon” sent positive energy to his fans worldwide. In fact, Kim Seonho’s staff has been sharing updates on a weekly basis since his successful comeback, posting fresh photos of the actor with words of encouragement to lift the mood of his fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho is currently performing on stage as Joe in Touching The Void. He was revealed as the newest ambassador of Bench, a top clothing and lifestyle brand in the Philippines and officially announced by Seoul Drama International Drama Awards as the Outstanding Drama Actor. His movie debut, Sad Tropics, is expected to be released late this year.

by KORB Blog