100+ Quotes | Reborn Rich (2022)

Updated: December 26, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Reborn Rich (2022):

On business and investments

“If there isn’t any management right, there won’t be a fight.” – Yoon Hyeon Woo

“Management ability isn’t improved by keeping it in the family.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

“The two things that a fighter has no use for are his appendix and compassion. Sympathy! You cannot afford to drag such useless emotions to a war. It’ll only weigh you down.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“Capital market runs on an appropriae amount of ignorance and greed.” – Jin Do Jun

“For rich people, security is as important as the rate of return.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

  • “Young expat, ever heard of ‘Retire45′ or ’56Thief’? The retirement age is 45. If you stay on until you’re 56, you’re a thief.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon
  • “Wha about ’38Line’? If you turn 38, you’re nearing the end of your working title.” – Jin Do Jun

“Don’t you know whom I love the most out of all my children? It’s Soonyang.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“Just because he inherited your family name doesn’t mean he inherited your entrepreneurship.” – Jin Do Jun

“The only asset I have is you. The house and company are your grandfather’s. But I only have you. The eldest grandson of this family.” – Jin Young Ki

“A man who manages his family well does business well, too.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“For every deal, there’s a price to pay.” – Jin Do Jun

“In the end, what moves money is authority.” – Jin Do Jun

  • “New businesses always need new land, and money is bound to gather in that place.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon
  • “Do you know why you must be careful when you spend someone else’s money? The money I gave them isn’t the reason they must listen to me. They have no choice but to do as I say because I have leverage over them since they received money from me.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“Why are you so against the employment buyout? Doesn’t it benefit the company if productivity rises through peace between the union and management?” – Jin Do Jun

  • “If a businessman sits in a safe zone and doesn’t budge, his butt will rot.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol
  • “Righteous management? To me, money is righteousness.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“The romantic Korean notion of ‘job for life’ won’t fly in the international market.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

  • “We hate spending just one cent for the good of the country, but to make one cent, us businessmen are willing to give our lives.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol
  • “When dealing with a businessman, you must make a deal.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol
  • “When you offer a deal, it means there’s a condition.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“Our majority shareholder said you will accept the deal because you believe that righteous management means profit.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

“Understanding people is the number one rule in investing.” – Jin Do Jun

“Do you know who the most dangerous investors are? People born into money who never experienced failure once, and therefore can never even imagine that they could be wrong.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

“I’m against it. We can’t go any higher. Increasing the bid from here is no longer an investment. What is it, then? It’s a gamble, a donation, madness.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

  • “Politics should be kept close but not too close.” – Jin Do Jun
  • “If a businessman put his parents and siblings before his profits, he’d never make money.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“How to invest. Understanding the market means that you understand people.” – Jin Do Jun

“I don’t need money. Once I am old enough to use that money, its monetary value would have dropped. I’d like land. A place with lots of plants and trees.” – Jin Do Jun

“If you knew but didn’t report it, you either do not approve of me as your boss or became greedy for that money. If you didn’t know about it, that’s even worse. It means you’re incompetent.” – Vice Chairman Jin Seong Jun

  • “Do you think there is a way for the shrimp to beat the whales?” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol
  • “A way for a shimp to beat the whales. It’s to make the shrimp bigger. Then it won’t die in the midst of a whale’s fight. If you do not give up, time will be on the shrimp’s side.” – Jin Do Jun
  • “I’m going to make the shrimp bigger so that the shrimp won’t die in a fight between whales. No matter how long it takes, or how much I have to invest, I will make this shrimp as big as a whale.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“Does money choose people depending on their age?” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

  • “What does father say almost everyday? You don’t become rich by working hard. It’s up to the heavens.” – Jin Hwa Young
  • “Never bet on things that you aren’t sure about.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon
  • “With accurate data, which is essential for investing. And with cash.” – Jin Do Jun

“Risk management is crucial as the administration is nearing its end.” – Mr. Lee Hang Jae

On humanity and social issues

“Revenge isn’t for those who have been wronged. Only those with power can take revenge.” – Mr. Kim

