40+ Quotes | Crash Course In Romance (2023)

Updated: March 7, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Crash Course In Romance (2023):

On life and humanity

“They’d call me the Trillion Won Man, yet I was empty inside, slaving away at work.” – Choi Chi Yeol

  • “Don’t hold it in. Your emotions. Let them out.” – Kim Yeong Ju
  • “I decide my future in this line of work and what I value in life!” – Choi Chi Yeol

“Everyone is alone in this world. We all feel lonely despite having company.” – Nam Haeng Seon

“I bragged about being the Trillion Won Man, but I never enjoyed my life.” – Choi Chi Yeol

  • “I realized that you were lonely rather than cold.” – Nam Haeng Seon
  • “That’s life. Full of ups and downs.” – Nam Haeng Seon

“At times, a secret can turn into a weapon.” – Nam Hae Yi

“When times are extremely tough, there are memories that get you back on your feet. Whenever I would lose all hope to live in this world, I’d think of the warm food that she prepared for me and that would motivate me to stay strong.” – Choi Chi Yeol

  • “Now I understand why I was able to only stomach her food, why I’d become teary-eyed for no reason, why I was drawn to her and her family.” – Choi Chi Yeol
  • “Less flapping of the mouth, more flipping of eggs ” – Nam Haeng Seon

“That’s life. We’re all fumbling for the answers. We try out different approaches.” – Nam Haeng Seon

  • “You need to fill your stomach if you want to stay strong.” – Nam Haeng Seon
  • “Math is black and white. There’s always an answer. But my life isn’t like that. There are no set formulas or rules. Everytime I make a mistake, I become dispirited.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“Maybe life is fair after all. Misfortune is often followed by a stroke of luck.” – Nam Hae Yi

“‘Life is tough and painful. This is a living hell.’ Dwelling on those fears will really turn your life into hell. ‘Life is enjoyable and wonderful. Tough times will pass.’ If you tell yourself that, it’ll soothe your anxiety.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“Acting first, thinking later. Changing your mind would be quicker than trying to change mine.” – Choi Chi Yeol

  • “The price of fame, I guess. There are pitfalls that come with being well-known.” – Choi Chi Yeol
  • “Gatherings like that are completely pointless. You harm your health by drinking, and you waste your time on chit-chat. This is why I stay away from class reunions.” – Choi Chi Yeol
  • “What’s the point of living if you can’t eat?” – Nam Haeng Seon

“Our day starts early. We raise our voices before daybreak. We already feel worn out as we begin our day, but we keep plugging away, believing in ‘no pain, no gain’. We pursue higher income, education, and grades in order to enter high society. That’s where Korea stands today.” – Nam Haeng Seon

  • “Enthusiasm grows and turns into obsession, leading to competition.” – Nam Haeng Seon
  • “When minors mess up, it’s all the grown-ups’ fault. It is, right?” – Choi Chi Yeol
  • “Regret is a waste of time.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“I spend 99 percent of my energy on work and the rest on surviving.” – Choi Chi Yeol

  • “Why is the human body so inefficient? You have to eat, sleep, and excrete. There must be a more efficient way.” – Choi Chi Yeol
  • “Why are there still no pills that can keep us alive?” – Choi Chi Yeol

On education and studies

“Even the most hopeless students can climb all the way to the top.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“Repetition is the best way to learn.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“When it comes to Math, it’s important to look for the answers on your own. It develops your thinking skills. And it’s a lot more beneficial to spend an hour solving a single problem yourself than to memorize the answers to ten problems. That’s both the goal and the fun of studying math.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“Have you ever heard of ‘math anxiety’? When you see math questions, your heart starts to race and your armpits get sweaty.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“Math anxiety is purely psychological. It has nothing to do with your actual skills. It only happens because you think math is difficult. In other words, you’re not anxious because you’re bad at math. You have trouble thinking mathematically because you’re anxious.” – Choi Chi Yeol

  • “Preparing for college admissions is but one moment in your life, but the results are permanent.” – Cho Su Hui
  • “Kids like Sua who whine and complain tend to be healthier. Those who are obedient stay bottled up and flip out later.” – Cho Su Hui

“Studying from dawn until dusk is no easy feat. What torture to be sitting at a desk all day. If you doze off, it means you’re battling against yourself. But taking a full nap in class? It means you’ve given up. It means you lost the battle against yourself.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“I only expect one thing from you, guys. Guess what it is. Acing the math exam? No. Grade improvement? That will come naturally as you take my course. I want you guys to be as passionate as I am.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“I hope you’re just as desperate and passionate about this moment as I am. I hope you’ll be that eager.” – Choi Chi Yeol

On romance and relationships

“We don’t get to choose our parents. All we can do is try to become better people than them.” – Lee Seon Jae

“It’s easy for small understandings to snowball into big conflicts.” – Nam Hae Yi

“No one can read another person’s mind, no matter how close you are.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“I’m not being swayed. I’m changing.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“Dating is just as hard as studying.” – Seo Geon Hoo

  • “I wanted to impress you. Did it work?” – Seo Geon Hoo
  • “There’s no need for that. You’re already amazing.” – Nam Hae Yi

“I feel at peace when I think of her.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“You’re the first guy to like me since a boy liked me when I was 17.” – Nam Haeng Seon

  • “I somehow felt drawn to you. You bothered, upset, and frustrated me. Before I knew it, my life got a lot more fun. It used to be so boring.” – Choi Chi Yeol
  • “I’d always feel like something very important was missing. And I had trouble sleeping. But you found that for me. The missing piece.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“I tried denying it and I tried to rationalize it. But nothing worked. It’s true. I like you.” – Choi Chi Yeol

  • “I have feelings for this woman.” – Choi Chi Yeol
  • “I never deserved her. She is extremely kind-hearted and shines so brightly.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“All he has is money so he’s expressing his love with it.” – Kim Yeong Ju

“Ever heard of mention syndrome? When you catch feelings for someone, you can’t help mentioning that person over and over.” – Kim Yeong Ju

“He’s so charming. How is he still single? But then again, I’m super charming myself. But I’m also single. It’s understandable.” – Choi Chi Yeol

“All parents are powerless when it comes to their children.” – Kim Yeong Ju

“Do you know what’s the most pointless human activity of all? Relationships. You get to know each other, rely on each other, then you fight, and try to make up. What a waste of energy.” – Choi Chi Yeol

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Melodrama
Also known as: Ilta Scandal; One Shot Scandal
Synopsis: The bittersweet scandal between the female boss of a side dish shop who stands firm in life and a popular male instructor who is genius but indifferent around people.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Kyung-ho
Writer: Yang Hee-seung
Director: Yoo Je-won
Network: tvN
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: January 14, 2023

Netflix subtitle translation:
Min-ji Kim, Soo-ji Kim