20 Quotes | Work Later Drink Now 2 (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Work Later Drink Now 2 (2022):

On life

“If you wish to doubt, nothing makes sense. If you wish to believe, everything is possible in this story. What’s certain is that these unbelievable possibilities came together and made a miracle happen.” – An So Hee

  • “Have we ever been this dedicated to something before?” – An So Hee
  • “No cell reception means we’re on the right track.” – An So Hee

“There wasn’t anyone who actually believed that this could work. But what I can say for sure it that it can be done when push comes to shove.” – Ji Goo

  • “No matter the circumstances, there was always a way to eat, sleep, and excrete.” – An So Hee
  • “Knowing won’t do you any good.” – Grandmother
  • “Why would you die for a man? Even if life was horrid back then, didn’t you have pride? Were men your everything?” – Ji Goo

“We’re here to heal in nature.” – Ji Goo

“Like every other patient and doctor, we take a gamble while not knowing the answer.” – An So Hee

  • “Don’t keep anything bottled up inside. It’ll only stress you out.” – An So Hee
  • “We won’t pretend to be fine with everything. So cry if you want to and be angry at the world.” – An So Hee

“There are benefits to relying on nature but if stubbornness becomes a belief, it’s worse than nothing at all.” – Physician

“Did the city make us drink or did our hard day make us drink?” – An So Hee

“Drunk people are the scariest and heaviest in the world.” – Director Kang

On friendship

“Who are we? We’ll take what we can’t do and make sure it’s done.” – Ji Goo

“Let’s have fun. Do whatever you want to do and eat whatever you want to eat.” – An So Hee

“We used to drink and fly all the time. But this time, we flew for real.” – An So Hee

“We overcame the fear by believing in one another.” – An So Hee

“We couldn’t have done it alone. But as a group, we prevailed.” – An So Hee

“Three women living together is way too much female energy.” – Han Ji Yeon

Genre: Comedy, Friendship, Slice of life
Synopsis: The story of three women whose belief in life is one drink at the end of the day.
Based on: “Drinker City Women” by Mikkang
No. of episodes: 12
Cast: Lee Sun-bin, Han Sun-hwa, Jung Eun-ji, Choi Si-won
Writer: Wi So-young
Director: Kim Jung-sik
Network: TVING
Streaming platform: Viu
Date: December 9, 2022

Subtitle translation: Viu