Look! Korean Actors Share Snowy Scenes, Winter Moments (2022)

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”. Here’s a collection of photos from Korean actors sharing snowy scenes and fun moments during this year’s winter season:

Seol Inah

Seol Inah shares a series of photos of her recent winter travel. She played the rich best friend of Shin Hari in SBS’ Business Proposal (2022) and took a supporting role in the film Emergency Declaration (2022). In 2023, we will see her in the series, Oasis.

📷 _seorina

Gong Hyo-jin

It’s an evening walk in the snow for Gong Hyo-jin and her friend. She got married this year with her long-time boyfriend. In 2023, she will play an astronaut in the romantic series Ask The Stars who falls in love with a tourist to be played by Lee Minho.

📷 rovvxhyo

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy shares some photos during filming in winter. This year, she played a challenging character in the series Anna (2022). In 2023, she will portray a famous celebrity who retires from her career to pursue studies, meeting a guy who lives in the same apartment in Netflix’s Doona!

📷 skuukzky

Park Ji-hoo

Park Ji-hoo spends a winter moment with a snowman. She appeared in two popular series this year, playing Nam On-jo in Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead (2022) and Oh In-hye, the youngest sister who has the best skills at painting in tvN’s Little Women (2022).

📷 03_hu

Jung Ryeo-won

Jung Ryeo-won happily strolls around the neighborhood, playing in the snow. This year, she played the lawyer in Disney+ May It Please The Court and appeared in the film Woman In A White Car.

📷  yoanaloves

Jin Seon-kyu

Jin Seon-kyu takes a snowy selfie shot, reminding everyone to take care during the winter season. He appeared in five series and two films this year, playing the leader of the Criminal Behavior Analysis team in SBS’ Through The Darkness (2022), a middle-aged man who gets trapped in auction activities at a motel in TVING’s Bargain (2022), a teacher in Disney+ Big Bet (2022), and the leader of North Korea criminal organization in the action-comedy film, Confidential Assignment 2: International (2022). He also played cameo roles in KBS2’s Love All Play (2022), tvN’s Behind Every Star (2022), and in the film Kingmaker (2022).

📷 knuababoda96

Kim Seo-hyung

Kim Seo-hyung goes outdoor with her pet for a snow experience. This year, she played a wife with an illness in Watcha’s Recipe For Farewell.

📷 kim_seohyung

Kim Min-seok

Kim Min-seok happily welcomes the winter season. In 2023, we will see him in TVING’s Shark: The Storm and Delivery Man.

📷 samuliesword

Lee Joo-woo

Lee Joo-woo spends a fun moment with her little snowman. She starred in JTBC’s Welcome To Waikiki (2018), SBS’ Why Her? (2022), and will appear in the upcoming tvN series, Stealer: Seven Joseom Coins (2023).

📷 lee_zoo_

Cha Hak-yeon

Cha Hak-yeon also known as N enjoys a stroll on a snowy day. He played a cameo role in MBC’s Tomorrow (2022) and will play a judge in MBC’s Joseon Lawyer in 2023.

📷 achahakyeon

Park Byung-eun

Park Byung-eun takes a landscape shot of the snow with a mountain view. This year, he played roles in the films In Our Prime, Decibel, and in tvN’s revenge series Eve. He also took cameo roles in tvN’s Alchemy of Souls and in Disney+ Kiss Sixth Sense. He was cast in the upcoming Netflix series The Bequeathed.

📷 byung_eun_park

Um Ki-joon

Um Ki-joon takes a selfie shot at Han River on a snowy day. He played the famous Park Jaesang in tvN’s Little Women and will appear in SBS’ series The Escape of the Seven (2023).

📷 werther777

Lee Min-jung

It’s a snowy sight in the morning shared by Lee Min-jung. She will appear in TVING’s series Villains (2023) and in the film Switch (2023).

📷 216jung

Kim Min-seo

Kim Min-seo spends a stroll on a snowy night. She played the famous daughter of Oh Yoon in tvN’s Hometown Cha-cha-Cha (2021). She also appeared in Young Lady & Gentleman (2021-2022), Cafe Minamdang (2022), There is no Goo Pil-soo (2022), and took a cameo role in The First Responders (2022).

📷 acting_minseo

Ong Seong-wu

Ong Seong-wu builds a big snowman. This year, he appeared in the films, Seoul Vibe, Life Is Beautiful, and took a special appearance in 20th Century Girl. In 2023, he will play a role in JTBC’s Strong Woman Gang Nam Soon.

📷 osw_onge

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