Look: Korean Actors Share Autumn Moments On Instagram [2022]

It’s autumn season in South Korea! It’s the time when the temperature starts becoming cooler, and tree leaves turn yellow, orange, red and brown that blanket city parks and mountains.

Here are some Korean actors who shared their autumn moments on Instagram this year: In random order.

Choi Woo-shik

Choi Woo-shik couldn’t help but admire the beautiful colors of autumn. He was cast in the upcoming Netflix film, Wonderland (2022), and in Netflix original series, Murder DIEary (2023).

Kang Han-na

Kang Han-na shares a stunning view of the mountains in autumn colors. She played the chosen crown princess in the historical series, Bloody Heart (2022).

Nam Ji-hyun

Nam Ji-hyun strikes a pose with the pretty red autumn tree. She played Oh In-kyung in the popular tvN series, Little Women (2022).

Kim Seonho

Kim Seonho updates his fans and throws a mini-heart, welcoming the season of autumn. While his movie debut, Sad Tropics, is soon to be released, he was cast in another film, Tyrant, and in talks to play the Crown Prince in the historical series, Hash’s Shinru (2023). He is also set to tour around Asia for his fan meeting events.

Gong Hyo-jin

Now married, Gong Hyo-jin, goes out with her dogs during her free time with a striking view of autumn trees in different colors. She will appear as an astronaut in tvN’s romantic series, Ask The Stars (2023).

Jang Yoon-ju

Jang Yoon-ju shares a series of autumn moments with trees and leaves in different colors. She played Nairobi in Netflix’s Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area (2022).

Jung Ho-yeon

Squid Game (2021) star and model, Jung Ho-yeon shares a series of autumn walk, probably during a shoot with Calvin Klein. She was cast in the upcoming American thriller series, Disclaimer, which will be exclusively released on AppleTV+.

Seo Ji-hye

Seo Ji-hye shares the splendor of yellow leaves and blue sky on a clear autumn day. She starred in Disney+ Kiss Sixth Sense (2022), tvN’s Adamas (2022), and soon to appear in TV Chosun’s Red Balloon (2022).

Ahn Eun-jin

Ahn Eun-jin spends a fun time in autumn with friends. She was cast in the upcoming film, Citizen Duk-hee, and in Netflix’s series, Goodbye Earth (2023).

Hwang Jung-eum

Hwang Jung-eum strikes a pose in her autumn attire on a warm colorful day. She starred in JTBC’s Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) and will appear in the upcoming SBS’ series, The Escape Of The Seven (2023).

Lee Joo-woo

A nature bathe in autumn with its warm colors looks fun for Lee Joo-woo. She starred in JTBC’s Welcome To Waikiki (2018), SBS’ Why Her? (2022), and to appear in the upcoming tvN series, Stealer: Seven Joseom Coins (2023).

Kim Ok-vin

Kim Ok-vin enjoys a day in autumn season. We will see her again as Tae Al-ha in tvN’s Arthdal Chronicles 2 (2023). She will also appear in Netflix’s Love To Hate You.


Jinyoung beholds a hill of autumn colors, probably during filming. He played the newest romance of Yumi in TVING’s Yumi’s Cells 2 (2022), starred in Netflix’s Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (2022), and will appear in the upcoming film, Hi.5.

Kim Ji-hoon

Kim Ji-hoon’s attire matches the colorful autumn leaves and trees around him. He played the villain in tvN’s Flower Of Evil (2020), as Denver in Money Heist: Joint Economic Area (2022), and will also appear in Netflix’s Love To Hate You.

Joo Hyun-young

Joo Hyun-young shares a photo with the autumn leaves at Shinjuku Gyoen. She played the bestfriend of Young-woo in ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022), a celebrity manager in tvN’s Behind Every Star (2022), and to appear in the film, 2 O’clock Date.

Lee Yeon-hee

Lee Yeon-hee spends an autumn walk on a beautiful clear day. She starred in Kakao TV’s Welcome To Wedding Hell (2022).

Lee Dong-hwi

Lee Dong-hwi is truly lovin’ a series of photos during autumn season. He recently starred in Netflix’s Glitch (2022) and soon to appear in Disney+ series, Casino or Big Bet (2022).