70+ Quotes: The Law Cafe (2022)

Updated: October 5, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, The Law Cafe (2022):

On law and social issues

“Deception due to omission. When you deceive someone by leaving out an important piece of information, you can call that fraud.” – Kim Yu Ri

“Many people come across the problem of inheritance more often than not in real life.” – Kim Yu Ri
“I know that, but when people fight over such things, it makes me loathe humanity.” – Bae Joon

“Inheritance cases can sometimes end in bloodshed.” – Kim Jung Ho

“Kids who are victims of child abuse have never experienced the world outside their families, so they often don’t know that they’re being abused. Those who should love them the most are hurting them. Any child would struggle to understand that.” – Kim Yu Ri

“Those people don’t care about laws or government policies. They just want their lives to improve.” – Kim Jung Ho

“From experience, I know that life can fall apart very easily. And when it falls apart, you suddenly need something you never cared about before. You need the law. Desperately.” – Kim Yu Ri

“I realized that there were so many chances that were missed before the trial even started.” – Kim Yu Ri

“A trial isn’t about drawing the right conclusion. It is about following the right procedures.” – Judge

On life and humanity

“Don’t let yourself wallow in resentment.” – Yuri’s mom

“You committed fraud against me for the last 17 years.” – Kim Yu Ri
“I’ll gladly take any punishments.” – Kim Jung Ho

“We keep things bottled up, thinking we’d get a chance to say it later on. But life waits for no one.” – Ms. Park

  • “No matter how much you cover things up, things can’t be hidden forever.” – Ms. Na
  • “There’s an island between two people. It’s an island of secrets.” – Kim Yu Ri

“Just having people on your side might be enough consolation to help someone feel relief. And that feeling is contagious enough to heal old scars.” – Kim Jung Ho

“So, are you acting this way because you’re really educated?” – Kim Yu Ri

“Are you taking my side or dissing me right now?” – Kim Yu Ri

“I’m just stating the facts.” – Kim Jung Ho

“Regretting something won’t get you off. The world isn’t a kindergarten.” – Kim Jung Ho

“I pick out cute outfits even though I’m mad at the world.” – Kim Yu Ri

“It’s delusional people like that that make our society so cold. People are too scared to be kind because it could be misinterpreted.” – Se Yeon

“How can you expect not to get wet while standing next to a storm?” – Kim Jung Ho

“The world is changing. It’s now much easier for people to know what’s negatively affecting their quality of life and how to assert their rights.” – Kim Jung Ho

“Criticizing something without an alternative solution is cowardly.” – Kim Yu Ri

“You’re starting something that you can’t handle.” – Kim Jung Ho

“Are you sure you just don’t want to take responsibility for anything?” – Kim Yu Ri

“If we take the video down, will people’s memories of watching the video disappear?” – President Lee

“Is that why you sit around in sweatpants on your rooftop doing nothing? Is that what’s best for your life?” – Kim Yu Ri

“Yes. Me doing nothing is what’s best for everyone.” – Kim Jung Ho

“I agree that my idea may not be the best. But I can’t agree that doing nothing is better.” – Kim Yu Ri

“I’m a totally avant-garde person.” – Kim Yu Ri

“You’re just a tiger moth.” – Kim Jung Ho

“If you see one cockroach, it means there are already many cockroaches infesting that house. Don’t you know that?” – President Lee

“There was nothing more torturing than to live in hatred.” – Cho Seok Jun

“It’s tough for people to live when they don’t have any means to make a living. But do you know what else we can’t live without? Having hope that things will get better. Although life is terrible now, hoping that things will change someday. That faith.” – Kim Yu Ri

“Thinking about it for a long time doesn’t make it a good plan. Give it another thought.” – Kim Jung Ho

  • “I’m dressed formal. Do I have to dress modest, too?” – Kim Yu Ri
  • “Are you sure you’re not mistaking brashness for being proactive?” – Kim Jung Ho
  • “Those who are alive are scarier than those who are dead.” – Kim Yu Ri

“You probably have no idea but noise problems can drive you crazy. If you ever experienced it, you’d be able to relate to it.” – Kim Yu Ri

“A life filled with nothing but anger and resentment. It was just too miserable, so I’ve moved on.” – Kim Yu Ri

  • “When you experience a misfortune, you must stay focused so you won’t misdirect your anger.” – Kim Jung Ho
  • “You’d be angry at the world when you experience a misfortune, but it’s important to remember exactly what you’re angry about.” – Kim Yu Ri

“So let’s fight together. You don’t have to fight alone.” – Kim Jung Ho

On love and relationships

“The resentment that’s been passed down to me and the sense of guilt you’ve inherited. Let’s get rid of them together.” – Kim Yu Ri

