100+ Quotes | The Interest Of Love (2022)

Updated: February 10, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, The Interest Of Love (2022):

On life and humanity

  • “Nothing stays a secret forever.” – Woman
  • “Things in the past can’t be recovered.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “The things that aren’t special, all.those things that everyone does is what I wanted to do.” – Ha Sang Su

“Nothing is worth protecting at the expense of harming yourself. If you put yourself first, then people won’t look down on you.” – Ms. Seo

“I think it’s the word ‘happiness’ that makes people feel miserable. I mean don’t we all live like this? Bearing our own misfortunes. But I’m going to pursue my future happiness from now on. I’m going to put my feelings and happiness first.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“It’s okay to feel desperate, confused, and troubled. All of that is okay. Just don’t hurt too badly.” – Sang Su’s mom

“Wounds to your heart tend to last long.” – Sang Su’s mom

“You see, it makes me mad that we struggle with things that others find to be simple. And that we’re desperare over things that seem trivial to others. This is my way of venting.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“The bus route. This is exactly what life is like. A circle. You fool yourself into thinking that you’re going somewhere but then you’re back to square one. You’re just going in circles. Our entire life is just one big, never-ending circle.” – Ahn Su Yeong

  • “There are worse things in life. And your life won’t end because of some criticism.” – Gyeong Pil
  • “Those days have passed and everything since then has disappeared. The time that has passed is like a dusty window. You can see through it, but you can’t touch it. That’s why you miss those days. If I can break the window, I might be able to go back to that time.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“Pretending like everything was fine would’ve been more dishonest.” – Ha Sang Su

“Do you know what I realized while making a sand castle? That one day, it will eventually get washed away. Despite knowing all that, I was always worried after carefully building one.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“Seasons passed. For some, it was an anxious time. Some felt desperate while others had to remain calm. Time passed for everyone but in their own way.” – Ha Sang Su

“Isn’t that a strange thing to say? ‘The living must keep going’. That’s not comforting.” – Ha Sang Su

“Numbers can tell you so many things. One’s wealth. Social standing. One’s full potential. Numbers helped me realized that he has a rough future ahead of him. That his situation isn’t something I can handle.” – Ahn Su Yeong

  • “Starting at zero was more than I could hope for. My life actually started below zero.” – Jeong Jong Hyeon
  • “Dreaming is a luxury that I can’t afford.” – Jeong Jong Hyeon

“I had to be happy. I had to become happy. Because my happiness come with responsibility.” – Ahn Su Yeong

  • “I’m not used to people saying that they like me. Most women find me uncomfortable.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “Would things look different up there? The night view, I mean. Do you think it would make that much of a difference?” – Jeong Jong Hyeon
  • “An average, ordinary life means you want for nothing, which equals an all-around good life. That’s how I want to live.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “Being average means you don’t stand out from the crowd. It means you’re just like everyone else.” – Ha Sang Su

“My definition of happiness is not having any regrets.” – Ha Sang Su

“A person’s death changes the lives of those whom they leave behind. Because their death becomes a shackle for us.” – Ha Sang Su

“People who carry life’s burdens always hold back. And they always hesitate.” – Ha Sang Su

“I thought I was well-aware that not everyone im this world is given equal shares of time, opportunities, happiness, and love. But I was wrong.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“This life is like a zero-sum game. One’s happiness is another’s misfortune. No matter how hard I try, it’s just out of my reach.” – Ahn Su Yeong

  • “We’re going to become happier because we’re doing our best.” – Jeong Jong Hyeon
  • “Who knows if it’ll be good or bad? Only they would know. Everyone’s standard of happiness is relative.” – Park Mi Gyeong

“Everyone has their share of pain and misfortune. So I don’t want to be quick to judge or comfort you without knowing the whole story.” – Ha Sang Su

“No matter how hard I tried, I was stuck where I was and couldn’t go any further.” – Ahn Su Yeong

  • “It felt like compensation for your unjust treatment. You can have your money back.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “I wanted to decide on my own and take responsibility for it.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“In the cold, dark, and worn-out house that resembled me, I felt relieved.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“I believed that I could achieve anything if I tried hard enough. I thought that working at the bank was my opportunity but then I realized that people drew lines. At times, it was subtle. Other times, it was obvious. And they see nothing wrong with that ’cause we come from different backgrounds.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“Some opportunities may seem fair but they are subtly discriminatory as well. Those outside the line can’t easily cross over it. The only way to not get hurt was to accept the truth. And at this place, I am definitely on the other side of the line.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“It’s okay to drink and embarass yourself when you’re sad.” – Gyeong Pil

“There are no secrets at work.” – Gyeong Pil

“During the Joseon era, social class determined your status. But in 2022, your status in Korea is determined by your wealth.” – Ha Sang Su

