Korean Actors Express Deep Sorrow For Itaewon Victims

The South Korean entertainment industry expressed deep sadness and pain when the Halloween celebration in Itaewon on the evening of October 29th claimed young lives after being crushed in a large crowd.

According to Yonhap News, at least 156 people died, mostly young people, 26 foreigners included, and 122 others sustained minor injuries while 29 remain in serious condition. The South Korean government declared a national mourning period until November 5th while planned Halloween events across South Korea, as well as various entertainment programs decided to temporarily cancel and halt their shows as national mourning is taking place.

Netflix Korea expressed grief for the tragedy and decided to postpone the press conference and release of the series, The Fabulous (2022), which was originally scheduled to premiere on November 4th.

Kim Seonho’s agency, Salt Entertainment, also expressed sorrow for the victims and their bereaved families. They announced postponement on ticket selling for the actor’s fan meeting event and asked for understanding.

Sadly, a young actor named Lee Ji-han was one of the victims in Itaewon tragedy. His agency, 935 Entertainment, confirmed the news with a heartbreaking message, talking about the warmth and kindness of the actor. He was cast to play the role of Jung Yi-deun in the upcoming drama, Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol (2022) also known as “The Season of Kkokdu”. According to reports, there are still remaining scenes for his character that have not been filmed. He was also a contestant of “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017.

Kim Jung-hyun took to Instagram his heartfelt condolences to co-actor Lee Ji-han who passed away during the Itaewon crowd crush tragedy. They are both part in the upcoming drama, Kkokdu’s Gye Jeol. The drama’s filming has been put on hold for the national mourning and the production team reportedly planned to visit the funeral home of actor Lee Ji-han.

Many Korean actors including Namkoong Min, Go Ara, Park Myung-hoon, Jo Jae-yoon, and more expressed heartaches and sorrows, offering prayers and condolences through their Instagram posts while others like Park Hee-soon, Ahn Bo-hyun, and more expressed grief through their IG stories, with photographs of flowers and “Pray for Itaewon” messages:

We extend our thoughts and heartfelt condolences to the victims and bereaved families in this sorrowful time. May the young souls rest in peace and loved ones left behind receive comfort and strength.