31 Thought-Provoking Lines About Money From K-Dramas 2022

Here’s a collection of thought-provoking lines or quotes about money, riches, and poverty from various Korean dramas in 2022:

“People believe that they have free will. But the truth is that we are controlled by money. If we were cut in half, we’d find ourselves infested by a money-hungry centipede.” – Little Women (tvN)

“Little Women”. Image credit: tvN Drama

“The world is dominated by those born with a golden spoon in their mouths.”  – The Golden Spoon (MBC)

“War. Disease. Accidents. Lots of people die from those things. But even more people die because of money.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“Following money will lead you straight to your own demise.” – Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist (tvN)

“There’s nothing weaker than a person’s mind, especially in the face of money.” – Extraordinary Attorney Woo (ENA)

“They must know that money is the one and only thing that can make or break a marriage, right?” – Welcome To Wedding Hell (Kakao TV)

“When you live in an impoverished area, you can witness even the brightest children wither.” – Little Women (tvN)

“Poor people mistake kindness for a chance.” – The Golden Spoon (MBC)

“What’s so great about money? It’s no use if you’re dead.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“A Model Family”. Image credit: Netflix

“I want you to show the world that even without power or money, you can live a truly happy life.” – Remarriage And Desires (Netflix)

“Everything comes easily when you have money.” – Little Women (tvN)

“Money is nothing once you have enough of it.” –Military Prosecutor Doberman (tvN)

“A diploma is crucial for the lives of poor people like us. Without it, you can’t survive in this country.” – The Golden Spoon (MBC)

“Running off with cash or dope. Those people were only desperate for their own lives. Do you know what kind of people are more desperate than them? People who need to feed their families. Breadwinners.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“Poverty can bring people down but it can also make people stronger.” – Little Women (tvN)

“I thought that getting out of poverty was the most important step to overcome the misery in my life. But I was wrong.” – The Sound Of Magic (Netflix)

“The Sound Of Magic”. Image credit: Netflix

“As you said, being poor isn’t a sin. It’s a disease. An inherited disease that comes from father to child. That is poverty.” – The Golden Spoon (MBC)

“You can’t do anything without money in this world.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“Rich people risk their capital while poor people must risk their lives.” – Little Women (tvN)

“Money can solve many problems but I’m more interested in things money can’t buy.” – Military Prosecutor Doberman (tvN)

“Money isn’t everything.” – The Golden Spoon (MBC)

“The Golden Spoon”. Image credit: MBC Drama.

“The more desire a person has, the weaker they are when faced with profit.” – Remarriage And Desires (Netflix)

“You die if you don’t have money.” – Little Women (tvN)

“You may be able to buy the world with money, but you can’t buy family.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“I don’t mind being poor. It’s how I’ve always been. But I don’t want to become a thief because I’m poor. That would mean that I lost.” – Little Women (tvN)

“Money is to marriage what gasoline is to cars. Just like how you need gasoline for your car to move, you need some money to get married.” –Welcome To Wedding Hell (Kakao TV)

“Welcome To Wedding Hell”. Image source: Kakao TV.

“You can afford to have a good outlook if you have money.” – My Liberation Notes (JTBC)

“Money is always the problem. Money can get a man killed and saved.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“This money is not dirty. What’s dirty is me.” – The Sound Of Magic (Netflix)

“Money beats family. That’s how the world is.” – Again My Life (SBS)

“There are people who give us things because we seem poor. They give us food and their old clothes. If you take it, they’ll treat you like a beggar. They’ll pity you.” – Little Women (tvN)

“Little Women”. Image credit: tvN Drama