20+ Quotes: Call It Love (2023)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Call It Love (2023):

“There was a poet who once said the following: That if you wanna understand, if you wanna forgive, and if you wanna love someone, you should observe how they look from the back for a long while. That if you do just that, you don’t have to unnecessarily try to understand, forgive, or love them because their lonely shadow will have made you cry without you even knowing.” – Radio host

“To understand someone’s loneliness. Well, for me, I think, that’s the beginning of love.” – Radio host

“There’s one thing in this world that never fails you. A foreboding. You know how animals seem to know when an earthquake is coming and seek shelter? They have the ability to predict their fate. But humans can’t, can they?” – Sim Woo Joo

“You and I are in different journeys.” – Sim Woo Joo

“If you pick me for the position, eventually you will regret it one day. However, I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen often.” – Sim Woo Joo

“True lonely people are the ones who can’t even say they’re lonely.” – Sim Haesung

  • “Doesn’t everyone like money? I can’t get enough of it. I really love it though.” – Han Dongjin
  • “I understand that it’s your personality to have no filter. But that doesn’t mean you can be rude.” – Ms. Baek

“It may seem to you that people hold themselves back because they’re stupid. But there’s people who really try not to say everything that’s on their minds because if they do, they have to watch the other person get hurt, which is far worse than them holding it in.” – Han Dongjin

  • “Everyone is lonely.” – Sim Woo Joo
  • “It’s the way he appears so lonely all the time. He’s completely broken.” – Sim Woo Joo
  • “So what if he’s handsome? He carries all of that weight on his shoulders.” – Sim Woo Joo

“I was worried. Everyday, I would think about dying. Each time, I drank. And I thought, ‘I’ll just die.’ But if I really died, I was afraid that people would gossip about what happened. I wished for the ground to cave in so I could just vanish.” – Han Dongjin

  • “If you run into me in the streets, then you should probably walk the other direction. That is the kind of respect that I deserve at least. A simple courtesy.” – Han Dongjin
  • “When I keep quiet about something, there’s a reason for it.” – Han Dongjin

“In the end, you’ll be stuck remembering you did something truly horrible like that for the rest of your life. So much for revenge. It’s more like digging your own grave.” – Han Dongjin

  • “This is the reason why people wanna stab you in the back. Because you’ve become an easy target.” – Sim Woo Joo
  • “Someone once said how lonely I look from my backside. Like I was completely broken. So how about you consider a thousand more times about why you shouldn’t show yourself in front of me again.” – Han Dongjin
  • “Anytime I thought life was unfair, I’d read the stories of other people and find scenarios that are a lot worse than mine. Strangely, somehow that helped me feel a lot better and I felt like I could move on.” – Sim Woo Joo

“In a relationship, things can go a lot of ways and if you shrivel up from embarassment each time, well, how can you start again?” – Sim Haesung

“You know you can tell a lot about someone through the look in their eyes. I can tell you won’t go down.” – Sim Woo Joo

  • “It’s understandable. People suffer when things get hard. When they’re in pain, they might blame others and lash out.”
  • “Do you remember what you told me before? If you can resolve an issue with money and time, then it isn’t an issue.” – Kang

“It was my heart. It led me here to you.” – Sim Woo Joo

“We pretend like we don’t notice things about each other and just let it go. It became a habit at some point, so we don’t have deep conversations.” – Sim Woo Joo

“If you’re uncomfortable, you can’t call it dating. That’s just work.” – Jun

“If I hadn’t met you, I would’ve still been trapped on that island. Thank you for helping me escape.” – Han Dongjin

Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Also known as: Please Say This Is Love, Tell Me It’s Love
Synopsis: The story of finding love in the most unexpected moment between two people exhausted from the harsh reality of life.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Lee Sung-kung, Kim Young-kwang
Writer: Kim Ga-eun
Directors: Kim Ji-yeon, Lee Gwang-yeong
Network: Disney+
Date: February 22, 2023

Subtitle translation: Disney+