  • “I’m sorry for loving you when I don’t deserve to do so.” – Kim Jung Ho
  • “Hating you hurts me too much.” – Kim Yu Ri
  • “It’s hard for me to be with you as if nothing happened.” – Kim Yu Ri
  • “You may resemble your parents and behave like them in some ways. But your thoughts and feelings can be very different from theirs.” – Kim Cheon Daek
  • “Once you’re grown up, they’re no better than strangers. Whether things are good or not, you can’t control each other.” – Kim Cheon Daek
  • “You can hate me. You can run away. You can push me away if you want to. So just don’t leave me.” – Kim Jung Ho
  • “I feel bad for you, mom. But this is the right thing to do.” – Kim Jung Ho

“You make me worried to death and you make my heart race until death.” – Kim Yu Ri

“Se-yeon told me that if you look at someone on mute, you can understand their true feelings. When I look at you on mute, I can see everything. I can see that I’m important to you.” – Kim Yu Ri

“I don’t think that we’re meant for each other.” – Kim Jung Ho

“Why not?” – Kim Yu Ri

“When I’m with you, I really hate myself.” – Kim Jung Ho

“Why do you hate yourself?” – Kim Yu Ri

“Whenever I’m with you, I become a coward.” – Kim Jung Ho

“I have a lot of things to resolve before I can go to you. So please wait for me.” – Kim Jung Ho

“If you really like someone, shouldn’t you hold back a little?” – Kim Jung Ho

  • “I have indecent desires for you. It’s dangerous for you to be alone with me at night.” – Kim Yu Ri
  • “Don’t cross the line until the sun comes up. Don’t even look over here.” – Kim Jung Ho
  • “To me, that kiss is illegal. It’s so unfair!” – Kim Jung Ho

“It doesn’t matter how much you like her. If she doesn’t consent, that’s not expressing your feelings. That’s a crime.” – Kim Jung Ho

  • “I get that you don’t like me. I’ll no longer bother you in that way. But I can’t give up on you just yet.” – Kim Yu Ri
  • “If we don’t know how the other person feels, we should never try to guess.” – Park Woo Jin
  • “I know I shouldn’t do this. I know this must be confusing. But today was just too tough. May I hold you? Just one moment. May I hold you in my arms?” – Kim Jung Ho

“Unless the other party says yes, everything else is no.” – Park Woo Jin

“Don’t let yourself live in misery for the rest of your life because of fools who don’t know the difference between love and abuse.” – Kim Yu Ri

  • “If you don’t run away in time, you may end up living in misery for the rest of your life. Whether they’re your family or not, if anyone makes you miserable, just run.” – Kim Yu Ri
  • “Your family is your home. When that world starts to fall apart, most people think that they’ve been ruined and are unsalvageable.” – Kim Yu Ri
  • “But the thing is, your family is only a part of your life. It’s not your everything. There are times when you must seek your own happiness no matter how much you love your family. And at times, you must get away from them to figure out a way.” – Kim Yu Ri

“What bothers me is how you make me worried.” – Kim Jung Ho

“I never asked you to worry.” – Kim Yu Ri

“Don’t assume that all families are like yours.” – Kim Jung Ho

“I gave you a lot more than such material things.” – Kim Jung Ho’s father

“That’s why I’m not doing anything. What you gave me, I don’t want to use it.” – Kim Jung Ho

“We’re like brother and sister. We’re like family.” – Kim Jung Ho

“I don’t want to be your family. I want something more than that.” – Kim Yu Ri

“Why do I take things that far? Because I like her.” – Kim Jung Ho

“We should date. To be exact, let’s say that we’re dating. If you don’t want to, forget it.” – Kim Yu Ri

“Who says I don’t want to?” – Kim Jung Ho

  • “Everyone needs some space to themselves. Kim Yu-ri and I need some time apart.” – Kim Jung Ho
  • “How can I have a crush on someone for 17 years? I just don’t have to meet her.” – Kim Jung Ho
  • “Even if I don’t meet her, I continue to see her everywhere. It’s a little tormenting and painful to think of Yuri.” – Kim Jung Ho

“Why can’t you move on from the past you should leave behind?” – Kim Jung Ho

“You are the one who can’t move on from the past. That’s why you’re so uncomfortable that I’ve come back into your life. Am I wrong?” – Kim Yu Ri

Genre: Legal, Romance
Synopsis: The love story of a former prosecutor who is known as “monster genius” and a beautiful lawyer with a four-dimensional personality.
Based on: Love According to the Law by Noh Seung-ah
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young
Writer: Im Ji-eun
Director: Lee Eun-jin
Network: KBS2, Viu
Date: September 5, 2022

Subtitle translation: Viu