16 Quotes: Decision To Leave (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean film, Decision To Leave (2022):

“If grief envelops some like a crashing wave, there are some to whom it spreads slowly, like ink in water.” – Jung Hae Joon

  • “Living old people come before dead husbands.” – Song Seo Rae
  • “A living old person comes before a detective dying of insomnia, no?” – Jung Hae Joon

“You know where dignity comes from? From pride. I was a proud policeman. But after going crazy for a woman, I ruined an investigation. Now I’m completely shattered.” – Jung Hae Joon

  • “Shall I tell you in words or in photos?” – Jung Hae Joon
  • “Killing is like smoking. Only the first time is hard.” – Jung Hae Joon
  • “In Korea, does love still exists if a person you love marries someone else?” – Song Seo Rae
  • “Why do you keep asking? Is it so important to you why I came?” – Song Seo Rae
  • “Throw that phone in the sea. Someplace deep where no one can find it.” – Jung Hae Joon

“Why do I marry such men? Because commendable men like you won’t marry me.” – Song Seo Rae

  • “That night you ran into me in the market, you suddenly felt alive again, didn’t you?” – Song Seo Rae
  • “You know the word ‘suspect’? Someone, the police, is watching.” – Jung Hae Joon
  • “Go back to before you were shattered.” – Song Seo Rae
  • “Maybe I went to Ipo to become one of your unresolved cases.” – Song Seo Rae
  • “I’d like to exchange my sleep with you, like batteries.” – Song Seo Rae

“The moment you said you loved me, your love ended. And the moment your love ended, my love began.” – Song Seo Rae

Genre: Romance, Mystery
Synopsis: A sleep-deprived detective investigating a mountain climber’s death develops feelings for the man’s mysterious wife — who is also a prime suspect.
Running time: 139 minutes
Cast: Tang Wei and Park Hae-il
Writers: Park Chan-wook, Jeong Seo-kyeong
Director: Park Chan-wook
Production company: Moho Film
Distributor: CJ Entertainment, Camera Film
Release date: June 29, 2022 (South Korea)

Subtitle translation: Netflix