27 Powerful Lines From The Queen In “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”

Here are some of the most powerful lines from Queen Hwa Ryeong played by Kim Hye-soo in tvN’s Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022):

“A crown prince is not born. He is made.”

“If you already engage in misconduct, what will you possibly be able to do as officials in the future?”

“It is time for you to put down the burden and be freed.”

“As long as you are content, you can say you are living a good life even if it is not full.”

“Just because I am a mother and an adult does not mean I am right all the time.”

“It is more important to survive than to remain faithful.” 

“To force yourself to do something you do not want. That is shameful.”

“Being the Crown Prince means being in power.”

“No matter how you look, you will always be my child.” 

“No one is perfect. Maybe everyone has holes like this gyeyeongbae. Even I, the Queen, am full of those holes.”

“When things are tough, it is okay to say so. It is alright to show that you are in pain. Only then will others know that you are not alright.”

“Restoring the health of the ill Crown Prince is the way to protect the future of the kingdom.”

“I like that it has these holes. It knows when to empty itself and drains whatever is unnecessary.”

“Even though the King possesses ultimate power, he cannot do everything by himself.”

“Becoming the crown prince is not the only way to prove yourself.” 

“The world is full of people seeking to take advantage of those blinded by their goals.”

“When you want to do something, you should give it a try. When you are unhappy, you should resist. And be stubborn sometimes. Give yourself room to breathe.” 

“Even if you intend to help your child, if you choose the wrong means, you may end up harming your child.”

“As a parent, you should not let your child go down a dangerous path.”

“I also find motherhood the most challenging. They say the duty of a parent is not to lead the way but to show their child the path they have walked.”

“Is a woman unable to do anything after losing her husband? You must pull yourself together and survive.”

“Be a mother who scolds their child when they do something wrong.”

“It’s undesirable for the ignorant to be blinded by their faith. But what is even more undesirable is that those who should have principles act against conscience.”

“Rumors are covered by rumors.”

“Even if everything in the past is exposed, that will never change the fact that you have been a sage king.”

“One may have very different wishes from those of others. However, one should not reveal everything in their heart.”

“There will come a day when those who have different wishes from those of others no longer have to hide.”

Images: tvN Drama