20+ Quotes | The First Responders (2022)

Updated: November 27, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, The First Responders (2022):

“You people are police officers. Your job is to realize justice.” – Jin Hogae

“That’s what mentors are for. Buying drinks during your hard times.” – Mr. Baek

“A detective had to be calm and collected to the bone.” – Mr. Baek

“It’s impossible to investigate without wasting time.” – Jin Hogae

“No one disappears without a trace.” – Jin Hogae

“Reading is food for the mind, and statements are food for investigation.” – Jin Hogae

“A case needs a twist for it to be fun.” – Jin Hogae

“I was caught in a trap with no exit.” – Woo Miyoung

  • “If there’s a fire, the police need the fire crew’s help.” – Jin Hogae
  • “If there’s a crime, the fire crew needs the police’s help.” – Bong Dojin
  • “If you two get hurt, you need ny first aid treatment.” – Song Seol

“Do you see the difference between the police and the fire crew? You guys have civilians visit you with gratitude. But we have criminals visit us with grudges.”  – Jin Hogae

“He must be alive to pay the price.” – Song Seol

“This may sound old-fashioned, but first responders must move on the moment they leave patients in the ER. Only then, they can keep working, no?” – Bong Dojin

  • “You need to stop pining for criminals.” – Gongmyung Pil
  • “You meet them only when you’re desperate.” – Jin Hogae

“Traces don’t lie. But people do.” – Physician

  • “Yesterday’s ally becomes today’s enemy.” – Jin Hogae
  • “I wasn’t demoted. I volunteered to work here.” – Jin Hogae

“If it is not for me, who would do my job? And if it’s not for you, who would do your job?” – Bong Dojin

Genre: Human, Drama
Also known as: The Police Station Next to the Fire Station
Synopsis: A joint response field log between the police who catch criminals and firefighters who catch fires. The police station and the fire station jointly respond to fierce scenes between crime, disasters and emergencies.
No of episodes: 12
Cast: Kim Rae-won, Son Ho-jun, Gong Seung-yeon
Writer: Min Ji-eun
Director: Shin Kyung-soo
Network: SBS
Streaming platform: Disney+
Date: November 12, 2022

Subtitle translation: Disney+