KIM SOO-HYUN: 9 Things To Know About The K-Drama Heartthrob

Kim Soo-hyun emerges as one of the highest paid, most popular, and multi-awarded Korean actors. He was born on February 16, 1988, made his television debut in MBC’s Kimchi Cheese Smile (2007), became a household name in KBS2’s Dream High (2011), and gained Hallyu stardom in SBS’ My Love From The Star (2013), The Producers (2015, and It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020), becoming the heartthrob of Korean dramas. It was only in 2020 that he launched his personal Instagram and as of writing, it is being followed by 14.2 million fans.

Here are nine more things to know about Kim Soo-hyun:

1. He is regarded as “the King of product endorsements”.

Kim Soo-hyun became an in-demand advertising model since his popularity skyrocketed in MBC’s Moon Embracing The Sun (2012). He was regarded as “the King of product endorsements” after setting a new record for being the model of 17 products simultaneously, ranging from technology to clothing to drinks and more. He was also described as the emerging blue chip in the world of advertisement and received a grand prize at the 2015 National Brand Awards for improving Korea’s brand image.

2. He was a shy kid.

During the KCON 2015 in Los Angeles, Kim Soo-hyun revealed that he used to be a shy kid and learned to overcome it when his mother recommended acting classes during his school years. Everytime he would hear an applause from the audience, he felt ecstatic and knew exactly at that moment that he wanted to be an actor.

3. He was a theater actor.

Before becoming a top star on television, Kim Soo-hyun was a musical theater actor and had his first major acting in the stage play, A Midnight Summer’s Dream, followed by Grease and Hamlet. He also pursued Film and Theater studies at Chung-Ang University.

4. He recorded songs for OST in dramas.

Kim Soo-hyun received training in singing and dancing under JYP Entertainment to prepare for the teen musical series, Dream High (2011). He also participated and recorded songs for the original soundtrack of the dramas, Moon Embracing The Sun (2012) and My Love From The Star (2013).

5. He had two wax figures displayed at museums.

In 2015, a wax figure made in the image of Kim Soo-hyun was reported to be displayed at the Madame Tussauds museum in Hongkong and another one at Musée Grévin in Seoul, South Korea.

6. He completed military duties with an outstanding record.

In October 2017, Kim Soo-hyun started his mandatory military training as an active duty soldier and was placed fourth as an outstanding trainee after a five-week basic training. In February 2019, he was promoted early to Sergeant for his excellent performance and exceptional conduct in the military and then discharged in July 2019.

7. He lives an exemplary life.

In March 2015, the local tax office selected and awarded Kim Soo-hyun for faithfully paying taxes. Besides being recognized as a model taxpayer, he has also donated funds to social and humanitarian causes, as well as participated as a brand ambassador in various cultural events and organizations, making him more a swoonworthy actor.

8. He loves sports.

Looking at his Instagram feed, he loves to hike mountains, go biking, and take photographs besides acting. He also revealed that he loves to play bowling and badminton with friends, and was seen playing golf during his free time. In 2014, he attended the Summer Youth Olympic Games in China and the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea.

9. He has received 61 awards out of 86 nominations.

So far, Kim Soo-hyun has received 61 wins out of 86 nominations throughout his career, including five Grand Prize (Daesang) awards, four wins at Baeksang Arts Awards, and two trophies from Grand Bell Awards. He was also listed seven times in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity and selected as Gallup Korea’s Television Actor of the Year in 2014.

What can we expect from Kim Soo-hyun in 2023? We will see him play a husband who overcomes trials and stays with his wife against all odds in the series, Queen Of Tears.

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