9 Most Striking, Romantic Korean Drama Posters

Besides the cast, the hype of a drama begins with the released posters, whether it’s a teaser, group or character-type visual. A poster is a good starting point because it always builds the brand or impression of a series and subtly conveys a story that enables one to watch the show or not.

A good poster depends on the quality of image the photographer produces, in collaboration with the artist that completes the overall look. Looking at the several romantic Korean dramas, here are nine (9) of the most striking images:

9. Run On (2020)

Less is more. Sometimes, an image needs no extra glitz to portray a narrative. This simple photograph with less editing is naturally romantic and engaging. The sweet exchange of gazes that seem to convey delight and wonder draws your attention to the poster. The couple’s lovely visuals added to the irresistible connection and chemistry that it compels one to watch their story.

8. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)

What is striking about this photograph is the heartfelt emotions from the couple’s eyes and their inseparable posture. The backlighting and glowing butterflies added to the overall dramatic look of the image that tells a mysterious narrative. Kim Soo-hyun anxiously clings onto Seo Yea-ji as if saying, “I won’t let go.” while Seo Yea-ji looks tough yet needy at the same time. The image looks like a couple’s journey helping each other survive the ills of life that somehow intrigues you to watch.

7. Our Blues (2022)

The candidness of the couple is what makes this image strikingly beautiful. Their smiles are brimming over with genuine friendship and admiration for life or perhaps, the old times. The bench and trees added to the overall vibe of feeling at home, cozy, convenientof pleasant memories and connections. It is naturally adorable and captivating.

6. The One And Only (2021-2022)

This image is utterly emotive and romantic at the same time. It seems to convey a heartbreaking story for the poignant look in their eyes, especially of the woman’s gaze. The road illustrates the unexpected moment they met and the rough path they had to take. Yet a speck of sunlight above them implies a glimmer of hope. Overall, the backlighting and warm colors added to the lyrical yet intriguing narrative, simply saying that the drama has its own unique spark.

5. Our Beloved Summer (2021-2022)

This poster gives you a brand-new vibe with its light, fresh colors, and crumbs of sunlight. The font style used as well as the couple’s pose, facial expressions, and attire perfectly fit the overall visual, evoking a sense of freedom and new beginnings. Photography-wise, it was perfectly shot in composition and angle that captured a timeless moment between two individuals, sharing a beloved summer. It’s the kind of poster that compels you to watch for its mood of newness.

4. Now, We Are Breaking Up (2021-2022)

This sentimental poster is a picture-perfect with its sepia tone colors, lighting, composition, excellent pose, angle, hair and make-up. Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong portray together a remarkable chemistry and flawless visuals. Overall, the image displays a unique spark and romantic intrigue that teases the audience to watch the show.

3. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)

When the chemistry of a drama couple in a poster steals the audience’s hearts, it means the whole show will bestow more charisma. And Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021) did not disappoint. This poster gives you the thrill at first glance for its overflowing charm, vivacity, and chemistry. Photography-wise, it was perfectly cropped to highlight the look in their eyes that speak louder than words. Kim Seonho’s tender gaze seems to convey full admiration while Shin Mina’s eyes are brimming with captivation. This poster is simply a perfect hook for a romantic drama that is full of life.

2. The Red Sleeve (2021-2022)

Sometimes, an image needs no faces to convey a story. This poster from The Red Sleeve (2021) achieved a sufficiently attention-grabbing visual where the King’s hand simply reaches out to the lady’s hand in pure affection, connoting a profound royal courtship. The overall warm look with its touch of red accent and backlighting added to the thrill and mystery. It is emotively creativethe kind of teaser that compels a viewer to watch a beautiful romantic sageuk drama.

1. Snowdrop (2021-2022)

It’s the dazzling moment between two people dancing in love that makes this poster most romantically unique and striking of all. The colors, lighting direction, attire, and framing achieved the final look of a fairytale-like enchantment. The overall classic visual gives the thrill to know the narrative of Jung Hae-in and Jisoo as a couple in the drama. Pondering upon the message of the poster, it seems to convey an interesting story, “The love we share will illumine the darkness that surrounds us. So let’s hold on to each other and dance like there’s no tomorrow.”

About the author: 

Myra Bansale studied photography and human behavior. She writes articles for KORB such as insights on mental health from Korean TV series and has contributed a research article on cancel culture. She also loves to travel, hike, and take photographs.