Complicated Yet Brilliant: 40+ Reasons Why “Mouse” Is Highly Recommended By Viewers

“Mouse” (2021) is a crime-psychological-thriller Korean series, starring Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-joon, Park Ju-hyun, and Kyung Soo-jin.

It was broadcast in March 2021 through TVN with the highest viewership rating of 6.6% on its 6th episode. Although it was not released through the biggest streamer, Netflix, it still drew much attention and rave from international viewers.

It gained an average score of 8.7/10 through IMDb with 3,700 votes and My Drama List with 9,337 votes. 95% of Google users also liked the show.

Lee Seung-gi, the main actor of the show, won the Daesang (Grand Prize) Drama Actor of the Year for his role in “Mouse” at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards (AAA) on December 2nd.

Here are 40+ positive reviews from the audience and why “Mouse” is one of the best K-dramas of 2021:

1. On the screenplay:

  • “Hands down, Mouse relayed its story well with its deception and emotionally thrilling situations that surely captivated its viewers… A drama befitting to be the Best Crime / Psychological / Thriller Drama of the year.. applause” – Knight Fall
  • “The script is solid and logical, and all the pits that can be filled are filled.” – g-89622
  • “The writing is really brilliant in that it makes you question everything, but it’s solid enough writing that it makes sense even as you question it.” – fake_moviestar
  • “Explores the psyches of psychopaths. Dark and twisted and utterly fascinating.” – droche-49966
  • “It went very in depth on the psychology behind psychopathy. It showed very clearly how some psychopaths are experts at blending in with “normal” people and how those closest to them can be fooled. I liked the relationships between friends, former lovers, and even the interplay between the serial killers and the police. I thought all of the actors played their roles very well.” – leahcubed
  • “Very good series. Kept you wondering what was real and what wasn’t.” – esthercolon-53804
  • “The story is engaging until the end so you will never be bored.” – marshmallow_kitten
  • “Each detail is perfectly crafted and is used very brilliantly!” – vedangsonawane
  • “The story is complicated and yet beautifully written and no strings left out . Mouse gonna engage you to the core and give you headache it’s gonna confuse you and shock you at the same time by the end you will feel happy and it’s my first ever k drama and it’s awesome.” – shubhamshihara
  • “Absolutely brilliant.The details of the story and how it all came together is genius.” – sil tan
  • “Mouse does not shy away from the ugly aspects of psychopathy unlike other Kdramas that like to tease and not show or blatantly misdiagnose. This daring move makes the show into a gritty, gory, fast-paced thriller with realistic characters and interesting relationships.” – WhereRmydreamers
  • “I can call this a “masterpiece” of thrill, mystery, science fiction and crime novel. It really deserves 5 stars. It became one of my favorite dramas.” – P . U
  • “It’s a series that really challenges you. The script is so well written, i’m really surprised as this not your typical Korean drama.” – Altheda98
  • “Hands down. A masterpiece of psycho thriller, crime, mystery & dark reflection on Kdramas with chilly atmospherics, originality in concept, psychological torment + twists.” – Baiq Layla Ahaddina
  • “By now I’ve watched many kdramas and many western thriller series but this is by far the best thriller series. The storyline is strong and the characters are so well written there was no rush with building the story.” – Kanishka Chatterjee
  • “One of the best thriller drama for me! The storyline is so awesome, the writer is really a genius one I never even imagined this kind of story, hands down, so awesome.” – Nicole Adrianne
  • “Mouse is the most unique K-Drama of 2021. ‘Mouse’ hits differently. Its clever screenplay combined with the right direction, the marvelous interpretations and the on-point soundtrack introduce us to a new kind of thriller-genre.” – Joerin

2. On the plot:

  • “This is so far the most awesome crime thriller I ever came across. How can someone write a drama with so many plot twists? Like seriously! There are about 20+ twists and none of them feels like irrelevant.” – ramisaakter
  • “This show is a fantastic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each and every episode is packed with twists and turns and some amazing plot points you won’t see coming.” – fake_moviestar
  • “There are twists upon twists upon twists, just when you think the story is done, boom!” – TreeFiddy53
  • “Jaw dropping! This is gold! No dull episode!” – xeniamd-35210
  • “A masterpiece. Every episode is the end of every episode it made me curious about what happens next.. it’s addictive.” – udayshetty-87800
  • “It makes the viewer tremble in the armchair, intriguing to know more and more, in that aspect each chapter has something new to deliver through its mysterious narrative and twists in the plot that will make your head spin and you will have the need to know what it happens in the next episode. This is what causes Mouse: intrigue, confusion, sadness, drama, anger, nervousness and a lot of panic. 100% recommended and of course not suitable for sensitive people!” – maarcoscisterna

