Kim Seonho gives the ultimate fan service upon arrival in Bangkok

On the afternoon of February 10, Korean actor Kim Seonho arrived in Bangkok, Thailand for his first fanmeet event in the country.

He was greeted by a huge crowd of cheerful fans waiting for him at the airport, screaming and chanting his name, some holding banners, gifts, and bouquet of flowers.

While Kim Seonho was being escorted by body guards to his van, the actor made sure to engage with his fans. He bowed, waved at them, looked at them in the eye, took the fan gifts and flowers. Already settled inside the van, he decided to get out again to see his fans closely, show appreciation, and ensure that he did not miss in greeting everyone and thank anyone who heartily prepared something for him.

Fans took to Twitter the ultimate fan service that Kim Seonho showed at the airport:

Back in March 2022, Kim Seonho arrived in Bangkok along with others for the overseas filming of the movie, The Childe (2023). Fans made sure that the actor had a warm welcome and meaningful stay in the city that they poured out immense love in various ways, from billboards to heartwarmimg messages expressing endless support.

For his second visit in Bangkok, Kim Seonho will hold a two-day sold out fan meeting with the theme, “One, Two, Three, Smile!”, which will happen on February 11 to 12 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in coordination with 247 Entertainment.

Have fun, Thai fans!

Cover image: Salt Entertainment