“It doesn’t matter if it breaks, I’d feel bad if we didn’t try.” – Ahn Su Yeong

On dating and relationships

“Isn’t that what love is? Two people going through everyday life together.” – Ha Sang Su

“A past love leaves behind traces. It makes you regret not making certain decisions. But it also makes you regret the decisions you made.” – Ha Sang Su

  • “Some nights, I forget about her completely. But on other nights, I can see her clearly.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “If that love comes true, then the person you were most fond of suddenly becomes the biggest nuisance in your life.” – Ms. Seo
  • “To them, talking about the breakup is the same as talking about the weather. It doesn’t mean anything.” – Park Mi Gyeong
  • “Four years have passed and I still don’t understand. Nevertheless, I missed you.” – Park Mi Gyeong

“I hope you have a happy life.” – Ha Sang Su

  • “I still don’t completely understand but I think I somewhat understand.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “Because there was no more to give. And no more to receive.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“We were once a part of each other’s lives. We fell for each other. Our hearts skipped for each other. We were foolish. All the moments that we regretted made us long for each other even more.” – Ha Sang Su

“During those times, were we actually in love or were we blinded by the interest?” – Ha Sang Su / Ahn Su Yeong

“I kept pushing you away, but you kept coming. I’d run away but you always found me like this.” – Ahn Su Yeong

  • “Weren’t you upset that I said those things to you when you didn’t deserve it?” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “If I hated her, then I hated her. If things got tough, then I dealt with it. Even when I didn’t get it, I just stayed with her. I thought that was more important.” – Su Yeong’s father

“But now, the most important thing to me is for you to be happy.” – Su Yeong’s father

“Hating you when I wanted to hate you. Dealing with things when it got tough. And staying together even when I didn’t get you. I don’t have the confidence to do that.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“Each of us was in pain for different reasons. It was such a long night for all of us. We may have looked back on our past. We may have been afraid of what was to come. That night, we may have swallowed everything silently. I quietly told myself, ‘It’s nothing special. It’s just love. The most common thing of all. Love.'” – Jeong Jong Hyeon

  • “The first time you wanted us to meet here, what did you want to tell me?” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “That I liked you. That I wanted to ask you out. That I want to be your lover.” – Ha Sang Su

“In a relationship, the one who has the right to do anything they want is the one who’s being loved.” – Park Mi Gyeong

  • “Those people probably fought wars over love.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “It’s just love.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“Find someone who is a better match for you. Then you can start over and live a good life.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“I’m going to come tomorrow. And I’ll keep coming. I’m going to face you while I suffer. So I’ll see you tomorrow.” – Ha Sang Su

“Love feels like some kind of punishment for something I did wrong.” – Seok Hyeon

  • “Even if it did happen, I still like her.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “That’s some profound love.” – Gyeong Pil

“Love makes you feel anxious. Love sways your heart. And in the end, you get caught because of love.” – Jeong Jong Hyeon

  • “Does giving your entire heart to someone make you foolish? I turned a blind eye to protect our love. Was it foolish of me to expect him to give up on her?” – Park Mi Gyeong
  • “I have feelings for someone. And it’s not you.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “You didn’t care about hurting others or being criticized by them. Were you that much in love?” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “Are your feelings for me out of love?” – Jeong Jong Hyeon
  • “Or compassion?” – Ahn Su Yeong

“I feel anxious and uncomfortable about this situation and my feelings. And yet none of that matters when I’m with her.” – Ha Sang Su

  • “Are you really okay with dating me when you already know how I feel?” – Ha Sang Su
  • “Anything is better than breaking up with you.” – Park Mi Gyeong

“Perhaps it all began with me. I shouldn’t have made it obvious. My pounding heart. My hesitance. And my regret. Because in the end, I was the one who made him have second thoughts.” – Ahn Su Yeong

  • “It wasn’t a mistake. And I don’t regret it. I like you.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “Who cares about what happens between a man and a woman? People’s feelings can change overnight.” – Gyeong Pil
  • “It’s an awkward moment. The woman gives the man an opportunity. But the man doesn’t have the courage to approach her. The woman turns around.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “Do not hesitate. Because this moment of hesitation may be when you’re in the mood for love.”

“There are feelings that you have to give up in order to protect them.” – Gyeong Pil

“Do you really think that I don’t know? Do you think I have no idea where your true feelings lie?” – Park Mi Gyeong

  • “He looks wonderful to me. And I’m incredibly proud of him.” – Sang Su’s mom
  • “You took a step toward me for the first time.” – Park Mi Gyeong
  • “Getting married is easy when you’re that wealthy.” – Ms. Bae
  • “When we get married later, will you catch my bouquet?” – Park Mi Gyeong
  • “I just hated seeing it in the parking lot everyday because it felt like a rejection.” – Park Mi Gyeong

“That day, we were just two travelers on a train platform. Like an unspoken agreement, neither of us opened up about our personal matters. Like two strangers, we only shared that very moment.” – Ha Sang Su

  • “Why aren’t you coming?” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “I lost.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “But you didn’t even try.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “I’ll just let you win.” – Ha Sang Su

“I fooled myself into thinking I was going somewhere. But here I am. In the end, I’m back to square one once again.” – Ha Sang Su

  • “There’s our train.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “Should I break up?” – Ahn Su Yeong

“Breaking up is inevitable. But couples lie to each other as if they’ll last forever.”

“Why are you saying yes to everything?” – Ahn Su Yeong
“Because you want to do those things.” – Jeong Jong Hyeon
“Then are you just trying to please me?” – Ahn Su Yeong

“If you trust him that much, why are you so anxious?” – Gyeong Pil

  • “Why didn’t you tell me?” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “I should have. I should’ve made myself clear.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “I think it’s too late.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“Do you know the most dangerous thing when it comes to men and women? Romance? Romance can’t win over morals or ethics. No, the most dangerous thing is feeling pity and sympathy. Those emotions make it impossible to look away.” – Gyeong Pil

  • “That person is in front of me.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “The one I could have had.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “But I lost.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “I won’t look.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “I won’t think.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “To protect the one that chose me.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “To honor the choice I made.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “I won’t hope for anything.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “In case I might desire her again. In case I can’t deceive my own heart.” – Ha Sang Su

“I want to break up because I feel humiliated. Because you saw this side of me. And because this is all I am. It’s humiliating that you saw everything.” – Jeong Jong Hyeon

  • “Ask me to wait. Hold on to me.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “We just started dating, ma’am. However, I’m not taking this relationship lightly.” – Ha Sang Su

“Having feelings for someone come with responsibility.” – Ha Sang Su

  • “He’s not a variable that’s affected by a given situation. He always maintains the same value. Like a constant.” – Park Mi Gyeong
  • “The worst punishment for kids who don’t tend to their parents is having to look in the mirror. It’s because as time goes by, we realize how much we resemble our parents.” – Ha Sang Su

“Should we run?” – Jeong Jong Hyeon

  • “The tougher things get, the more nonchalant she acts. She reminds me of myself. She makes me want to root for her.” – Ha Sang Su
  • “I realized fiery, passionate love wasn’t everything. If you just go with the flow and follow your heart, you’ll end up with a kid with an old soul. That’s life.” – Ms. Han
  • “A parent who loses a child lives forever in pain.” – Suyeong’s mom

“You should meet a woman who can fulfill your desires.” – Ahn Su Yeong

“People are so weird. They read reviews and do thorough research before purchasing an item. But they act all innocent when it comes to love and pretend like they don’t judge others. Then they call you a bastard if you weigh your options.” – Gyeong Pil

“They say it’s impossible to understand love. However, I find it even more impossible to understand myself.” – Ha Sang Su

  • “I’m not 100% ready yet. Are you okay with that?” – Ha Sang Su
  • “I just need 1%. I can fill up the rest.” – Park Mi Gyeong

“Love can’t conquer all in this awful world. Money is more powerful than you think.” – Gyeong Pil

“If having lunch together means you’re dating, then I’d have 100 exes by now.” – Gyeong Pil

“People should try to meet others naturally instead of going on blind dates.” – Ha Sang Su

“Should two people from similar backgrounds get married just to maintain the lifestyles they’re used to even though they’re not in love?” – Ha Sang Su

“Only Romeo and Juliet can love in a world like this.” – Seok Hyeon

  • “I don’t like undefined relationships.” – Ahn Su Yeong
  • “I feel the same way. Clear and defined.” – Ha Sang Su

“Why do you all go through the trouble of dating?” – Mr. Lee

  • “Why do you think I like being single? I have no wife or children to look after, so I’m free after work!” – Mr. Lee
  • “Why do people insist on getting married?” – Mr. Lee
  • “I’ve seen a lot of people lose everything after dating someone at work.” – Mr. Lee

“Living a glamorous, single life like me is the trend these days.” – Mr. Lee

  • “We get off work too late to date.” – Employee
  • “Do you like idol-star looks? Or classical-movie-star looks?” – Mr. Ma

“My feelings for Su-yeong were like the withdrawal mistake I’d made. I shouldn’t have given her my heart, but I did it anyway.” – Ha Sang Su

Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Synopsis: The workplace romance of four individuals with different interests who meet each other at a bank, understanding the true meaning of love.
Based on: the novel “Understanding of Love” by Lee Hyuk-jin.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Yoo Yeon-seok, Moon Ga-young, Keum Sae-rok, Jung Ga-ram
Writers: Lee Seo-hyun, Lee Hyun-jeong
Director: Jo Young-min
Network: JTBC
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: December 21, 2022

Subtitle translation: Eun-sook Youn, Soo-ji Kim