40+ Quotes | Our Blooming Youth (2023)

Updated: March 2, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Our Blooming Youth (2023):

On life, curses, and humanity

  • “I like the world too much that I can’t lock myself up in my house out of fear, father.” – Lady Min Jae Yi
  • “If there’s a threshold, I will cross it. I find the world fun and curious. I want to keep going for as long as I can and see the world.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

“There are no such things as ghosts. But there are trickery of humans which are scarier than ghosts.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

“My life is like a dark night without a single light. I walk in the dark night all alone and I’ve been changing into a twisted person everyday.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan

“If you have the will to see the truth, you will be able to trust me and you’ll be able to find the trickery of a human hidden behind a ghost.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

  • “Even if there is a ghost and even if I am cursed, I will not be swayed by it.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan
  • “I cannot live my whole life in hiding when I’m innocent.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

“Even if you have arms, you won’t be able to use them. You won’t be able to walk even if you have legs.” – Ghost

  • “How could I take you with me when the path ahead is only filled with hardships?” – Lady Min Jae Yi
  • “How could I possibly sit still and do nothing when I know you’re walking down a path filled with hardships?” – Jang Ga Ram
  • “When you have ten masters, you will learn ten things.” – Kim Myeong Jin
  • “You must hear the end to know what it means.” – Kim Myeong Jin
  • “Come on. What’s life without a little risk?” – Kim Myeong Jin

“Aside from the victims, solving this case probably matters to me the most. I will solve it no matter what.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

  • “I can’t fight a ghost, can I?” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan
  • “You can fight a curse. Don’t be fooled by the horror of this paper. Your Highness, you’re the one who will make your own destiny, not this piece of paper.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

On kingdom duties

“I don’t miss a single opportunity to boast but I also don’t miss a single opportunity to compliment or an opportunity to give an award.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan

“He never let anyone see his weakness and practiced thousands of times over and over again until his arm healed. He is very strong.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

  • “Who should I believe and who should I let go?” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan
  • “A relationship between a king and his subject cannot be made by your determination alone.” – State Council Han
  • “Integrity should be kept between the subject and the sovereign. Integrity can’t be made by one’s person will and trust.” – State Council Han

“If you let personal things bind you, how will you be able to become a loyal subject?” – State Council Han

“One cannot ascend the throne by negotiating. You must be prominent enough.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan

“When I became the Crown Prince, I decided to let go of all my friendships.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan

  • “Master said studying isn’t just about reading books. If you are a true Confucian scholar, you shouldn’t stop after learning academics, but practice them for the people.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan
  • “He said that formalities and rituals are important but realizing the way of the world comes from breaking the formalities and rituals.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan

“I think you need to know the world to become a King.” – Kim Myeong Jin

  • “Just because you wear a hat and fancy clothes doesn’t mean you are a scholar. Even scholars must know how the world works.” – Kim Myeong Jin
  • “What if you have a big house? You have the tiniest heart.” – Lady Min Jae Yi
  • “Protecting your country and protecting your people are the same thing.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

“A great future King should never lose those close to him.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

On relationships

“I asked you to come to me but did you run to go to someone else?” – Section Chief Han

“My brother was like a tree I could not climb. He was my friend and my teacher. So I have never, not even for a second, desired to take his place.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan

  • “I will live and die with you.” – Jang Ga Ram
  • “You will be nothing but a burden.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

“I will come find you once I clear my name.” – Lady Min Jae Yi

“I am not afraid of this dagger but afraid of getting abandoned by you. I will go with you.” – Jang Ga Ram

“Loyalty isn’t just for men.” – Jang Ga Ram

“I trust him. So I’m the only one who can touch him.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan

  • “When I thought he was overly uptight, he was actually flexible. When I thought he was quiet, he was actually passionate and strong.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan
  • “He was not bound by words or trapped in writing. Whether he was studying or dealing with people, he would always see beyond what could be seen. He was a great man.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan

“I trusted you. You were like a ray of light that made me see a whole new world other than the lonely palace.” – Crown Prince Lee Hwan

  • “Everyone abandoned me because I was sick. But you didn’t give up and you saved my life.” – Jang Ga Ram
  • “How can one live without trust?” – Lady Min Jae Yi

“You were yelling my name but you couldn’t get your eyes off His Highness.” – Section Chief Han

Genre: Historical, Romance
Also known as: Youth, Climb The Barrier; Youth Monthly Talk; The Golden Hairpin
Synopsis: An ill-tempered crown prince who is suffering from a mysterious curse and a genius daughter of a prestigous family who is falsely charged of murder begin to help save each other from their dark fate.
No of episodes: 20
Cast: Park Hyung-sik, Jeon So-nee
Writer: Jeong Hyeon-jeong
Director: Lee Jong-jae
Network: tvN
Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video
Date: February 6, 2023

Subtitle translation: Amazon Prime Video