Korean celebrities continue to support earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria

Updated: February 15, 2023

Korean celebrities have made significant monetary donations to help aid victims of the deadly earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria.

Thousands of buildings and homes have collapsed from two powerful earthquakes that took place on February 6. As of February 14, above 40,000 lives have been reported to be pulled from the rubble lifeless, including children, young people, couples, parents, and families.

People and organizations around the world have come together to help Turkey and Syria at this very sad and difficult time. While the South Korean government has sent a group of rescuers, some Korean celebrities have also stepped up to raise awareness and donate significant amount to help people impacted by the earthquake.

Heartbroken by the news of children greatly suffering from the earthquake, actress Han Ji-min joined the emergency relief efforts of UNICEF Korean Committee and donated 100 million won.

Han Ji-min 📷 roma.emo

Singer-actor Yang Dong-geun who is also a father, was moved by the circulating photo of a father holding the hand of his dead daughter still trapped under the rubble. He personally went to the Turkish Embassy in Seoul and donated 10 million won, according to his agency.

Actor Yim Si-wan donated 10 million won to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association, with hopes that more people would join him in raising their voices for the victims.

Yim Siwan 📷 yim_siwang

Actress Park Bo-young expressed great sadness to see everything destroyed by the earthquake in an instant. She is a member of the Hope Bridge Honors Club and contributed 30 million won for the victims.

Singer-actress Lee Hye-ri expressed help for the children in need of food and water by donating 50 million won through UNICEF.

Lee Hyeri 📷 hyeri_0609

Host and TV personality, Jang Sung-kyu, took to Instagram his heart for the tragedy, praying for quick recovery and hoping that no life is harmed anymore. He donated 23 million won through Korea’s Red Cross.

Actress Shin Mina was revealed by her agency to have donated 50 million won through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association, with concerns for the families who lost their homes.

Shin Mina 📷 illusomina

Singer-actor Jang Keun-suk, donated 100 million won through the United Nations Korean Committee, hoping for healing and encouraging others to join the relief efforts.

Actress Kim Go-eun thought of the children in need of clothes and other relief items. She donated 30 million won through the Good Neighbors, an NGO that specializes in children’s rights.

Kim Go-eun 📷 HanCinema

Singer-actor Kim Jin-woo, who is a member of the boy band Winner, donated 10 million won through the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association.

Singer-actor Jinyoung sent help to an international NGO called Save The Children by donating 30 million won, while actress Yoo In-na donated 30 million won to Hope Bridge.

Jimyoung 📷 jinyoung_0922jy

Rapper S.Coups of SEVENTEEN also participated in helping the victims by donating 20 million won through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association.

Actress Kim Se-jeong also contributed 40 million won through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association, with thoughts and prayers of healing for the victims.

Kim Se-jeong 📷 clean_0828

Singer-actor Doyoung, who is a member of NCT, expressed comfort to the victims and contributed 100 million won through the Fruit Of Love.

Rapper Dindin, who is also a member of 2 Days 1 Night variety show, expressed help through his personal Instagram, by donating 10 million won through the Red Cross and praying for quick recovery.

Dindin 📷 dindinem

Singer JAY B, a member of the male idol group GOT7, was revealed to have donated 60 million won to Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, with the hopes that children who were physically and mentally wounded receive healing and return to their normal way of life.

Actress Kim Hye-soo who was appointed as a special representative of the Korean Committee for UNICEF in 2012, has also joined the relief efforts for children’s needs by donating 100 million won.

Kim Hye-soo 📷 hs_kim_95

Singer Chungha was saddened by the news of earthquake devastation in Turkey and Syria, and donated 20 million won to Korean Red Cross under the name of her official fan club “Byulharang”.

JYP Entertainment, one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea that handles notable artists such as Stray Kids, 2PM, Twice, and more, donated 500 million won for the earthquake victims through World Vision, an international relief and development NGO. They also expressed their deepest condolences to people who lost their homes and families overnight.

Actor Park Seo-joon extended help for the children in need in Turkey and Syria by donating 100 million won through UNICEF.

Park Seo-joon 📷 Awesome Entertainment

Singer Haechan of NCT reportedly donated 100 million won to the The Fruit of Love Social Welfare Community Chest of Korea and expressed that he feels heartbroken about the situation in Turkey and Syria.

SM Entertainment, one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea that represents K-pop artists such as Exo, Girls Generation, NCT, Aespa, and more, donated 200 million won to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. The CEOs also expressed their condolences to families who lost their loved ones.

Hybe, a South Korean multinational entertainment company, donated 500 million won for the residents affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria through Save The Children, with deepest condolences and prayers for quick recovery.

Singer-actress Bae Suzy was moved by the sad news of families and children who lost their homes and staying up all night in the freezing weather. She donated 100 million won to UNICEF with thoughts for the children that they will recover and regain their dreams.

Bae Suzy 📷 Management SOOP

Singer Mark of NCT group quietly donated 150 million won without informing his agency, according to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. In the same relief association, singer Soyeon of (G)I-dle donated 20 million won, while Ryujin of ITZY contributed 50 million won through The Promise, an international cooperation organization.

With thoughts for children affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, BTS J-Hope and Jimin donated 100 million won each through UNICEF.

The girl group TWICE donated 200 million won for families and children through Save the Children, an international children’s rights NGO. The members also conveyed their condolences with hopes for a quick recovery.

Saddened by the children and residents of Turkey and Syria who lost homes and loved ones overnight, girl group IVE with Starship Entertainment donated 150 million won through Good Neighbors, an international humanitarian development NGO.

Actor Ji Chang-wook also donated 100 million for children through UNICEF.

Ji Chang-wook 📷 jichangwook

It is so touching to see people across the world come together to help others in need. As rescuers on the ground continue to save lives from the earthquake rubble amid a challenging weather situation, let us also continue to extend generosity wherever we are in whatever means through the links below: