80+ Quotes: A Business Proposal (2022)

Updated: April 6, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, A Business Proposal (2022):

On life and humanity

“Let’s not talk so badly about something you don’t know about.” – Director Gye

  • “You have no idea. Nothing good comes out of people knowing you’re dating someone at work. If either one of us makes a mistake while working, people will talk behind our backs that we slacked off. If we break up, then they’ll talk about whose fault it was behind our backs.” – Ms. Yeo
  • “Parents are like that. If you’re rich, it’s only natural to want a daughter-in-law from a rich family.” – Hari’s mom

“Nowadays, people are so quick to criticize if anything seems wrong. So we need to be careful.” – Ms. Kim

  • “There may be some things I don’t do, but there’s nothing I can’t do.” – Jin Youngseo
  • “When you eat food that you had in the past, you recall all of the happy memories from back then, and it tastes even better.” – Shin Hari

“I realized that I was investing too much time into something that’s insignificant.” – President Kang Taemoo

  • “I want to let other people feel the same happiness that I felt when I ate that frozen food in the past.” – Shin Hari
  • “Like you said, it would be my loss to fire a useful employee like you because of a personal reason.” – President Kang Taemoo

“It’s human to make mistakes sometimes. You apologized, so it’s fine.” – Jin Youngseo

  • “All I ever do is eat by myself in this empty house like a lonely old man.” – Taemoo’s grandfather
  • “Don’t you know eating alone is trendy these days?” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “It might not make me more handsome, but at least I can make myself look average.” – Director Gye
  • “You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their furniture.” – Neighbor

“Whether it’s in real life or on television, why is it so hard to get married these days?” – Taemoo’s grandfather

  • “Rich people are people, too. Why do they only ever scream and yell? They’re always portrayed as the bad guys.” – Taemoo’s grandfather
  • “My only flaw is that there’s nothing I’m not good at.” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “Is being overly emotional and easily distracted endearing?” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “Do you not know what it means to be truly independent? True independence is living off the money you earn yourself.” – Youngseo’s father
  • “What kind of show makes the characters get together after just one kiss?” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “I thought it wouldn’t but it hurts. It hurts so much.” – Shin Hari

“There are some things that get results with a short amount of time, and other things where you risk the losses and stay in it for the long run. It’s difficult to decide how good or bad something is just by how long it takes.” – President Kang Taemoo

On dating and relationships

“I can’t be apart from you any longer. So let’s get married.” – Kang Taemoo

  • “I’ve met a lot beautiful women with impressive backgrounds. But Ha-ri is the first woman I’ve met who is a joy to be around and always makes me laugh. So I held onto her.” – Kang Taemoo
  • “In my eyes, Ha-ri is the prettiest there is.” – Kang Taemoo
  • “Grandfather, I’m going to marry Ha-ri.” – Kang Taemoo
  • “No matter how much you’ve grown, you’re still my grandson.” – Chairman Kang
  • “My grandfather is both my father and mother.” – Kang Taemoo

“It won’t matter if it’s 2 or 20 years. My feelings will never change.” – Kang Taemoo

  • “If love is a crime, then yes, I’m a criminal.” – Shin Hari
  • “Although I feel bad for my grandfather, I’m not giving up Ha-ri.” – Kang Taemoo

“I don’t mind being blackmailed if I can stay with her forever.” – Kang Taemoo

“I didn’t sleep well.” – Kang Taemoo

“Why?” – Shin Hari

“Because I missed you so much.” – Kang Taemoo

  • “My heart just skipped a beat because you’re so cute.” – Kang Taemoo
  • “You know, this was the most wonderful morning of my life.” – Shin Hari
  • “Everyone is in a relationship except me! Damn this world.” – Ms. Kim

“So you’re not the only one at fault? Then let me take care of you for the rest of your life, as a man to a woman.” – Kang Taemoo

“If you come any closer, I’m never going to let you go again.” – Kang Taemoo

  • “He may be my boyfriend, but he’s a piece of work.” – Jin Youngseo
  • “I was complaining the entire time but you didn’t say a word carrying me down all this way. I guess you’re a tough guy. I think I just fell for you again.” – Jin Youngseo
  • “How could you do something like that? You made me fall for you and now you’re going on a blind date?” – Shin Hari

“Do you know what my love for you and this credit card have in common? They both have no limit.” – Kang Taemoo

“Stop staring at me and just eat.” – Shin Hari

“I’m full from just watching you eat, babe.” – Kang Taemoo

  • “I get nervous when you’re out of my sight, babe.” – Kang Taemoo
  • “In my eyes, Ms. Shin is someone with endless charm. So don’t you dare judge my girlfriend ever again.” – Kang Taemoo
  • “She’s pretty. I found my love.” – Cha Sunghoon
  • “Do you really not know? I have feelings for you.” – Kang Taemoo

“Are you worried about me being in an awkward position? Or are you worried because of your crush on him?” – Kang Taemoo

  • “We live in two different worlds. The president and I can’t be a couple.” – Shin Hari
  • “I’m not asking about others. I only want to hear what you think.” – Kang Taemoo
  • “Let me say this again. I have feelings for you, Ms. Shin and I won’t give up. If you reject me, I’ll ask you out again and again until you finally like me back. So you need to brace yourself.” – Kang Taemoo
  • “It’s obvious that I’m not the right girl for you. So why do you keep making me want more? Stop liking me. Stop trying to get close to me.” – Shin Hari

“I’m very interested in you, Ms. Shin.” – President Kang Taemoo
“What?” – Shin Hari
“It’s my duty as the president to be interested in my employees.” – President Kang Taemoo
“I see.” – Shin Hari

  • “I’ve developed feelings for Ms. Shin.” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “Gosh. My heart skips a beat at the smallest things.” – Shin Hari
  • “Gosh. He looks so cool.” – Shin Hari
  • “From now on, you need to make real situations.” – Cha Sunghoon

“Whether you are Geum-hui or Ha-ri, I guess this is the same.” – President Kang Taemoo

  • “You’ll fall if I let go.” – Cha Sunghoon
  • “Why do you care if I fall or not?” – Jin Youngseo

“I’m Shin Hari’s boyfriend, Kang Tae-moo.” – President Kang Taemoo

“If this isn’t a dream, there’s no way you would come running to take care of me like this.” – Shin Hari

“Since this is a dream, can I tell you a secret?” – Shin Hari
“What is it?” – President Kang Taemoo
“I’m Shin Hari. Shin Hari is Shin Geumhui. It feels so good to let it out. I’m sorry for everything.” – Shin Hari

  • “There’s no way I have feelings for Shin Hari. My brain’s just confused because I saw her so often recently. This will pass if I don’t see her for a few days.” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “So what if he’s handsome? He has a rotten personality.” – Jin Youngseo

“It makes no sense. I’m treating something fake as if it’s real.” – President Kang Taemoo

  • “He’s handsome and has good manners. And above all, he’s obviously interested in me. But I’m just not feeling anything. That one has no manners and is super annoying. And on top of that, he has zero interest in me.” – Jin Youngseo
  • “He looks a bit cold-hearted but he has a considerate side to him, too.” – Shin Hari

“The one on the left is Samantha and the one on the right is Rachel. I spent a whopping ten million won a piece on these babies.” – Shin Hari

  • “You have no idea what I really like.” – Shin Hari
  • “No man likes a woman who reveals too much skin.” – Shin Hari
  • “I prefer an honest person like you over a hypocrite who lies.” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “It takes two to cheat. It’s not something she did on her own.” – President Kang Taemoo

“Who says I’m going to marry just anyone? The person I want to marry is you.” – President Kang Taemoo

  • “I don’t want to cling to mere emotion. And wasting time on blind dates is even worse.” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “I like Ms Jin. She’s very honest and open.” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “She acts awfully strange, but I like the way she works.” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “It’d be hard to forget anybody who looks as good as you do.” – Jin Youngseo
  • “I want us to start dating. With marriage in mind.” – President Kang Taemoo
  • “I won’t get married if I’m not in love.” – Jin Youngseo
  • “I’m going to accept that I got rejected and end it, clean and simple.” – Shin Hari
  • “Instead of a fake relationship, why don’t you try one? You might think it’s a waste of time to be in a relationship right now, but if you think long-term, it might be more efficient.” – Shin Hari

“Be in a real relationship instead of a fake one?” – President Kang Taemoo

Genre: Romantic, Comedy
Synopsis: A woman goes on a blind date in her friend’s place only to find that her date is the CEO of the company where she works.
Based on: a webtoon The Office Blind Date by HaeHwa
No. of episodes: 12
Starring: Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Min-kyu and Seol In-ah
Written by: Han Sul-hee, Hong Bo-hee
Directed by: Park Sun-ho
Network: SBS, Netflix
Date: February 28 – April 5, 2022

Subtitle translation: Netflix