The First Responders (2022-2023) Korean Drama

SBS’ The First Responders (2022-2023) highlights the joint response and teamwork of a fierce detective, fearless firefighter, and an empathic paramedic. Despite coming from different stations, they work together in solving crimes, disasters, and emergencies.

Genre: Human, Drama
Also known as: The Police Station Next to the Fire Station
No of episodes: 12 (Season 1)
Writer: Min Ji-eun
Director: Shin Kyung-soo
Network: SBS
Streaming platform: Disney+
Date: November 12, 2022 (Season 1); July 2023 (Season 2)

Main cast:

Nielsen Korea: Nationwide TV Viewership Rating

RatingSouth Korean
viewers in millions
7.6%1.6121November 12
9.4%1.8362November 18
8.5%1.6853November 19
7.6%1.4474November 25
7.5%1.4875November 26
9.4%1.9336December 2
8.4%1.6787December 3
8.2%1.6358December 9
8.2%1.7439December 10
7.7%1.53110December 16
9.7%1.90711December 23
10.3%1.95912December 30
Source: Nielsen Korea

Good Data: Drama Buzzworthy Rankings

2022The First RespondersKim Rae-won
November Week 28th
November Week 35th
November Week 44th10th
December Week 14th10th
December Week 25th
December Week 36th
December Week 410th
December Week 54th
Source: Good Data Korea

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