“How far such a loyal man like you go for your master?” – Prosecutor Seo Min Yeong

“In the end, money is what makes the world turn.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

“People do like heroes, but they get a real kick out of watching a hero fall.” – Jin Do Jun

  • “You’ll become even more spiteful. Because you’d want to keep what you have.” – Seo Min Yeong
  • “I was taught to always stop fights, but strike a bargain.” – Jin Do Jun

“How are you supposed to understand this situation? That’s what I want to ask. What on earth was I to grandfather?” – Jin Do Jun

“What did I do wrong that the very people who applauded me are using the same hands to point at me in an accusatory manner?” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“Do whatever it takes to protect grandfather. In doing so, you’ll protect yourself.” – Jin Do Jun

“Do you know when people become desperate? When they have no plan B.” – CEO Jin Dongki

“Knowing that your father is on the verge of dying, how dare you worry about what you might lose or gain first?” – Lee Pil Ok

“Let’s not live in torment over some money.” – Hyeong Jun

“I guess I’m like you. I have three extra things in here. They’re full of greed, suspicion, and change of mind.” – Jin Do Jun

“Below my chest, I have three things that others don’t have. Here resides my greed for money. Here lies my distrust of those who work for me. And down here is where you’d find my ability to betray anyone, anytime.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“Do not trust anyone. Do not open up to anyone. If you do, it’ll end up becoming nothing but your weakness.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

  • “Let them do the work. But never trust them.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol
  • “Why do you need to fix your make-up when you’re pretty?” – Jin Do Jun

“To you, it’s just enough time to start dressing differently for a new season. But for poor people, they’ll become poorer by the day at an accelerating rate. Poverty has compound interest.” – Jin Do Jun

“To stay loyal to her, you’re betraying yourself everyday.” – Jin Do Jun

“The rationality of the human mind always tells us to focus on the satisfaction we have. But desire always stands on the side of the things we could have had. When desire is defeated, it turns into anger and pulls the bowstring tightly. When the arrow leaves the bow, it flies over to the target without hesitation. And that target is always one’s self.” – Jin Do Jun

“Everything in this world comes with a price tag. There is no noble value that cannot be converted into money.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

  • “You should take responsibility, don’t you think? That is what a real adult ought to do.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol
  • “Does coddling them make them a better person?” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol
  • “The most pointless thing is to worry about celebrities and rich people.” – Seo Min Yeong

“People no longer buy what they need. They buy what they want.” – Jin Do Jun

  • “People show tough love for those they love the most. But it’s for those who can take it.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon
  • “People who dare to say love is an invaluable thing are people who  are like thieves that love free things.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon
  • “If you cannot buy happiness with money, then it’s because you don’t have enough.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

“I have no interest in becoming your puppet.” – Jin Do Jun

“Why is it that the powerless citizens are the only ones suffering? That is not justice.” – Prosecutor Choi Chang Je

  • “Since the financial crisis, everyone’s been talking about sharing the pain. But they aren’t the ones who caused this pain. Why are the powerless citizens the only ones suffering?” – Jin Do Jun
  • “You shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“Those who are blinded by greed can’t differentiate between prey and bait.” – Jin Do Jun

  • “You’re one with worldly desire but not so deep pockets.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon
  • “Giving a vague excuse will only fuel the imagination of the reporters.” – Jin Do Jun
  • “Do you know how I got to where I am now? I never forgave those who went against me. Even if that person shares my blood and is a sibling or an offspring.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“The son interfering with the father’s long-cherished ambitions. The younger son ruining the eldest son’s accomplishments. That’s what happens within conglomerate owner families.” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

“As long as you’re wealthy enough, a gracious chairman can get away with professional misconduct, embezzlement, and even tax evasion for a fixed price.” – Prosecutor Seo

