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“Can I betray my real life for fake happiness?”

Yoo Yi-hwa is a lead character in the upcoming suspense-thriller drama, Paper Moon (2023). She is described as a beautiful and elegant housewife who lives a comfortable life without desires but becomes the center of public attention after a serious scandal of money embezzlement at a bank occurs.

What seems strange is that Yoo Yi-hwa comes from a wealthy family and is married to a man who has a great career. However, her husband who seems unconcerned or indifferent about their marital life, also often makes her feel down with his negative remarks, making her daily life somewhat insecure and suffocating.

Feeling bored and in search for real happiness, Yoo Yi-hwa applies for a job at a savings bank and gets hired as a contract employee. This new activity in her life helps her regain confidence about herself, becoming like any other married woman who goes to work everyday in an office uniform. In her new-found identity, she also meets a mysterious young man she becomes emotionally involved with that strangely turns into a collapse. Her life grows more complicated and irreversibly twisted when she becomes a suspect in embezzling money from a VIP client.

It raises curiosity about what makes Yoo Yi-hwa embezzle funds when she lives an elegant life, what the poster conveys in text, I abandon the real me for fake happiness”, and what it means when the video teaser shows her laughing at her misfortunes. However, it seems that the drama character resembles the metaphor “paper moon”, which means something that is visually beautiful but is devoid of meaning or purpose. We will see then how the story goes once it premieres.

Yoo Yi-hwa will be played by Kim Seo-hyung who is best known for her role in JTBC’s hit series Sky Castle (2018), which earned her a nomination for Best Actress at the 2019 Baeksang Arts Awards. She also impressed with her performance in Mine (2021).

Paper Moon (2023) is based on a Japanese novel, “Kami no Tsuki” by Mitsuyo Kakuta that was made into a movie and drama in Japan, with favorable reviews from the audience. The Korean screenplay is written by No Yoon-soo and helmed by Jung Won-hee and Yoo Jong-seon. It is set to broadcast on April 10, 2023 via Genie TV or ENA and will be available for streaming on TVING.

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Source: IMBC Naver 1 2 3 Soompi | Images: ENA / Genie TV