Thai Fans Prepare To Welcome Kim Seonho Back In Bangkok

Thai fans cheerfully prepare for the second visit of Korean charmer Kim Seonho in Bangkok, Thailand. While the first visit in 2022 was a filming for his movie, this year, it’s a two-day sold out fan meeting with the theme, “One, Two, Three, Smile!”

Back in March 2022, fans were surprised to see Kim Seonho in Bangkok along with others for the overseas filming of the movie, The Childe (2023). It was his first public appearance after months of rest and to make sure that the actor had a warm welcome and meaningful stay, they poured out immense love and support in various ways throughout the city until he departs the airport.

To ensure that his second stay in the country is another unforgettable event in his life, fans organized various activities and visual projects displayed around the city.

A huge welcome sign awaits Kim Seonho at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, “Welcome to Thailand, Kim Seonho! We will always support you.”

A digital screen at the same place is displayed with the message, “Thank you for coming to see and be with us in the month of love.”

Multiple tuk-tuks or motorized rickshaws are also decorated with welcoming posters for Kim Seonho.

Kim Seonho’s fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand is set as the second stop of his first Asia Tour, which will be held on February 11 to 12, 2023 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in coordination with 247 Entertainment

Thai fans could not contain their happiness and excitement awaiting for the big day to finally see Kim Seonho again. Some fans from other countries are also flying to Bangkok to attend the fanmeet.

Meanwhile, on January 27th, Kim Seonho has been revealed the model of TEACHA, a new health drink brand in Thailand. Fans are so delighted to know that besides the fan meeting, the actor is also the new face of a new brand in Thailand. Cheers!

Images: Salt Entertainment, 247 Entertainment,