“Fresh like a lemon.” Fans Of Kim Seonho Charmed With His Visuals In Yellow

On October 1st, Kim Seonho’s staff shared a series of photos of the actor in yellow, looking so fresh, bright, and full of life. “Be happy and healthy,” Kim Seonho greeted the first day of October with a short inspirational message for fans to be happy and healthy in this new month.

The actor appears to be in love with life nowadays evident through his physical well-being that has improved, gaining muscles and looking healthier. He looks rested and his eyes radiate glow from within while his smile beams more sunshine. In the photos, he is wearing yellow and the hashtag reveals an activity or filming with Miima mask, a brand he endorses.

His fans are the happiest to receive this positive message while others are charmed with his extra handsomeness: “Happy October”, “My best October gift’, “You look so lovely, Seonho. Let’s all be happy and healthy”, “We are happy if you are happy”, “You’re so cute”, “Extremely handsome in yellow”, “You look so cute in yellow”, “Like the sun shining bright”, “So glad to see you active and smiling again”, “So happy to see you smile brightly”.

One international fan left a comment on Instagram, saying, “Fresh like a lemon.” Another one said, “My heart just melted.” Omo, we couldn’t agree more.

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho successfully finished his stage performance as Joe in Touching The Void (2022). He won the Outstanding Drama Actor for Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021) at the 17th Seoul International Drama Awards and named the “Most Bankable Korean Actor” in the October 2022 issue of The Netizens Report, an american digital and print serial. For the first time, he will hold a domestic fan meeting on December 10th. His movie debut, Sad Tropics, is expected to be released late this year or early next year.

Happy seonshine in October!

by KORB Blog

Cover image: Kimseonho_staff.diary