7 Korean Actors Who Captivate With Their Warm, Welcoming Eyes

Do you ever find yourself lost in the eyes of an actor? In a sea of faces, sometimes you get drawn to a few whose stares make your heart ablaze. Check out these 7 Korean actors who captivate with their warm and welcoming gaze:

In random order.

Lee Minho

Lee Minho’s eyes reflect a man of class, that pure gentleman. However superstar, a stare from this man somehow gives you that sense of connection, of emotional warmth that makes you feel right at home. Elegant. Timeless. Classic. At the same time, welcoming.

Image: MYM Entertainment

Kim Seonho

Kim Seonho’s gaze resemble sunshine that emanates positivity. He walks into a room and instantly brightens up the mood of everyone. Whether he appears on stage, on screen, walks the street, or talks with someone, his eyes hold this powerful spark that makes you smile when you look at them (or him). He is literally Seonshine (Seonho and sunshine), a man of warmth and gentleness—a beaming personality that radiates and triumphs goodnesss even in cloudy days.

Image: Star1 Magazine

Park Bo-gum

When you look into the eyes of Park Bo-gum, you will sense a man of pleasant character. Indeed, the “eyes are windows to the soul”. His gaze looks so kind and full of thoughtfulness that you feel safe to start a conversation with him. In fact, he holds this angelic aura that is untouchable, at the same time, draws people to him. He carries himself well into the world, a superstar worth the praise for being a good role model.

Image: Hancinema

Ji Chang-wook

At first glance, this man looks at you with a sharp stare but it magically, slowly melts. Once you go deeper into his gaze, you will find yourself under his spell and see a man of empathy who has a heart for people and stands tall for humanity. His eyes speak gentleness and compassion that even the homeless would feel at home.

Image: Netflix

Im Si-wan

Pure. Genuine. Reliable. Perhaps, all the good words that pertain to being “angelic” describe how Im Siwan is with the look in his gaze. It holds a sense of peace and kindness seems to live in his eyes that somehow makes you feel lighthearted.

Image: Hancinema

Cha Eun-woo

You get lost in Cha Eun-woo’s eyes that look shimmering like the sea. They glitter gentleness from his soul that define the kind of actor and human that he is. There’s also a sense of soothing lullaby with the way he looks at you that makes you feel at ease.

Image: Cha Eun-woo

Kang Tae-oh

Ooppss. This warm gaze is meant for Attorney Woo only. Kidding aside, this man has captivated many with the look of profound gentleness that radiates from his eyes. He looks at you tenderly and even without words, you know he deeply cares.

Image: Elle Korea

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