20+ Quotes | Behind Every Star (2022)

Updated: November 29, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Behind Every Star (2022):

On life as agents

“We have to be honest about these things. If things don’t add up later, it blows up. It won”t become a bigger problem as long as we play the media right.” – Director Ma Tae Oh

“Putting up with such mistreatment and staying loyal to the agency? This agency won’t protect you forever.” – Jin Hyeok

“To some, it might seem like agents are parasites on stars, leeching off of them. If celebrities are crocodiles, their agents are crocodile birds. But in reality, agents are more like crocodile trainers. They feed the crocodiles when they’re hungry and treat them when they’re sick. Their job is to prepare an environment where the crocodiles can show off their talents.” – Chun Jane

  • “Agents should always put their clients before the company.” –  Chun Jane
  • “To Don Juan, who rejects the idea of monogamy, water is like a mother who accepts him the way he is. What makes Don Juan jump from one woman to another isn’t his lust. It’s his fear.” – Guest

“That’s the thing with life as an agent. You’re so busy celebrating occasions for other people that it’s not easy to celebrate your own.” – Jin Hyeok

  • “It’s never a good idea to mix work and emotions.” – Kim Jung Don
  • “If I can’t deal with it, I shouldn’t start at all.” – Kim Jung Don

“People in this field walk all over you unless you stand up for yourself. This is just me trying to survive.” – Chun Jane

  • “The pride of an actress is like this glass. One mistake, and it will shatter. And the ones who prevent that from happening are people like us.” – President Wang Tae Ja
  • “Nothing goes as planned in this line of work. Not a day goes by without an accident.” – Jin Hyeok

On life as celebrities

“How much you are in love when you’re on the stage. That’s what we’ll look for.” – Actor Son Jun Ho

  • “Love that embraces each other’s mistakes or even faults.” – Actor Son Jun Ho
  • “When you sing a duet, it’s most important yo listen to one another.” – Actress Kim So Hyun

“Life everyday is a climax. And it ends in tragedy.” – Actress Kim So Hyun

“When an actor performs, they must forget all of their fears and insecurities. Overcoming their limits is what an actor does.” – Actor Kim Sooro

“We may bicker but actors do their best once the camera rolls.” – Actor Park Hosan

“Director Ma once said the company doesn’t benefit much from the actors starring in plays because they get paid too little compared to the effort we put in.” – So Hyun Joo

“No matter what choice you make, to me, you are the best actor ever.” – Kim Jung Don

  • “You should focus on quality, not quantity ” – Director Ma Tae Oh
  • “My agent is racking his brain over what lies to tell me when he should be the one to look out for me.” – Actress Cho Yeo Jeong

“I’ll just live as who I am. If I get older, I’ll accept it. That’s natural.” – Actress Cho Yeo Jeong

  • “As I shoot more films, the more I miss acting on stage. Compared to screen acting, stage acting is a lot livelier. I try to bring that feeling into screen acting. But it’s not easy in front of the camera.” – Actor Jin Sun Kyu
  • “If you cannot turn it down, make them turn you down instead.” – Jin Hyeok

“Half of an actor’s job is waiting. Those who can wait patiently succeed in the end.” – Kim Jung Don

Genre: Workplace, Romance, Comedy
Also known as: Call My Agent!, Surviving as a Celebrity Manager
Synopsis: It follows the lives of celebrity managers in an entertainment management company, who work professionally in dealing with their top stars’ highs and lows, but amateur when it comes to their personal lives. 
Based on: the French TV series, “Call My Agent!” by Fanny Herrero
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Lee Seo-jin, Kwak Sun-young, Seo Hyun-woo, Joo Hyun-young 
Writers: Park So-young, Lee Chan
Director: Baek Seung-ryong
Network: tvN
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: November 7, 2022

Netflix subtitle translation by:
Eun-sook Yoon, Min-ji Kim