50+ K-Drama Quotes That Hit Hard About Family (2022)

Here’s a collection of hard-hitting lines or quotes about family and relationships from various Korean dramas in 2022:

“The start of most misconduct is the family.” – Juvenile Justice (Netflix)

“You may be able to buy the world with money, but you can’t buy family.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“No matter how you look, you will always be my child.” – Under The Queen’s Umbrella (tvN)

“What’s a silent family? A family lives under the same roof. But they don’t talk to each other at all.” – If You Wish Upon Me (KBS2)

“I sat here watching my family go before me. Just waiting for them to return home. Now I sit here waiting for my turn.” – Curtain Call (KBS2)

“Mom, I don”t need another gift. You’re all I need.” – The Golden Spoon (MBC)

“Which do you prefer? Rich but mean parents or incompetent but kind parents?” – Little Women (tvN)

“Dealing with my daughter is the hardest thing. But then again, she’s the one who makes me smile the most.” – Forecasting Love And Weather (JTBC)

“How am I supposed to continue when my family’s about to break apart?” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“I was too busy taking care of other people’s kids that I didn’t realize my son had headed down the wrong path.” – Extraordinary Attorney Woo (ENA)

“When juveniles get hurt from home, they start to abuse themselves by committing a crime that they normally wouldn’t, or by associating themselves with the wrong crowd.” – Juvenile Justice (Netflix)

“You’re a family. How could you be a burden?” – Twenty-Five Twenty-One (tvN)

“If we don’t get emotional about our kids, then when do you think we should?” – Juvenile Justice (Netflix)

“As I grew older, I realized no matter how tough life may be and no matter your story, you should never abandon your child.” – Thirty Nine (JTBC)

“You know what I hate the most? Moms that push their dreams onto their kids. A kid’s a kid, and I’m me.” – Green Mothers’ Club (JTBC)

“A family is the most unreasonable human relationship and upsets you the most. You didn’t even get to choose it, but there’s so much responsibility.” – If You Wish Upon Me (KBS2)

“No one in this house cares about me.” – Our Blues (tvN)

“Your family is your home. When that world starts to fall apart, most people think that they’ve been ruined and are unsalvageable.” – The Law Cafe (KBS2)

“The kids are better off living poor than growing up without a father.” – Narco Saints (Netflix)

“Living apart from your family for a long time doesn’t do you any good.” – Forecasting Love And Weather (JTBC)

“If the mom is intimidated, the kids will be more intimidated.” – Green Mothers’ Club (JTBC)

“I realized that being loved is when someone puts a side dish on my rice.” – Juvenile Justice (Netflix)

“It’s a typical father’s dream to walk his daughter down the aisle.” – Extraordinary Attorney Woo (ENA)

“A child is the mirror image of their family.” – Little Women (tvN)

“That’s why what children experience is so important. They accumulate things without even knowing. Of course, not everyone will become a criminal from a bad experience. But kids can’t manage situations themselves. In the case of Nam Ki-tae, he accumulated all of his repeated traumas. I think that influenced his character-building greatly.” – Through The Darkness (SBS)

“If your parents don’t visit you, it means you were abandoned before you ran away.” – If You Wish Upon Me (KBS2)

“There are so many different kinds of fathers. Some fathers work hard but they always feel sorry towards their children. Some irresponsible fathers take flight and leave their young children behind. And some fathers are shameless and selfish when it comes to their children.” – Forecasting Love And Weather (JTBC)

“It’s always like this with parents and children. They fight like cats and dogs, but all it takes is a simple meal to reconcile.” – Thirty Nine (JTBC)

“How can I remove my family? My family is my everything.” – Twenty-Five Twenty-One (tvN)

“Kids who are victims of child abuse have never experienced the world outside their families, so they often don’t know that they’re being abused. Those who should love them the most are hurting them. Any child would struggle to understand that.” – The Law Cafe (KBS2)

“We’re family. We should all be together if we’re family.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“Raising a child means you have to be bold every step of the way.” – Green Mothers’ Club (JTBC)

“Some people should never become mothers. Sadly, our mom is one of them.” – Little Women (tvN)

‘Family is, really, a million times scarier than money.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“I bet you have no idea what it’s like to live with a dad who threatens you with a hammer everytime he gets drunk.” – Through The Darkness (SBS)

“Don’t assume that all families are like yours.” – The Law Cafe (KBS2)

“Here’s what I learned from my parents. Love doesn’t exist. Apparently, my parents were madly in love. But in the end, my mom abandoned me and my dad.” – Our Blues (tvN)

“Do you get to choose your family? You’re born and they’re your family. And they say this kid living next door is your friend.” – My Liberation Notes (JTBC)

“It’s just as hard on the kids when they see their moms sad. Because they have to see the person who loved them so much, suffering and in pain.” – Tomorrow (MBC)

“Children have to play right now. Later is too late. It’s too late after getting into university, after getting a job, and after getting married. Playing with marbles, tag, Red Rover, double dutch. Later is too late.” – Extraordinary Attorney Woo (ENA)

“If your parents were nice, you would have visitors. If your parents were trash, you have no visitors.” – If You Wish Upon Me (KBS2)

“Men think that if they fall, their familes will fall with them. But it’s the women that are holding up the family.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“Parents who give birth and blame everything on their child are the worst.” – Forecasting Love And Weather (JTBC)

“I am a mother and not a teacher. I despise the fact that the moms in this country are expected to fulfill the duties of both a teacher and a manager, all while neglecting to tend to their true missions as moms..” – Green Mothers’ Club (JTBC)

“We should spend our last moments with family.” – Twenty-Five Twenty-One (tvN)

“Family’s a really funny thing. They growl at each other like enemies but never turn their backs on them.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“You were a precious daughter your mother risked her life to protect. So can’t you live your life to the fullest for the sake of your mother?” – If You Wish Upon Me (KBS2)

“I don’t like you as my father but I respect you as an entrepreneur.” – Jinxed At First (KBS2)

“If you have such a powerful father, you can live as a princess forever.” – Extraordinary Attorney Woo (ENA)

“They say it takes an entire village to raise a child. In other words, a child’s life could be ruined if the entire village neglects the child.” – Juvenile Justice (Netflix)

“Marriage is hard and in-laws are even harder.” – Welcome To Wedding Hell (Kakao TV)

“To daughters, foes are their mothers. To mothers, foes are their daughters.” – Woori The Virgin (SBS)

“I don’t think my teacher knows that having a dad doesn’t necessarily mean someone’s taking care of me ” – The Sound Of Magic (Netflix)

“I realized that blood didn”t make families. Loving each other and bonding make families.” – Eve (tvN)

“Do you think it’s better for the family if I stay sick or if I get better quickly? Whenever I’m sick, our whole family comes together.” – A Model Family (Netflix)

“Psychological independence from parents is necessary for marriage.” – Extraordinary Attorney Woo (ENA)

“Now that I’m back home, all my pain is gone.” – If You Wish Upon Me (KBS2)

Images (cover): Netflix, tvN