50+ Quotes | Curtain Call (2022)

Updated: December 13, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Curtain Call (2022):

On hotel vision and management

“The one with the final say always has to be rational.” – Park Se Yeon

“My dream was to make a hotel anyone could see from afar like a lighthouse by the horizon.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

“Whether it be luggages from taxis, or luggages from luxury cars. Whether it be a 2.8 million won carrier or a 28,000 won student backpack. We treat them all the same.” – Park Se Yeon

On life and humanity

“Since the play has started, let’s finish it with a happy ending.” – Park Se Yeon

  • “If you live in hardship, you either rely on others or blame others. It’s one or the other.” – Ri Moon Seong
  • “They say the devil is in the details. Troubles occur where we least expect.” – Seo Yoon Hee

“Why would you do something you hate just because of what others think?” – Seo Yoon Hee

  • “Everyone has an aspiration when they decide to leave their home.” – Ri Moon Seong
  • “Sometimes you need to slow down if you’ve been going so fast.” – Seo Yoon Hee

“Someone throws you a bone, and you jump at it and start digging into the matter. That doesn’t seem so ethical.” – Yoo Jae Hoon

“Worrying won’t solve anything. At times like this, it’s best to just sleep.” – Seo Yoon Hee

“Right. We can’t change our past, even if we tried. But we can always change the future.” – Bae Dong-jae

“These small moments of merriment, they are now making me want to endure a little longer. Wanting to live a bit longer.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

“About life and theater. Aren’t they one and the same? Isn’t life some sort of play?” – Yoo Jae Hoon

“Gluing together pieces of a broken glass won’t mend eveything.” – Park Se Jun

“500 billion or a trillion won. Is there a significant difference? No, right? You can’t use it all up, anyway. Going to take the cash to your grave?” – Bae Dong-jae

“Too much confidence is the cause of one’s downfall.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

  • “You can’t make it your profession just because you like it.” – Park Se Yeon
  • “People don’t paint this much because it’s their hobby.” – Yoo Jae Hoon

“There are so many people who can’t do what they’d love to do.” – Yoo Jae Hoon

“He’s got nothing. But he keeps giving.” – Park Se Gyu

“Wouldn’t it be more terrifying to regret not doing anything than to feel like it’s all pointless?” – Yoo Jae Hoon

  • “You run around taking care of everyone else, but it seems you don’t know how to take care of yourself.” – Yoo Jae Hoon
  • “Nothing beats golf when it comes to getting to know new people.” – Yoo Jae Hoon
  • “Everyone runs so hard towards their goals and tries to accomplish something. Is that really necessary?” – Park Se Gyu
  • “The more suspicious they are, the more you have to push forward.” – Yoo Jae Hoon
  • “No one knows what tomorrow brings. You work yourself to death, and suddenly you can drop dead just like that. How pointless and shameful would that be?” – Park Se Gyu
  • “Wouldn’t it be even more pointless to not try at all because you think it’s pointless?” – Yoo Jae Hoon

“But life never goes according to plan, does it? You just go where your heart goes, where your feet can take you, to enjoy a good life. That’s freedom and democracy.” – Yoo Jae Hoon

  • “Whether food is expensive or cheap, the best way to enjoy food is to eat what we want.” – Yoo Jae Hoon
  • “Well, I brought you out so you can have fun. But I’m the one who had fun.” – Park Se Yeon
  • “When you get old, there’s nothing to do but think.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

“If the day is cold, it’s cold. If it’s warm, it’s warm. Feeling the temperature outside as it is, is another one of life’s pleasures.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

  • “I could live another year if I get hospitalized. I could live three months if I live here freely.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun
  • “Maybe my taste buds have changed. Or are you the one who’s changed?” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun
  • “I hope there’s no such thing as the DMZ in the afterlife.” – Yoo Jae Hoon
  • “Do you want to be in a play with me?” – Mr. Jeong
  • “What?” – Yoo Jae Hoon
  • “On a big great stage where you can change a life.” – Mr. Jeong

“Such dark colors should be painted on paper. Not on your heart.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

  • “If we’re bound to our past, we won’t be able to move forward.” – Park Se Jun
  • “You’re not wrong, but I hope that you appreciate the value of our past a little more. Even the painful parts.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun
  • “Time is on your side. There’s no need to rush.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun
  • “Whoever is more earnest will determine the outcome.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum
  • “You can tell when someone’s smiling even when looking from behind.” – Ms. Yoon Jeong Suk

On family and relationships

“The look in your eyes, it reminded me of home.” – Ri Moon Seong

  • “We’re just strangers.” – Park Se Yeon
  • “If you unexpectedly live for so long, you unexpectedly have to part with many.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

“Families are peculiar like that. Even if you hate them to death, they’re the first you call in hardship.” – Park Se Jun

  • “Sometimes, they feel like strangers, but then they’ll be at your side like you’ve always been inseparable.” – Park Se Jun
  • “Maybe it’s affection, maybe love, but they make things complicated and cause confusion. Isn’t that what a family is?” – Park Se Jun

“Saving you is my duty and recovering your health is yours.” – Ri Moon Seong

“After your children grow up and your children’s children grow up, you never get to share a bed with family.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

“I’m glad you want to protect your people. But you can’t lose your real family.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

“I’m learning that it’s a wonderful thing to have someone wait for you and worry about you.” – Yoo Jae Hoon

“What makes family is how much time we spend together, right?” – Yoo Jae Hoon

“I sat here watching my family go before me. Just waiting for them to return home. Now I sit here waiting for my turn.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

  • “The only reason I withstood such a punishing life was because of my grandchildren who lost their parents.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun
  • “I never forgot him. I kept that part of the promise. But we couldn’t keep the promise to meet again.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

“What’s nine more months at this point in my life? If only living a little longer meant that I could see that boy’s face again.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

  • “Twenty years is a long time. Do you think that child’s grasp would feel the same now?” – Mr. Jeong
  • “The son of the man who helped a stranger’s child at the price of himself being left behind.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

“I wanted to make a hotel that was like a lighthouse, thinking that he could find me that way.” – Chairwoman Ja Geum Sun

Genre: Family, Drama
Synopsis: A man plays the role of a grandson who defected to fulfill the grandmother’s last wish from the North, a woman who falls in love with that man, and the people involved in the play. 
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Kang Ha-neul, Ha Ji-won, Go Doo-shim
Writer: Jo Seong-geol
Director: Yun Sang-Ho
Network: KBS2, Amazon Prime Video
Date: October 31, 2022

English subtitle translation: Amazon Prime Video