Most Talked-About Moments Feat. Actors At Asia Artist Awards 2022

One of the things that fans anticipate during award shows is the interaction between actors. In particular, the Asia Artist Awards (AAA) became one of the most anticipated shows of the year for the exciting lineup of attendees. It was also held in Japan this time so the actors flew from Seoul to Nagoya.

The highlights of the show include Lee Junho winning the Grand Prize (Daesang) Actor of the Year, Kim Seonho getting four awards, Kwon Yuri taking three awards, and some talked-about interactions among actors.

Check out the captured moments below:

Han So-hee and Kim Seonho

Kim Seonho and Han So-hee worked together in the historical series, 100 Days My Prince (2018). It seems the award show became an opportunity for them to meet again after a long time. Fans spotted them talking and Han So-hee being nice and friendly to Kim Seonho, especially during the large group photo session. The interaction among fans was so full of energy, some saying: “So at home with each other. Cuuute!”, “OMG!!!!”, “When your extrovert friend invite you to a party”, “Brother-younger sister vibes”, “Han So-hee is like a little sister guiding her tired older brother”, “Why do I see them as elementary students having their class picture”, “I’m screaming”, “Sohee keeping Seonho awake. Bestie behavior”, “kdrama gods you know what to do, right?”.

Choi Siwon and Kwon Yuri

Choi Siwon and Kwon Yuri are truly good friends. They were seen sharing moments at the award show, laughing, talking. Siwon even accompanied Yuri to the stage and mentioned her during his acceptance speech. Fans reacted: “The ship is sailing”, “My super generation heart is so happy”, “Cute!”

Choi Siwon and Kwon Yuri at AAA 2022. πŸ“· Star News

Hwang Min-hyun and Kim Seonho

It is known that Hwang Min-hyun is a fan of Han Ji-pyeong in Start-Up (2020) played by Kim Seonho and they finally met at the award show! After the photo session, Minhyun was walking with Lee Jae-wook beside him and Seonho in front of him when fans captured a rare moment. Minhyun sweetly approached Seonho and they talked. Hmmm they can play as brothers in a film or drama, right? They are both handsome!

Kwon Yuri, Park Min-young, Kim Se-jeong

Look! Two equally beautiful women, Kwon Yuri and Park Minyoung, shared a short but sweet moment during the photo session. In another video, Kim Sejeong and Park Min-young were spotted talking and laughing together. Just girl friends vibes!

Lee Junho and Kim Seonho

It’s the first time we’ve seen Lee Junho and Kim Seonho in one frame together since Good Manager (2017). They even sat on the same table at the award show. When Kim Seonho was interviewed, Lee Junho kept clapping his hands for his brother. That’s too sweet. Fans reacted: “Omg my heart is exploding with love”, “We got out Junho and Seon Ho interaction. Winning”, “My Ho-Ho heart”.

Kim Se-jeong and Kim Seonho

One of the most anticipated interactions at the award show is Kim Se-jeong and Kim Seonho. In one episode of 2 Days 1 Night, Sejeong publicly revealed that Seonho is her most favorite among the members of the variety show and had a chance to talk with him on the phone. They finally met in person, even seated on the same table at the award show and won the same award, DCM Popularity Award. Fans reacted: “Finally they’ve met personally”, “K-drama please”, “My faves!”, “She must be dying inside hahaha”, “Omg omg”, “Now I need to see them in a drama together”, “Sejeong must be happy”.

Asia Artist Awards (AAA) is a leading global award ceremony where famous artists from Asia gather together in one place to receive honor for their outstanding achievements and contributions in television, film, and music. It was established in 2016 and is organized by South Korea-based business newspaper Money Today and its global media brands StarNews and MTN. 

The event was held at the Nippongaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan on December 13th, hosted by the Super Junior member, Leeteuk and IZ*ONE member, Jang Won-young.

Check out the list of winners in actor category here.