Reborn Rich Enters Netflix’s Global Top 10

JTBC’s Reborn Rich (2022) has entered Netflix’s Global Top 10 in non-English TV category for the week of November 21 to 27, 2022.

The ongoing series just made an outstanding record in Korean television history by entering Netflix’s global charts even though it’s only available for subscribers in South Korea. Remarkably, it landed at no.4 spot in the weekly worldwide rankings in non-English TV category with 10.3 million viewing hours as of November 27th. In South Korea, it reached Top 10 TV for two weeks in a row, taking first place during its second week.

The show premiered on November 18th via JTBC channel, a nationwide pay television network in South Korea. It is also available for streaming for international viewers on Viu and exclusively for South Korean subscribers on Disney+ and Netflix.

[Image credit: Netflix]

In this series, top star Song Joong-ki plays a loyal management employee working for a wealthy family who gets framed and murdered. He is reborn as the youngest grandson of that same family — with all his memories intact, planning for revenge. The show is a smash hit, garnering a high nationwide viewership rating of 14.8% during its 6th episode on November 27th and dominating buzzworthy rankings, taking no.1 spot for two weeks in a row. See full record and cast here.

Congratulations, Reborn Rich!

Source: Netflix Top 10