2022 Winners | Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards

Updated: December 21, 2022

The Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards has officially announced this year’s winners. It is a government-run awards ceremony that recognizes the work of artists who made a contribution to contemporary pop culture and the arts, including actors, singers, comedians, and models. This year’s event was held at the National Theater of Korea on November 24th, and was hosted by actor Park Sun-ho and former announcer Jang Ye-won.

Meanwhile, the Korea Content Awards organized by The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Content Agency was held on December 14, 2022.

Here are the winners who received the government prizes:

Eungwan Order of Cultural Merit (2nd Class)

  • Director Park Chan-wook in Decision To Leave (2022)
  • Actress Kang Soo-yeon (deceased)

Bogwan Order of Cultural Merit (3rd Class)

Song Kang-ho in Broker (2022) 📷 K Culture Awards | Broker
  • Actor Song Kang-ho in Broker (2022) and Emergency Declaration (2022)
  • Screenwriter Park Jin-sook
  • Cartoon artist Heo Young-man

Presidential Commendation

Park Hae-young in My Liberation Notes (2022) 📷 K Culture Awards | JTBC Drama
  • Screenwriter Park Hae-young in My Liberation Notes (2022)
  • Actor Kim Yoon-seok in Escape From Mogadishu (2021)
  • Voice actress Hong Seung-ok
  • Film score composer Byun Sung-yong
  • Singer Kim Hyun-chul
  • Music director Bang Joon-seok (deceased)
  • Producer Choi Jeong-nam
  • Director Lee Jae-gyu

Prime Minister’s Commendation

Lee Sung-min in Shadow Detective (2022) and Reborn Rich (2022) 📷 Disney+ | JTBC Drama
  • Actor Lee Sung-min in Juvenile Justice (2022), Shadow Detective (2022), and Reborn Rich (2022)
  • Comedian Park Myung-soo
  • Cartoon artist Kim Bo-tong
  • Producer Kim Ji-yeon
  • Singer Jang Pil-soon
  • Singer Zico
  • Band Jaurim
  • Director Han Jo-hee
  • Director Yeon Sang-ho in Hellbound (2021)
Yeon Sang-ho in Hellbound (2021) 📷 K Culture Awards | Netflix

Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s Commendation

Jeon Mido in Thirty-Nine (2022) 📷 JTBC Drama
  • Actress Jeon Mi-do in Hospital Playlist (2020-2021) and Thirty-Nine (2022)
  • Voice actor Kim Young-sun
  • Musical actress Kim Sun-young
  • Comedian Hong Hyun-hee
  • Producer Han Seung-won
  • Choreographer Aiki
  • Singer Paul Kim
  • TXT
  • Aespa
Shin Ha-eun in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021) 📷 Onews TV | tvN Drama
  • Writer Shin Ha-eun in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)
  • Writer Lee Eon-joo
  • Writer Kang Seok-gyeong
  • Producer Shim Na-yeon
  • Producer Jang Ji-in

Congratulations to all the winners!

Source: Star Today | Straight News Korea | Onews TV | Images: k.culture.awards