A Billboard In Broadway, New York City Applauds Kim Seonho For “Sad Tropics”

Kim Seonho’s fans are growing exponentially and making waves across the globe. They are showing strength not just in numbers but also in unity as they continue to support the actor in many ways despite his hiatus.

To congratulate Kim Seonho for his movie debut, “Sad Tropics“, a billboard at Times Square in New York City is displayed on December 10th. It’s the grand way of his fans from the USA to applaud the actor for his new project.

Seonhohadas worldwide are truly unstoppable. Their love for the actor is Hyejin-like that transcends distance and challenges.

On December 2nd, various digital ads also appeared in Seoul, Thailand, Philippines, USA, and Indonesia to congratulate the actor for his two awards at the Asia Artist Awards (AAA) 2021.

On December 5th, the actor expressed his gratitude for his fans through an Instagram post: Thank you very much for the meaningful award. Thank you for always supporting me. I’m not good enough but I’ll try to repay it with a good image.

Sad Tropics” is a 2022 Korean film by the famous screenwriter-director, Park Hoon Jung. Set as an action film noir, Kim Seonho will take the role of a nobleman, a dark, complicated, and mysterious character that will completely transform his acting into something different that the audience has never seen before.

The script reading with the entire cast happened on December 4th. Filming starts on December 10th KST.