PARK BOGUM: 9 Things To Know About The Total Heartthrob

One thing that makes Park Bogum unique as an artist is that he has the power to move the audience, onscreen and offscreen. Known as one of the most popular and sought-after Korean actors in his generation, he is more than just a handsome face whose good heart and talent are worth the admiration—a young achiever and good role model who carries himself well into the world, certainly a complete package for a heartthrob.

He was born on June 16, 1993, began his acting career in the film, Blind (2011), gained popularity for his scene-stealing performance in Hello Monster (2015), and rose to Hallyu stardom in tvN’s Reply 1988 (2015), KBS2’s Love In The Moonlight (2016), and tvN’s Record Of Youth (2020).

Here are nine more things to know about Park Bogum:

1. His name means “precious sword”.

Park Bo-gum lived a victorious life. It is revealed that when he was a baby, his parents rushed him to the hospital for having a high fever. After recovery, he was named “Bogum”, which means “precious sword”. When he was in fourth grade, his mother passed away and his father became a solo parent, taking care of him and his siblings. His family also experienced financial difficulties that Park Bogum even filed for bankruptcy. However, he always stands victorious in the end with his solid faith and good personality.

2. He grew up in a church that nurtured his well-being.

Although times were diffucult in the past, it seems Park Bogum was nurtured well within a church community, where his faith and well-being were refined besides the good family upbringing. The church is also instrumental to his skills in music where he learned to play the piano, became a church pianist and choir member. Looking at his official Twitter account, the description inspires fans that “with God all things are possible” and his header declares, “Soli Deo Gloria” while he set his location to “the Kingdom of God”. In random occasions, he tweets uplifting messages and shouts his praises to God.

3. He completed college with a degree in musical theater.

Music has always been Park Bo-gum’s love interest. Amid popularity as an actor, he pursued college to study music like a normal student, partipating in classes, taking exams, and riding a shuttle bus. He also applied for the overseas cultural exploration program and selected as one of the exchange students bound for Europe, where he made new friends and experienced life in a different culture. With diligence, he completed four years of college and received his diploma with a bright smile.

4. He completed his military duties with an outstanding record.

In August 2020, Park Bogum began his military duty and served as a cultural public relations officer in the Navy Military Music and Honors Battalion. It was also revealed that he shaved the hair of co-soldiers in his unit on a regular basis, served as a faithful lecturer for the 680th trainees at the Exemplary Leader Soldier Military Service Success Case Training, and hosted four events for the military including Republic of Korea Navy Patriotic Concert in October 2020, West Sea Protection Day Commemoration Ceremony in March 2021, Republic of Korea Navy Patriotic Concert in June 2021, and Republic of Korea Navy Patriotic Concert in October 2021. Due to his diligence and outstanding performance as a military trainee, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant and even obtained a barber’s license after passing the practical test for hairdesser. He was discharged from his military duties in February 2022.

5. He makes your heart flutter when he plays the piano.

Park Bogum learned to play the piano as a kid and honed the skills while serving as a church pianist. In several events like fan meetings and guestings, he sings and plays the piano flawlessly, making hearts flutter.

6. He has recorded songs and released albums.

Park Bogum participated and recorded a song for the OST of the drama, Love In The Moonlight (2016) and made his debut as a singer through the Japanese single “Bloomin'”, which is part of the 11 tracks in his first Japanese album “Blue Bird”. Before leaving for military, he released the single “All My Love” and dedicated it as a gift for his fans who he considers his bestfriends.

7. He knows how to speak English well.

In some of his events overseas, it is shown that Park Bogum knows how to speak and converse in English well. He also displayed his ability to speak the language in some drama scenes like Record Of Youth (2020). It is not confirmed whether he studied English in another country but according to some articles, he lived in Canada with his parents when he was younger, stayed in Cebu, Philippines for a short period of time to shoot some scenes for the SBS’ series, Wonderful Mama (2013), and lived in Europe as an exchange student. Perhaps such exposures in English-speaking countries helped him learn the language.

8. His ultimate goal in life is to be a person with good influence.

In a magazine interview with Elle Korea in 2015, Park Bogum shared that his ultimate goal in life is to be a person with good influence. True enough, he earned several titles or nicknames throughout his career, such as the “Nation’s Man of Good Influence”, “Nation’s Little Brother”, “Nation’s Son-in-Law”, “Nation’s Crown Prince”, and “Nation’s Boyfriend”. His fans also coined the term “Park Bogum Magic” for giving that sense of magic, leaving you spellbound once you look at him—a person who radiates pure kindness and warmth. In fact, he smiles like a sweet perfume that spreads good vibes and uplifts anyone’s mood.

9. He has received 28 awards out of 47 nominations.

So far, Park Bogum has achieved 28 wins out of 47 nominations including two trophies from Baeksang Arts Awards. Notably, he became the youngest Korean actor to be named Gallup Korea’s Television Actor of the Year in 2016 and the first actor to be placed number one in Forbes’ Korea Power Celebrity in 2017.

What can we expect from Park Bogum in 2023? We will see him play an extremely diligent guy who is quiet and a silent warrior in a drama set on Jeju Island, You Have Done Well. He will also star in the upcoming Netflix sci-fi fantasy film, Wonderland, a story of a virtual world.

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