Korean Drama Hits On Netflix Of All Time

Updated: June 3, 2023

Check out these 49 Korean drama hits based on number of weeks in non-English TV rankings and viewing hours achieved on Netflix worldwide: Click the drama title to see more details.

TitleOriginal NetworkWeeks in Global
Top 10,
Non-English TV
Total Viewing HoursNo. of Countries Reached In
Top 10 TV
Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)
Alchemy Of Souls Season 1 (2022)
Squid Game (2021)
Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)
The Glory (2022-23)
Business Proposal (2022)
All Of Us Are Dead 1 (2022)
Crash Course In Romance (2023)tvN11183.4M34
Little Women (2022)tvN11163.5M39
Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022)tvN10171.6M33
The King’s Affection (2021)KBS210138.5M34
Our Blues (2022)tvN9105.1M12
Our Beloved Summer (2021-22)SBS8128.8M18
Alchemy Of Souls Part 2 (2022)tvN8115.8M38
Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022)tvN8110.4M21
Young Lady And Gentleman (2021-22)KBS28108.2M53
Forecasting Love And Weather (2022)JTBC8100.8M24
Juvenile Justice (2022)Netflix7134.5M29
Hospital Playlist 2 (2021)tvN772.0M11
Nevertheless (2021)JTBC759.3M33
Mr. Queen (2020)tvN6104.9M42
Reborn Rich (2022)JTBC687.6MSouth Korea
My Name (2021)Netflix5198.1M91
Money Heist: Joint Economic Area 1 (2022)Netflix5133.5M77
Narco-Saints (2022)Netflix5130.3M82
Doctor Cha (2023)JTBC596.2M32
Thirty-Nine (2022)JTBC552.6M16
Hellbound 1 (2021)Netflix4142.8M93
Queenmaker (2023)Netflix499.4M45
Remarriage And Desires (2022)Netflix467.8M33
The Good Bad Mother (2023)JTBC456.3M26
My Liberation Notes (2022)JTBC447.2M15
The Silent Sea (2021)Netflix389.7M77
Black Knight (2023)Netflix379.4M77
Love To Hate You (2023)Netflix354.2M51
A Model Family (2022)Netflix334.9M20
Tomorrow (2022)MBC332.8M21
Divorce Attorney Shin (2023)JTBC327.1M10
True Beauty (2020)tvN231.4M32
Deserter Pursuit 1 (2021)Netflix227.6M10
The Sound Of Magic (2022)Netflix226.5M36
The Interest Of Love (2022)JTBC223.3M11
Happiness (2021)tvN221.7M27
Ghost Doctor (2022)tvN217.5M22
Oh My Venus (2015)KBS2217.5M17
She Would Never Know (2021)JTBC110.4M9
Backstreet Rookie (2020) SBS110.1M15
Somebody (2022)Netflix19.9M11
Glitch (2022)Netflix17.4M2

Source: Netflix Top 10 (Data collected from June 28, 2021 to present.)