Our Season (2023) Korean Movie

Our Season (2023) is an upcoming Korean film about the miraculous moment that happens when a mother who is in heaven is granted a special vacation to Earth to stay with her daughter who is a university professor, living abroad. When the mother learns that her daughter is running a local diner and staying at her old house, she becomes frustrated but soon learns about the struggles of her daughter’s unresolved issues concerning her. This leads the mother to find ways to show sincere feelings to her daughter, a moment that she has never done before.

Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Also known as: Vacation
Running time: 105 minutes
Writer: Yoo Young-ah
Director: Yook Sang-hyo
Production company: –
Distribution: Showbox
Release date: Expected in 2023


Official posters (temporary)

Official trailer

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Source: KMDb Naver | Images: Showbox