  • “Did he go to the US to eat hamburgers? I’m done paying for his hamburgers.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol
  • “There are three things I never do. I never reject orders made by the chairman’s family. I never ask questions and I never make my own judgment. Those are my rules.” – Mr. Yoon Hyeon Woo
  • “Pride is only feared when someone is worthy enough.” – Chairman Jin Young Ki
  • “Pride is a luxury for only those who can actually leave the lifestyle behind.” – Chairman Jin Young Ki

“Greed always clouds your judgment.” – Jin Do Jun

“He wants to see the fighting spirit and persistence in you. To him, running a company was like a never-ending war, where he had to kill first in order to survive.” – Mr. Lee Hang Jae

“People are so strange. They feel a sense of incongruity because of people like us. So what? Is that our fault? It’s their inferior complex.” – Kim Tae Young

“The fact that you were able to focus solely on studying throughout the three years of highschool. And the fact that you can only focus on studying instead of worrying about making a living now. Haven’t you thought that it’s thanks to your parents’ financial and mental support?” – Jin Do Jun

On life and opportunities

“Life is such an interesting game. You can never predict anything.” – Mr. Kim

“The rule had no exceptions. Everything that happened in my previous life happened again in this lifetime without exception. And the person who killed me was none other than myself.” – Jin Do Jun

“Did I get my revenge? Or can I finally call myself your grandson now? But one thing’s for sure. Right now, I miss you.” – Jin Do Jun

“It feels better to be alone.” – Jin Do Jun

“Do Jun? He’s my grandson. The one who takes after me the most. My grandson.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“Of all my children and grandchildren, the only one who cares about me is Do Jun.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“You can try to live until you’re 100. But that ‘next time’ will never come.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“I must live. I will survive no matter what and find the answer.” – Jin Do Jun

“Things that are bound to happen always happen, without fail.” – Jin Do Jun

“There are 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. They say time is fair to everyone. However, time isn’t fair. Just like everything else in this world.” – Jin Do Jun

“Soar high enough so he can’t drag you down. To the highest end with the support of the people.” – Jin Do Jun

“You’re not 22, right? If I rip that good looking mask, maybe I’ll find a 40-year-old man inside you. Or is this your second life?” – Mr. Oh Se Hyeon

“I don’t start a fight that already has an ending.” – Jin Do Jun

  • “I don’t look down on you. I don’t deserve you.” – Jin Do Jun
  • “Yes. Make lots of money. Make lots of money so you don’t have to feel sorry for your kids. Make lots so you can spoil your kids.” – Yoon Hyeon Woo’s mom

“This lifetime isn’t an opportunity for me. It’s a miracle.” – Jin Do Jun

“This is only the beginning. Your crisis. My opportunity.” – Jin Do Jun

  • “It’s not over until it’s over.” – Jin Do Jun
  • “When two coincidences overlap, is that still a coincidence?” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol
  • “When you win a war, you must take your war trophies first.” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol

“Chairman Jin Yang Cheol’s grandson. College of Law, the class of 1996. My name is Jin Do Jun.” – Jin Do Jun

“I was born as Jin Do Jun, not as spirit possession, time traveling, or reincarnation. This life is my opportunity.” – Jin Do Jun

“I did know. Not the future, but I knew what was in your heart.” – Jin Do Jun

“You weren’t looking for an answer. You were looking for approval and support.” – Jin Do Jun

  • “Do you simply have good discernment? Or are you just lucky?” – Chairman Jin Yang Cheol
  • “You definitely have a classical taste. You could just invite me for a meal. Isn’t this tactic way too classic?” – Jin Do Jun

Genre: Fantasy, Revenge, Drama
Also known as: The Conglomerate, The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate; Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son
Synopsis: It follows a loyal employee who was framed and murdered by his employer. He is reborn as the murderer’s youngest son, plans for revenge and take the entire chaebol family. 
Based on: a web novel, “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate”by San Gyung
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Song Joong-ki, Lee Sung-min, Shin Hyun-been
Writers: Kim Tae-hee, Kim Eun-jae
Director: Jeong Dae-yun
Network: JTBC
Streaming platform: Viu (International), Disney+ Korea, Netflix Korea
Date: November 18, 2022 (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays)

Subtitle translation: Viu