Meaningful Stories Unfold For Kim Seonho Fan Meeting In Manila

One thing special about the bond that developed among fans of Kim Seonho is the shared pain they have endured together and the shared joys of giving as they celebrate their beloved actor in many ways.

It still feels surreal for some to see him back sharing life updates and future projects after a long break from the public eye. What is even more meaningful is that Kim Seonho has chosen to meet and engage with his fans first before appearing on the small and big screens, a gesture of humility as an actor and love for the fandom. While fans anticipated the release of his movie debut this year, he surprised everyone with something else: a fan meeting!

After announcing a domestic fan meeting to be held in December 2022, his agency, Salt Entertainment also revealed an Asia Tour in 2023, which includes Bangkok and Manila as his first stops for the new year. According to his agency, the actor hopes to record happy memories with his fans in photographs with the theme, “One, Two, Three, Smile!”, and that the event is prepared with gratitude for the interest and support that Kim Seonho continues to receive from his fandom. Hence, he wants to give back through this special fan meeting event.

When the ticket selling for the Asia Tour in Manila was opened on December 4th, thousands of fans waited in the long queue to secure seats, both online and offline. Ticket prices range from Php 12,500 for VIP to Php 2,000 for General Admission in a 15,000-seating-capacity venue at SM Mall of Asia Arena. Several fans could not contain their happiness upon successful purchase of tickets, sharing excitement to finally see Kim Seonho in the flesh, wherever seated. It’s the same feeling for Kim Seonho as expessed in a video teaser, “I’ve always wanted to meet you in person and I’m so happy to finally have a chance. Mahal kita (I love you).”

However, other fans who are eager to celebrate the actor but were not able to get tickets due to limited budget could not hide their sadness. Known to be a generous fandom following the example of Kim Seonho who continues to give and donate for society, random Seonhohada fans emerged to share tickets for free with others. In exchange for the giveaway, various stories were written and told online—reasons for being a genuine fan of Kim Seonho and meaningful experiences that reflect the courage to hold on to life amid difficult circumstances—through the unique influence of the actor in different ways unfolded.

A joyful giver (@kimchimsss) asked, “Why do you love Kim Seonho?” Fans eager to get a free ticket responded:

  • “He is an epitome of ‘No one can put a good man down‘. He inspired a lot to be good no matter what.” @joyce2195603828
  • “I really love him since Strongest Deliveryman.” @VeeKimPark
  • “Any explanation does not fit just how much I adore him but during the lockdown, he made it bearable for me to power through the hard times and I’m really thankful for that.” @ryeokdi
  • “I binged watch his shows and found strength on how good a person he is.” @ImOkImJichu
  • “I’ve been a fan of Seonho since his 2D1N days up to now and forever.” @lalilac21
  • “He is the most natural and true person I’ve seen on Korean TV. He’s too pure and really a nice man.” @bbbaekline
  • “Seonho is very humble and he taught me to keep going. I love how he dedicated all his achievements to his fans.” @princeseonho_
  • “He is a real life good boy.” @ronamxxi
  • “He is so popular yet so humble.” @ij_imnida
  • “He acknowledges his fans’ effort to support him and earns money only to donate them to people. Best boy embodiment.” @sparklingseonho
  • “I love him because of his resilience, sincerity, and unique sense of humor!” @jdfm_2022

More joyful givers (@seonskz, @reandrea01) offered to provide some tickets, asking, “Why do you want to see Kim Seonho?” Here are some of the responses:

  • “Two years ago in the middle of my preparation for board exam, I lost three loved ones because of Covid. I had to back out from the exam because the loss took a huge toll on my mental health. And then I found comfort in Seonho and Seonhohada family. His shows and other videos were the only thing that would make me smile back then. It’s amazing how one person who doesn’t even know me can bring me so much comfort and joy at a time like that.” @sparklingseonho
  • “I’ve been a fan of him since I first saw him in Two Cops. I loved him even more when he became a part of 2 Days, 1 Night Season 4 last 2019. He made my 2020-2021 a memorable one because I saw a new side of him, someone who is effortlessly funny.” @cvbtankim
  • “I wanna see him SO BAD simply because he’s one of the main reasons why I always keep going in life and one of the main sources of my hapiness.” @paperdoll08
  • “KIM SEON HO saved me in the most desperate and struggling stage in my life. As a college student who has so many priorities and struggles, he is the one who inspired me to be better. I watched almost 200+ K-dramas but the dramas starring Kim Seonho gave me a different kind of solace and comfort that I wouldn’t bother rewatching all of it over and over again.” @seonhobestboyy
  • “Why Seonho? His pureness goes all the way outside the screens. I may not know him entirely but I’ve witnessed his consistent kindness & sincerity since day 1. And all that on top of being a good, humble, and hardworking actor.” @badettteee

Others who expressed desire to give away tickets via Twitter included: @SeonhokimIntl, @TheAnnyeongOppa, and more. A fan (@stantwtanythng) expressed, “Seonhohadas giving tickets to those who can’t buy is making me emotional. I wish everyone who wants to see him can go.”

To some, it may be hard to fathom the deep bond between Kim Seonho and Seonhohada fans but this once-in-a-lifetime event is something exceptional for both the actor and his fandom, especially to those who stayed with him, continuously supported him during his darkest times—silent fans included who fought for the actor in small and big ways. It marks the celebration for crossing the border from the season of drought to the season of fresh beginnings—a walk towards better days—a gesture of giving back to the endless support of fans—a powerful testimony of Kim Seonho’s innate warmth, irresistible charms, and huge impact to many as an actor.

As the COO of Pulp Live World, the official organizer for Kim Seonho’s Asia Tour in Manila, Happee Sy-Go known as “Inang” said:

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho’s two-day fan meeting in Seoul is happening on December 10 to 11 with ticket sales revealed to be donated. Proceeds from the fan meeting’s official personalized merchandise and 2023 Season’s Greetings will also be donated, according to his agency.

On December 13th, he will walk the red carpet and receive two popularity awards at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards (AAA) in Japan. He will also appear in two films with Director Park Hoon-jung, “Sad Tropics” and “Tyrant” and in talks to play the Crown Prince in the historical drama, Hash’s Shinru.

by KORB Blog

Image cover: Salt Entertainment