3. On life’s insights:

  • “The themes explored in the show revolve around how biological traits don’t have to dictate what we become, betrayal, salvation, inner conflict, guilt, justice, so on and so forth.” – TreeFiddy53
  • “Monsters and evil are not born, they are made. They are made evil, made into monsters by the ignorant society, their loved ones and their own family. Inside all of us is a monster birthed by the people and society around us.” – aimaim
  • “They delivered a massage “the society makes us toxic not ourselves” This drama literally a must watch.” – CYSTELLA
  • “This drama revolves around the consequences one single step can induce. Every single episode was a whirlwind of emotions and questions that really made me think more about the moral obligations we face every day.” – sonder
  • “Mouse leaves you questioning, who were the bad guys and who were the good guys? The drama puts your morals to the test and you’ll find yourself questioning, do these actions justify what was done?” – Lisa

4. On the actors:

  • “The raw acting and emotion expressions by the lead actors are remarkable and commendable. A total masterpiece.” – melaniesijia
  • “Lee Seung Gi has unbelievable performance and the most complicated character he has portrayed so far.” – joan Cachapero
  • “The actors are good-looking and have excellent acting skills, especially Lee Seung-gi’s masterpiece.” – g-89622
  • “The acting is superb and through the episodes, you will learn what connects them and leave you guessing as to what is coming next.” – droche-49966
  • “Such a wow. Such a strong series emerges when great actors and writers work together. I hope to see more of such performances.” – hasanbagherikalat
  • “Lee Hoo-Joon (Go Moo Chi) is my favorite character. Lee Seung-gi (Ba-reum) nailed it. Special appreciation to Kwoon Hwa Woon (Yohan).” – MReddy_Nolan
  • “Fantastic performance from Lee Seung Gi, the lead actor who proved exceptional abilities and versatility allowing him to switch from an innocent police officer to a sadistic and creepy psychopat in a blink of the eye.” – alsg-22292
  • “Each and every actor played their role perfectly. Lee seungi never disappoint. He blown me away by his acting and the kid played that role was soo perfect. And the lead detective too his acting is great.” – latadhruw
  • “The acting of each actors and actressess is amazing and they’re successfully bring out all the emotions, each characters really potrays the major life problems of most mentally ill person. Their acting skills deserve a thumbs up.” – Baiq Layla Ahaddina
  • “Lee Seung Gi as one of leading role, played his character very well. He can present a breathtaking scene of facial transition and changed gesture anytime the dark side activated, yet still able to make audience symphatize with him.” – Ega Asnatasia Maharani
  • “Lee Seung-gi’s acting was mind blowing. His innocent face and smile made us feel like he is really innocent. At the same time he portraited the psychopath also very well.” – Fathima K
  • “Seriously the best character portrayed by Lee Seung Gi, indeed Jung BaReum is really another turning point on his acting career. Lee Seung Gi goosebumps to the highest level.” – Bernadette Reblando
  • “Lee seung-gi is the best actor to deliver the expressions, the emotions and he nailed it all.” – nadhirah sayuti
  • “What really amazed me was Lee Seunggi. I always knew he was a good actor but wow… he exceeded my expectations. This drama would not be the same without him. If you can’t find any other reason to watch this drama, watch it for him.” – dohyunuv
  • “The cast is great – fitting and really talented, everyone did a great job portraying their given characters, wouldn’t be surprised if they get an award for “best ensemble of the year” or something similar. Special mention must be made of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Joon – they understood the task and delivered. It’s not easy to make the viewers feel the character’s emotions be it fury or pain or joy, but it was a breeze for these two, found myself crying every time they did.” – Bhoomi

Synopsis: Bareum is a novice police officer of Gudong Police office, taking care of all the town’s misbehaviors. One day, however, he teams up with a notorious detective Muchi to arrest a psychopathic criminal.
Genre: Thriller, Science fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Crime fiction
No of episodes: 20
Starring: Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-joon, Park Ju-hyun and Kyung Soo-jin
Written by: Choi Ran
Directed by: Choi Joon-bae and Kang Cheol-woo
Date: March 3 – May 20, 2021
Network: TVN, Viu