The Point Men (2023) Korean Movie

The Point Men (2023) is a Korean film inspired by a true story of South Korean missionaries taken hostage in Afghanistan in 2007. It follows a diplomat and a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent named Park Dae-sik who conducts a rescue operation and negotiations with the help of a diplomat named Jung Jae-ho.

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Also known as: Bargaining
Running time: 108 minutes
Writer: Ahn Yeong-su
Director: Yim Soon-rye
Production company: Watermelon Pictures Co., One Take Film
Distribution: Megabox Plus M
Release date: January 18, 2023 (South Korea)


Official posters

Official trailer

Source: Naver 1 2 KMDb Time | Images: Megabox Plus M