Kim Seonho Sends A Thank You Message To Fans

Kim Seonho, who scored a double win for “AAA RET Popularity Award” and “U+Idol Live Popularity Award” at the Asia Artist Awards (AAA), was not able to attend the award ceremony last December 2nd.

However, on December 5th, he sends a thank you message to Seonhohadas through his agency and management team: Thank you very much, fans, for the meaningful award. Thank you for always supporting me. I’m not good enough but I’ll try to repay it with a good image.

Despite Kim Seonho’s hiatus, his devoted fans across the globe continue to show endless support through flowers and gifts. Various digital ads also appeared in Seoul, Thailand, Philippines, USA, and Indonesia to congratulate the actor for his 2021 AAA wins and “Sad Tropics” movie script reading.

During the two events, hashtags #김선호너라는이유 #KimSeonHo, “KimSeonHo MostPopularAAActor”, “SAD TROPICS SCRIPT READING”, and “KimSeonHoWearBlueDay” were also trending on Twitter worldwide.

Kim Seonho is truly loved by many and his hallyu stardom continues to rise.