Girl Who Dreams About Time (2023) Korean Movie

Girl Who Dreams About Time (2023) is a Korean documentary film about a young lady named Sujin and her grandmother who are shamans, living in the mountains. It’s their important daily routine to offer purified water to gods and tell the fortune for troubled hearts. During high school, Sujin works hard to go to college to escape her fate, but the excitement of busy college life deepens conflict with her grandmother. Eventually, Sujin accepts her fate and becomes a full-time shaman. This film that took the director for more than 7 years to complete, was selected for the JEONJU Cinema Project at the JEONJU International Film Festival.

Genre: Documentary
Running time: 110 minutes
Writer: Park Hyuckjee
Director: Park Hyuckjee
Film source: Hiharbor Pictures
Release date: January 11, 2023 (South Korea)


  • Kwon Soo-jin
  • Lee Kyeong-won

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Source: JEONJU International Film Festival